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We write in response to the allegations made by Mr. Roberto Tiglao against Globe Telecom in his column that appeared on the front page of Manila Times last July 31.

We are refuting the accusations hurled by Mr. Tiglao that Globe and/or some its employees are selling subscriber information. Globe has always been known for its good corporate governance as a leading telecommunications service provider in the country. The reputation of Globe, including its 6,000-strong dedicated employees, will always be anchored on integrity.

It seems that Mr. Tiglao is not fully aware about the issues he raised that put Globe and its employees in a bad light. Allow us to shed light on the matter.

First, the SMS ads he receives promoting various products and services are not from Globe. These are spam messages sent by discourteous subscribers and business entities which are not countenanced by Globe.

The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) already issued a memorandum circular prohibiting any unauthorized broadcast messaging services. Any individual or business entity who wants to send broadcast messages needs to register first with the NTC for authorization. Legitimate text blasts approved by the said regulating agency are properly identified and do not carry 11-digit number. Text blasts coming from 11-digit number are not properly sanctioned by the NTC, much less by the network provider concerned. Globe works with the NTC to combat these spam messages by immediately disconnecting the numbers being complained.

In the case of Globe Telecom, we use legitimate promotional text messages or subscriber advisories with special three or four-digit numbers like 4438, 8888, or 290. These messages are free and do not decrement prepaid load credits.

We would also like to take this opportunity to inform Globe subscribers, who receive SMS spam messages, may report these through the following channels:

1. Via the Globe call-in service at 211, toll-free from any Globe or TM mobile phone or through landline number 730-1000 (toll-free from Globe landlines nationwide);

2. Via the Globe website ( Click on Globe Chat Assist;

3. Via Facebook. Send a private Message to Globe Angel Rogue (;

4. Via Twitter. Send a private message directed to @Talk2GLOBE.

Subscribers are advised to include details in the report such as the sender’s number, actual message and time and date the message was received.

Second, as for the Globe Rewards, these are legitimate text promos coming from the company. Still, subscribers receiving such text promos are given the choice to opt out to stop receiving similar texts in the future, as stipulated by the NTC memorandum circular.

Globe Telecom values the privacy of its customers so all the personal information that are shared with us are kept confidential.

The issue of spam text messages is an industry-wide concern and not Globe alone as implied in Mr. Tiglao’s column. Globe values Mr. Tiglao as a subscriber and we would be much willing to help him address the unwanted spam messages as allowed by law.

Head, Corporate Communications
Globe Telecom

* * *

Mr. Rigoberto Tiglao’s reply:

First, some of the ads were not from Globe, true. But how did “discourteous subscribers” get my and other people’s cellphone numbers from Globe? Did they think up these numbers at random? Or is Globe surreptitiously selling these numbers? Or as I pointed out in my column, are their staff members moonlighting selling these numbers?

Secondly, I did not sign up for “Globe Rewards promotions”, just for the service. Globe should not suffer their subscribers in having to read through long messages and find an instruction which could stop such future messages. It took me about five times to stop these messages.

Thirdly, why are you sending messages asking your subscribers to go to a website that has an idiotic (celebrities as political pundits) puff piece on President Aquino’s inane SONA? Is Globe going into political propaganda?

Finally, I don’t write columns just to be privileged, in this case, for Globe to stop these unwanted messages to my cellphone.

Do your job. It’s not my job to “address the unwanted spam messages.” Stop these spam messages for all subscribers.

Set up a “hot number” as they do in the US and Europe to which subscribers will forward these messages so Globe and Smart could immediately disconnect these lines.


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