• Friday’s Boracay land claim refuted


    BUSINESSWOMAN Mila Yap-Sumndad, who is said to be the real owner of a Boracay property in Aklan province, refuted the claims of Boulevard Holdings Inc. (BHI) that it owns the land where Friday’s Boracay is located.

    “I inherited the parcel of land from my father and mother and BHI illegally entered and occupied what is rightfully ours,” Sumndad asserted.

    She said the claims of the Panlilio-owned BHI, the mother company of Friday’s Boracay and Friday’s Holdings Inc., is based on the decision of a Makati court dated February 3, 2014.

    Sumndad said that in a December 10, 2014 ruling, the Court of Appeals called on all agents of government to defer from implementing the writ of execution decision of Makati RTC 132.

    “So in essence, their claim of ownership is baseless. How can you possess something you do not own?” she added.

    “Whenever BHI submits their report to Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE), it makes it appear that I am a criminal trying to steal property when it is actually the other way around. Boulevard Holdings Inc. and their subsidiary Friday’s Holding Inc. is the aggressor in this case!” Sumndad said.

    “I will be requesting the PSE for an investigation on BHI as on several occasions, BHI reports are being used to attack my reputation in media and prop up their stock prices to the detriment of the market and their shareholders. In addition, my lawyer is already studying further legal action on the malicious actions of BHI,” the businesswoman added.

    “I will continue to fight for what is rightfully and lawfully my property and what is to be inherited by my children. I hold in my hands the original tax declaration for the property and any maneuver by BHI and Mr. [Jose] Panlilio in the courts to wrongfully wrest ownership will be legally contested. I will not remain silent,” she added.

    Currently, the Makati Regional Trial Court Branch 146 is trying the case. The court issued a Writ of Preliminary Injunction on January 13, 2015 where it ordered that the proceedings and other pending issues in relation to the Writ of Execution be suspended until further order from the higher court.


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