From BBL to BAR: Let the debates begin


WITH the submission to the Senate by Sen. Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., Chairman of the Committee on Local Government, of his substitute bill to the Aquino version of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL), full deliberation and debate can now proceed on the legislative measure that can best serve the primary objective of achieving peace and development in Mindanao and Sulu

The substitute measure, Senate Bill No. 2894, entitled “An Act Providing for the Basic Law for the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region,” effects a change in acronyms from BBL to BAR. But it involves more than just a change in initials. It involves a far more profound and far-reaching change in legislative intent and reach. The substitute bill aspires to be inclusive of all groups, Muslim and non-Muslim, in Mindanao. And it involves them in all aspects of governance. And it embraces the objective of development for the autonomous region.

In his sponsorship speech of the measure, Senator Marcos enumerated eight basic principles that guided him and various senate committees in the writing of the bill.

These principles are:
1. First, the primacy of the Philippine Constitution which every citizen is mandated to obey and defend. This compels the striking down of any provision that is clearly in conflict with the letter and spirit of the constitution.

2. Second, the autonomy of the constituent local government units (LGUS) of the Bangsamoro AutonomousRegion (BAR) as defined in the Local Government Code of 1991, as amended, which should not be diminished. This is aligned with the national policy of decentralization.

3. Third, the principle of checks and balances in all aspects of governance should be strengthened because this is the main reason why the autonomous region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) has failed.

4. Fourth, while substantial funding needs to be pumped into the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region (BAR) for rehabilitation and development purposes, we should not overlook the fact that other regions and LGUs are equally in need of the same funding support. We risk an unequal distribution or allocation, which could potentially sow the seed of discontent among our countrymen.

While we enhance the revenue of BAR, as well as financial grants from the national government, additional funding for development purposes are better left with Congress through the yearly budgeting process.

5. Fifth, the bravery and heroism of our SAF 44 has taught us many lessons, among which is that peace and order in the autonomous region should remain as the primary responsibility of the national government, through the structured Philippine National Police.

6. Sixth, the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region (BAR) is a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural region. Thus, the basic law must be inclusive by ensuring that all groups are represented in all aspects of governance.

7. Seventh, the history of armed struggle of a number of Muslim groups reveals that the struggle to establish a separate and independent state in that portion of Philippine territory remains a concern. It should therefore be clear that the proposed basic law must never be a vehicle for the establishment of an independent state.

8. Eight and finally, the fundamental premise of the organic law is the continuing quest for peace in Muslim Mindanao. But peace cannot be achieved without an effective normalization process

Every argument, every principle, every goal, every factor to be considered should converge around the primary objective of peace.

Senator Marcos put the issue eloquently and persuasively when he said:

“We strive for peace. We must have peace. And we shall have peace. But we will not have peace at the expense of our sovereignty. We will not have peace by surrendering our land at the behest of the leadership of Malaysia, which, while a respected neighbor and valuable regional partner, seeks only to advance its own interests in Mindanao and Sabah at the expense of the people of the Philippines. We cannot have a peace that violates our own supreme law, the constitution. And we certainly will not have peace if it excludes even one of the many groups who have suffered through the long years of conflict and the poverty it has caused.”

Well said, Mr. Senator. This is the voice of our people speaking through you. For this is the peace that our people and our country deserve, and which in God’s good time, they will achieve.


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  1. ARMM did not work because it focused on one single group MNLF. Now MILF wants to take the lead. They drafted the BBL themselves and gave it to the Aquino admin and his clowns of advisers for immediate approval. Nanakot pa nga sila na pag di naaproban by june 2015 eh giyera daw! At si mr Aquino kinagat naman yung banta na yun. Buti na lang di nagpatakot si Sen. Bongbong Marcos. Job well done sir, mabuhay po kayo!

  2. He said NO to the Pres…and taught the elites on how to be Nationalistic and how to galvanized a fragmented society into one national for Murad et al. This man dangled his BALLS and not afraid to be castrated by REDACTING the BBL of BSA into the dustbin. I hope there is more brain in that balls…let us see if he files for RP Pres candidacy for 2016…if he did’nt then soup no.5.

  3. Mr. Marcos, kudos to you! You have covered it all well….fair and square, leaving out no one regardless of ethnic and cultural ties, inclusive of all groups, Muslims or Non-Muslims, represented in all aspects of governance. You are impressive indeed in strength to let them know that surrendering our land to Malaysia is not a way to achieve peace for reasons you stated. You are indeed impressive for boldly taking this step to substitute the original version of BBL which is now BAR.
    YES, LET THE DEBATE BEGIN! God bless and guide you to do what is best for our country!

  4. Mr. Marcos, kudos to you! You have covered it all well….fair and square, leaving out no one regardless of ethnic and cultural ties, inclusive of all groups, Muslims or Non-Muslims…..represented in all aspects of governance. You are impressive indeed in strength to let them know that surrendering our land to Malaysia is not a way to achieve peace for reasons you stated. You are indeed impressive for boldly taking this step to substitute the original version of BBL which is now BAR.
    YES, LET THE DEBATE BEGIN! God bless and guide you to do what is best for our country!

  5. as simple Filipino point of view, this is much better than what Pnoy is pushing to pass…this does not indicate how much money is intended on an initial presentation, instead depends on the congress to assign budget together with other regions fairly and squarely. But, all the content of this BAR should be known to all Filipino people, understand well every line before it become a law.

    • Edgar, wala ko nakikita masama sa BAR ni Bong Bong Marcos. Tingnan mo muna sarili mo baka ikaw ang dapat mahiya.

    • the loot you’re referring at were already confiscated by the Cory Aquino administration!!! Zurich bank account, jewelries, gold certificates, stock certificates from different corporations and to name a few!!! You have to address your query to the Aquino administration… WHERE ARE THE LOOT SEQUESTERED BY AQUINO ADMINISTRATION..? AGREE..?

    • and your nothing but a mouthpiece of the islamic cunts from the south..give the loot you stoole from thedead saf 44..magnanakaw

    • Did Bongbong commit a grave crime by being a son to hated Ex-president Marcos and Imelda Marcos. Who among us Humans and that includes Bongbong Marcos, can choose his biological source of existence…. only GOD the Almighty can grant that. Can anybody identify a case where Bongbong was found guilty of corruption and fund laundering? Can they also provide some semblance of evidence that the money used in educating Bongbong was stolen from the public coffers? Sen. Marcos critics can shout in all heavens offensive observations to his perceived questionable educational accomplishment & comprehension level, but no one can prevent him from the exercise of his right to vote and be voted to office. Many of us may in all heaven accuse his father, of being corrupt & a dictator but nobody can rebut that all the development he initiated benefited the country. We cannot as well deny that many people still look at the “dictator Marcos” in a very positive manner. The proof to this is the continuing success this family gets when securing public office.

    • eltee mulawin on

      >>> Hopefully and surely mr. Edgar you’re not a child or kinder kid, and you’re not blind. And surely if you’re young at age, you have a parents or oldies relatives that aged from not less than 50 years old. And surely if you belong to middle income earner and even you have own car….
      1). you ride(even not always) on Light Rail Transit train?
      2). you pass in North Expressway (NLEX) ans South Expressway (SLEX)?
      3). you knew or you have seen Cultural Center of the Philippines, PICC,Manila Film Center, Banko Sentral ng Pilipinas Bldg., Philippine Heart Center, Phlippines Lung Center, San Juanico Bridge (Samar to Leyte), Ninoy Aquino Terminal 1 (before called Manila International Airport, but during Cory Aquino period they change the name to her husband and father of this abnoy president), and some other facilites nationwide.
      4). you know and surely belong to a BARANGAY. You know who created it and what is the purpose of this barangay ?
      5). you know that most (if not all) developed and modern nations in the world had a “Nuclear Reactor” for their industrial and economic needs that helps and provided their citizens advance technology? We Filipinos and our nation the Philippines have had also this Nuclear Reactor, you know who ordered to built this reactor?
      But Cory Aquino and her cohorts did not allowed to used it and abandoned it until todate. The worst thing happened, the government continuously paying the cost of contructions and maintenance of this structure although this just lying there and “nakabuyang-yang lamang doon sa Bataan” na hindi naman napapakinabangan ng bansa. ANG BINABAYAD AY GALING SA MGA BUWIS NG MGA MAMAYANG FILIPINO !!!


  6. A real PILIPINO has appeared in the person of Bongbong Marcos. Ito ang tunay na tao na nagmamalasakit sa mga Pilipino. Hindi tulad ni Deles at Ferrer na dapat ay IBITAY sa Luneta dahil sa kataksilan sa sambayan Pilipino, masunod lamang ang kagustuhan ng amo nila ABNOY,

  7. Senator Bongbong, the way he speaks and reasons out, is really brilliant and a real statesman. His idea of “downgrading” the status of the BS Aquino’s dreamed BBL (Bangsamoro Basic Law, that somewhat gives the Bangsamoro an independent state) into BAR (Bangsamoro Autonomous Region) is laudable. This will, at least, avoid the creation of a state within a state — a situation majority of us Filipinos do not want and like because we know it will only ignite more troubles!

  8. I salute you, Senator Bongbong Marcos! You are real leader our country needs in this trying hours. You stand your ground on what you believe is right and true. You were not intimidated and still fight for the people and for our country. Mabuhay ka! God bless you and keep you!

  9. See? I never heard Aquino, Drilon, Belmonte, Rodriquez, Abad, Deles, Coronel and Leonen talked about any or all of these key guiding principles. Or probably, they really lacked the essentiality of strategic thinking, and thus failed to grasp the multi-dimensional imperatives of a law granting autonomy in that region populated by different ethnic groups.

    Congratulations, Senator Bonbong Marcos. You really are a class of your own, a cut way above the rest.

  10. Marcos has shown us all he is a capable man and acted as a Senator should. He should be commended.

    • Bonifacio Claudio on

      Marcos is “A true Filipino in thought, in word, and in deed”. A society that is just and liveable for all Filipinos in all walks of life IS ALL HE EVER WANTED for the love of Inang Bayan. That’s all that could be gleaned in the actions of Marcos – OUTSTANDING !!!

  11. I agree Senator Marcos. A very conscientious speech, indeed. Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!