• A fresh start for 2017


    CHINESE New Year means new aspirations, hopes, and wishes. In Chinese culture, for an individual to have a fresh start in life, he must understand the energy surrounding him. Any imbalance between the flows of energy creates a negative energy that contributes to disharmony between him, his family, friends, and colleagues.

    Colorful decorations and auspicious symbols for 2017.

    An example of this is when many unwanted things have accumulated in the house. This can distort the energy fields, activating a negative cycle of energy. Hence, it is advised to do some general cleaning in time for the New Year, in order to ensure a good flow of energy inside the house.

    Also called Spring Festival, the New Year is the most important festival in the Chinese calendar. It is believed that the initial 15 days of the New Year are the year’s most important days.

    In many Asian countries, it is common practice to de-clutter during the New Year. The following are some suggestions to ensure a smooth flow of positive, fresh energy.

    De-clutter your home. This is important to deplete the energy fields around you and the immediate environment. Give away things you don’t need so others can use them.

    Complete cleaning and cleansing of your premises. Cupboards, closets, and all rooms in the house are given a good scrub. Check out the areas that have been neglected and re-arrange the furniture layout, especially if health has been a problem.

    Clean up the prayer area and altar. Redecorate it to bring peace and joy to everyone.

    Hang colorful decorations, new plants, and auspicious symbols. Take note of the main entrance of your home and workplace.

    Reflect and plan for the future. New Year is the best time to reflect on what happened on the last year and plan for the future. Relieve mentally all the negative experiences that are depleting your energies and be ready to accept new, good things that will come your way.

    New clothes and new shoes are purchased to welcome the New Year. The women in the family should wear their jewelry as well as their fine clothes in red, as this signifies a continuity of good fortune.

    A big part of the preparation is stocking up on sweet foods and auspicious delicacies, such as liamgao or sweet sticky cake, which is believed to bring happiness and ensure a high position for the family patriarch.

    Another item to stock up on are mandarin oranges, which literally means “gold.”

    Business people should settle all outstanding debts by New Year’s Eve. And before the closing of books on New Year’s Eve, it is considered auspicious to give red envelopes of money to the staff. This will ensure happy, smiling faces as the business shuts down to celebrate the New Year.

    Pay respect to one’s ancestors on the last day of the old year and eat an auspicilous meal together.

    Smiling faces bring good luck. As the reunion dinner takes place around midnight, every child must greet their parents with auspicious greetings. The main door and, if possible all the other doors, should be opened. The whole house should be lit, signifying a burst of yang energy.


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