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69-year-old French fashion house takes cue from ‘70s trend for new bag collection
The 1970s was a landmark decade for fashion, especially for Parisians. It marked the birth of the “anti-conformist, casual chic approach.” From the established high fashion norms of the previous decades, more comfortable sweaters, T-shirts, jeans and sneakers with prints and patterns suddenly took over a generation’s wardrobe.

But as hip and free-spirited the fashion scene had been back then, the ‘70s will also be remembered as a time for serious movements, the most remarkable of which was the uprising for women’s rights. With its success, fashion took yet another turn at the end of the decade, dressing the triumphant power women.

This interesting fashion evolution in the ‘70s serves as the inspiration of the latest fall collection of French luxury fashion house Longchamp.

Exciting additions to Longchamp’s iconic bags: the Effrontée

Dubbed “The Art of Being a Woman,” the spirit of the 69-year-old brand’s collection has women empowerment at its core with aesthetics taking their cue from the prints and patterns of the ‘70s.

“We are celebrating the strength of women but not only through femininity. Starting in the ‘70s, women were no longer just stay at home wives—they work and are very strong, and this is exactly what we want to convey in our latest collection,” Cherry Siu, manager of Longchamp Asia Pacific Area told The Manila Times during the collection’s bag preview at Black Bird Makati.

As such, Longchamp’s arm candies for the new season come in varied shapes, sizes and styles that (name) believes fit every modern woman.

For younger women, Longchamp offers the Pénélope Soft bucket bag worn as a backpack with its double strap. This specific Penelope shape was designed with the Asian woman in mind.

“The brand noticed that backpack is a trend ,and almost every Asian woman, including Filipinas, own one,” Siu ex-plained.

Besides the bucket bag, Pénélope also offers totes and body bags with a vintage color palette that Siu said com-plements the Parisian lifestyle.

“Longchamp captures the mood of a Parisian girl’s flat by using wooden, vintage colors such as beige, aubergine and khaki. There’s also the abstract pattern that represents the Parisian lady’s love for optical art,” Siu shared.

Modern, stylish and quirky make up the mix of functional styles via (from left) the Pénélope Soft bucket bag, Pénélope Arty tote bag and Le Pliage Cuir Étoiles

The said pattern is most visible in the Pénélope Arty tote bag with its medley of metallic, glazed and suede leathers that when combined, gives a three-dimensional optical effect.

As for functionality, the Pénélope tote bag’s two versions as well as the Madeleine top handle bag all offer clean a structure for the working women. They are big enough to accommodate small laptops or tablets so that work gets done even on the go.

Meanwhile, fans of the iconic Le Pliage Cuir—a leather version of the nylon Le Pliage that is synonymous with Longchamp—will be pleasantly surprised with the quirkier Le Pliage Cuir Étoiles top handle bags. Available in black and red, its front panel carries a pattern of stars.

Now for ladies who want to up their street style, two bag designs are highly recommended. The first is the Effrontée—the French word for “brazen”—which breaks free of convention with its unapologetically cheeky composition: contrasts, negative space, and seductive and arabesque lines.

The second choice is the Mademoiselle—the French word for “Miss” —which will be launched globally on August 29, and can be worn as a body or long handle bag. This style uses subtle details like the cute Longchamp logo hid-den from the front panel or the iconic buckle.

With these bags, complemented by a ready to wear collection, Longchamp clearly celebrates the individuality of women and their modern take-charge attitude, with an ode to the time when it all began.


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