Fresh voices to fill boy band vacuum



Boy bands dominated the music industry overseas in the late ‘80s has seen a feverish resurgence in the last few years with One Direction, Boyz II Men, Backstreet Boys, and New Kids On the Block, etc.

The craze reached our shores, but up to the present time, not a single boy band in the local music scene, if any, can lay claim that it has successfully turned members into adorable memes themselves as a group to die for.

If at all, the attempts of several groups in the local scene despite considerable hyping were nothing short of flashes in the pan. Many of them who got good exposure in Walang Tulugan sadly disappeared into oblivion with German Moreno’s demise.

Caveat fell into an insightful throwback when faced-off in a press brief with the feverish and curious resurgence of last year’s winner of GMA Network’s reality show T.O.P., touted as the first ever multi-platform boy band winner who went through the works under notable coaches and mentors like The CompanY, producers from Sonic State Audio, and the maestro himself Ryan Cayabyab.

Caveat had to rewind sharing with the winning eager beaver amiable five-piece boy band group composed of Adrian Pascual, Joshua Jacobe, Louie Pedroso, Mico Cruz, and Miko Manguba that in recent history many boy bands have joined together in full forces but along the way have miserably failed, reminding them that the modern notion of the label boy band is actually a matter of semantics, a mere fad.

The Beatles were the original boy band, only they were not called as such. In the local scene, we have the iconic Apo Hiking Society and Rainmakers. And since then, not a group of such magnitude and magnificence with all boys as members in the local music scene has made a dent in the direction. Can they perhaps fill up the vacuum?

And why the sudden aggressive and all-out promotion for the T.O.P boy band in issue when in the past this group aside from isolated, promotional concerts scarcely showcased by GMA on their behalf looked like they were about to be relegated to the freezer?

Caveat did not have to get the answer from any of the members who all sounded intelligent, articulate and sang like seasoned pros to the rafters despite their young age.

GMA Network representatives focused on telling everyone that the major debut concert (yes, after almost a year of waiting) of the band billed T.O.P (Top One Project) on October 28 at Music Museum with Kim Domingo and Aicelle Santos as guest artists is sold out with the Children’s Charity Ward of the Philippine Orthopedic as beneficiary. And that as far as the GMA Artist Center is concerned, said concert is their way of showing to the local music scene that the winning boy band is finally taking over the concert scene of Metro Manila if not of the entire country. It is not hot air, but commitment.

More than the ample and typical Pinoy good looks that they are blissfully endowed with, these boys in their own right have got what it takes to become a boy band who could sing through the hearts and minds of the general run of people in the country long wanting fresh voices and well, yes fresh faces. Let’s hear it from them.


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