From brutal to the mystical

    Karen Kunawicz

    Karen Kunawicz

    I’m glad I watched the first episode of the new and seventh season of The Walking Dead first, before seeing Doctor Strange. At least I ended my day of pop culture on an upbeat note.

    “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” a.k.a. the 84th episode of the show was the most brutal, violent and depressing of all the series’ episodes.

    Some fans even thought the show and the producers crossed the line with that one. The website TV Line took a poll to ask that question and the respondents were divided [52.4-percent said yes, it was too much; 47.6-percent said it wasn’t] as of this writing. A little over a third of the respondents [36.44-percent] said they were ready to quit the show.

    The Independent said the show was now just “too bleak to enjoy.” The Verge has a great article by Bryan Bishop, if you have time to read it: “The Walking Dead Quitter’s Club: goodbye for real.”

    I’ve devoted seven years to the show so maybe it is at least time to take a break as I now feel more punished than rewarded for viewing.

    brutal20161026I also wonder what the end game is? Otherwise, we’re just watching a cycle of people mo­ving from home to home, meeting hostiles of varying degrees of twistedness, over and over again, with no resolution in sight. At least with Game of Thrones, you sort of see advances towards the claiming of the Iron Throne [yes, even with deaths and dark, sad moments].

    * * *

    Thankfully, I ended Monday at a screening of Marvel’s newest film, Doctor Strange.

    For the last eight years, Marvel has always a guaranteed me anywhere from a good time to an incredibly stupendous ride at the movies. [I can’t decide which is my favorite—Guardians of the Galaxy or Winter Soldier). Trust them to deliver once again on their 14th film.

    New York gets folded like origami in ‘Doctor Strange’

    New York gets folded like origami in ‘Doctor Strange’

    Benedict Cumberbatch, to the joy of all his fans, is now a big part of the Marvel cinematic world. He is predictably good—alongside some amazing special effects!

    The production design, set design, art direction, costume, make up, special and visual effects taken together was absolutely stunning and outstanding. Earlier previews showed some similarities to the “folding, construction and reconstruction” of cityscapes in Inception. But this was no copy—it went and played with the possibilities and beyond!

    The best way to appreciate all this wizardry is at on IMAX—large format, three dimensional with fantastic resolution.

    I also loved the plot—I feel like the writers could have written for the Star Trek films [Jon Spaihts, C. Robert Cargill and director Scott Derrickson]. The latest Star Trek film had the crew resolving its issue with the villain, Krall, via running, jumping, fighting and fixing machines. Doctor Strange resolves this issue using a clever conundrum worthy the Star Trek franchise.

    Thank you again, Marvel. And yes I am excited for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 next May.

    * * *

    Match airings of the The Walking Dead Season 7 are on Mondays, 11:35 a.m. [with a replay at 8:55 p.m.]on cable channel Fox. Doctor Strange opens on IMAX, 3D and regular cinemas today, October 26.


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    1. Dean Atty. JSBisquera on

      The Walking Dead, Season 7, Episode 1, was a Shocker, the way Negan literally pounded on the Screen, before Rick and his Game and the Saviours Group, the respective heads of Abraham and Glen. I felt revolting inside for every additional pounding that Negan made on both basked heads – I always believe that you no longer inflict punishment on a helpless Opponent. Let the fellow die with grace. But the deliberate pounding by Negan on the head of the helpless and dead Abraham and Glen was just too much.

      The brutal animal instinct in us will look forward when Negan is ultimately subdued, then his flesh is gradually cut, piece by piece, grilled before his very eyes and fed into him, as small knife slices are made on his arms, as punishment for refusing to chew his cooked flesh. It reminds us of the torture that the Filipino guerrillas were storied they did for a Japanese soldier they literally skinned alive, cut to pieces gradually, had his own meat grilled before him, so he can eat every piece of his flesh, from the feet, to the legs, to the thighs, to the arms . . . whew . . . What a sight to think on the brutal side of human nature.

      Of course, the bashing of Abraham must have already been a tough sight for most viewers. But the hit, with no provocation, the popular Glen, before his own Wife and his Group, must be so gory for most viewers.

      The brutality of Man, at its worst, is depicted in that Episode. For those who have weak hearts, try to shy away from seeing these Episodes. It can revolting for nightmares to come . . .