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    Experts share their beauty and wardrobe tips on how to move from the BPO floor to another platform in life
    As with any industry, hard work is the key to success. The experts that have been tapped to mentor and work with the candidates of the first-ever Mr. and Ms. BPO Pageant add that this dedication towards excellence should also come bundled together with another package: how you present yourself to the world.

    Apprentice Asia winner Jonathan Yabut says power dressing is an aspect that may often be overlooked if you are working in a casual environment such as in a BPO company.

    “It is scientifically proven that likeability is important. It is even more important than your competency at work. People want to work with people they like working with—it can be because of your good looks, your attitude or because you are presentable.”

    Makeup looks for daytime at the office (left) and nighttime at the pageant (right). BY PATRICK LASANAS

    He explains while it may be wrong to judge people on how they look on the outside, it is human nature to do so, as from an evolutionary perspective we always judge things based on the five senses such as color or smell.

    “It is therefore important to look your best and complement it with the right content.”

    Power looks
    The colors that he recommends are basic: black and blue.

    “These are the colors of leadership. Bold colors always signify confidence. BPO, being a fun loving industry, is more liberal where you could wear funky colors such as red, yellow, or orange, and these are the colors of creativity. Of course, if that is the personality that you want to exude, feel free. But if you are eyeing a top position, you have to act and speak the way you want to be treated.”

    He advises stocking up on blues and blacks in your wardrobe, in solid colors, as print has a tendency to be too animated.

    “I have met people in the BPO industry who wear coats and prints, but they are already known by their colleagues as people who deliver so that is just fine,” he adds.

    If you want to make a good impression at a job interview, though, he advises sticking to corporate solids. If you are not comfortable playing around with too much colors, wear something that makes you feel confident.

    “The interviewer can feel that,” he shares.

    For the boys, he recommends basic items that should be found in any wardrobe. “Long sleeved shirts are important. A man should also have two great pairs of black and brown shoes.”

    Your favorite shirt need not be thrown in the trash bin or made into a dishcloth.

    “If you have a lucky shirt, that no matter how ugly it is, makes you feel confident, great, and happy about yourself, you can still wear it.”

    He confesses he is quite low-maintenance in that he does not spend so much time preparing when he goes out. That is why he keeps his wardrobe choices simple.

    “I wear black and blue everyday and people don’t notice if I repeat an outfit. Plus, it exudes formality.”

    His shopping advice: stick to the same brand if it fits you nicely.

    “You don’t even have to invest in a lot of expensive brands; you just have to find the right items that help give you confidence.”

    Palettes to stand out
    Pageant-pretty means having your best features accentuated in a way that will be seen all the way to the back of the audience.

    Charisma Vergara, President of the United Makeup Artists of the Philippines (UMAP), explains:

    “You cannot go for a fresh look. You have to stand out onstage, where the bright lights have a tendency to wash out colors. You have to make your makeup more intense, so the eyes and contour have to be defined.”

    The close-up is another challenge. Acie Fores, UMAP Vice President says cameras right now are HD compliant.

    “Every pimple, every line is magnified,” she says.

    (L-R) Jonathan Yabut, Acie Flores and Charisma Vergara mentored this year’s Mr. and Ms. BPO. BY RUSSELL PALMA

    The good news is that the makeup industry is catching up, and offering products that have full coverage without the pancake feel.

    “The brands that we are working with right now, such as Inglot, Makeup Forever, and Mac have makeup lines that are HD camera-ready.” These makeup items are lighter, and applied in layers. “You still see the skin, you get the benefit of having full coverage without looking like a mannequin.”

    Perfecting makeup consists of three things, the two experts say: The right application, the right skills, and the right product.

    “Makeup makes you feel confident, that you are ready to face anything,” Fores says. “People gravitate towards those who look put-together. You may have experienced this on days when you dress up and put on makeup then go to a store. The sales staff is more likely to approach you, ready to assist you with what you need. It is just how human beings interact. If someone looks more confident, people gravitate towards that.”

    Vergara says you interact with other people better as well.

    “I used to work in the BPO industry, and most of my co-workers had mirrors on their desks, where they would watch themselves as they took calls. If they feel pretty, they smile at the mirror more, and it has an effect on their voices and how they talk.”

    A perennial problem of those on the night shift is the eyebags and dark undereye circles that go with working against the natural sleep cycle. Vergara and Fores say there is really nothing that can be done with large eyebags, but camouflage works on undereye circles. Fores offers this tip to avoid looking like a raccoon.

    “The common tendency is to use a concealer that is two shades lighter. In effect, you are highlighting the problem instead of concealing it.”

    What she does is apply a corrector then a concealer that is in the right shade.

    Vergara, on the other hand, uses a concealer that has a peach/pink tone, and tops it up with pressed powder.

    “Peach or pink undertones neutralize the darkness. I would also like to warn against using too much creamy foundation under the eye, because this tends to crease when your skin gets oily. I would suggest trying out the new lines of all-in-one products available now, such as CC creams or foundations that double as moisturizers. Less products, less mistakes.”

    The Mr. and Ms. BPO Finale is on November 21, 8PM at the Mall of Asia Arena. The pageant is produced by Royale Chimes Concerts and Events, Inc. For more informationon tickets to see the event, visit the Mr. and Mc. BPO official Facebook account.


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