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    Let’s catch up with the latest product endorsements of soap opera queen Judy Ann Santos and rock maestro Bamboo for this week’s edition of the “Ad Board.”


    Judy Ann Santos adds a fabric conditioner to her long list of endorsements

    Judy Ann Santos: Of scents and sentiments
    It was a gloomy Monday this week when 50-year-old Peerless Products Corp. welcomed soap opera queen Judy Ann Santos to their roster of endorsers by way of a luncheon at the Shangri-La Makati.

    The monsoon rains were unforgiving outside, but when Juday was called onto the stage, it was as if summer suddenly stepped in.

    Dressed in a flowy number in the lightest of pinks, with her new hairstyle—a soft chin-length bob—gracefully bouncing with her every move, her overall look, and light and happy disposition could have summoned the sun to come out that very moment.

    Juday was officially launched as the brand ambassador of Peerless’ newest Champion Detergent byproduct, the Champion Fabri-Con Liquid Fabric Conditioner with Freshness Capsules. As she took the mic, the well-loved TV and movie star immediately said she was in the company of “family” since her husband Ryan Agoncillo had long been an endorser of the detergent.

    A seasoned endorser, she easily talked about her latest choice in the laundry department as if she were simply chatting with friends. “Perfect itong Fabricon sa panahon ngayon na maulan, kasi diba kapag sa loob ka ng bahay nag-patuyo ng damit gamit ang electric fan, parang kulob yung amoy, na parang may B.O. [body odor],” she added laughing.

    According to Juday, it makes perfect sense for an actress like her to endorse a fabric conditioner because celebrities have to be extra careful in looking—as well smelling—good in public; otherwise, they would quickly become the subject of cruel gossip.

    She explained that in showbiz, they need to be dressed in clothes that stay fresh the whole day, and whose scent would complement their own perfumes or colognes, rather than overpower them.

    On the home front—her favorite real life role these days—Juday also found an ally in the product because her children Yohann and Lucho had given the fabric conditioner their stamp of approval.

    “Sa amin ni Ryan, binibigyan namin talaga ng respeto ang mga produkto na ini-endorse namin. We try them first before we sign on because we really use them if we believe in them,” she related. “When Champion sent me the samples, nawala nang tuluyan yung comforter na ginamitan namin nung produkto dahil ayaw na siyang pakawalan ng mga anak ko! Malaking bagay para sa akin na nagustuhan nila yung amoy ng fabri-con kasi si Yohann, sensitive talaga sa matatapang na smells and si Lucho naman medyo may asthma.”

    With facts about the product out of the way, Juday willingly answered questions that were still somehow inspired by the ad campaign of fresh scents and feeling at home.

    “Mas pagod ako sa bahay!” the 36-year-old TV and movie star revealed when asked what she usually does in the Agoncillo abode. “Pero masayang pagod kasi naglilinis ako, nag-aalaga at nakikipag-laro ako sa mga bata, tapos pinag-luluto ko sila. I’m lucky that I can say we have a happy home where we have an open relationship with everyone—our angels [household help]included.”

    On a more profound note, Juday articulately replied to a question from ABS-CBN’s Mario Dumawal who asked: “Papaano mong napanatili ang bango ng pangalan mo sa maduming mundo ng showbiz?”

    “Sa pagiging tootoo ko sa sarili ko at sa mga taong nakapaligid sa akin. Hindi ako nagpapanggap at nagpapakitang tao kasi dito na ako lumaki sa industriya at dito na ako nagkaroon ng kaibigan. Kung hindi pa ako magpapaka-totoo wala na akong magiging kaibigang totoo. Sabi nga nila, honesty is the best policy, and this has been my rule in life ever since,” she answered.

    Now this is why Judy Ann Santos is always on the ad board.


    Bamboo Mañalac goes above and beyond the call of duty

    Love ‘Tattooed’ for Bamboo
    There was a whole lot of lovin’ going on when Globe Tattoo Home Broadband hosted a lunch on Wednesday for its über cool brand ambassador, multi-awarded “rock maestro” Bamboo Mañalac.

    While the endearing judge of The Voice of The Philippines had long been launched as the face of the telco’s home Internet provider, Globe’s executives were excited to call for an out-of-the-blue, cozy sit down with Bamboo just to let it be known that the rock star is an endorser like no other.

    According to Globe Tattoo Home Broadband head Juris Gamban, Bamboo has never been the type to simply show up when he is needed to shoot a commercial or appear at an event.

    “He has truly immersed himself with the brand’s campaign, from understanding the brand’s vision and personality, to contributing ideas for events and engagement during our planning sessions,” she elaborated.

    Gamban further shared a winning anecdote about their golden boy, when her team had presented Bamboo with plans for a regular fans’ day. Apparently, the OPM artist called them back at the end of the day to ask for the PowerPoint file they used, as well the story board and brand statistics of the campaign “to study them.”

    “He was so attentive all throughout the presentation, and then he got all geeky and almost nerdy when he asked for the materials to be sent to him for study!” the lady executive dotingly laughed. “This is the special relationship Bamboo has forged with Tattoo as its brand ambassador and for that, we’re very grateful to him.”

    Gilbert Simpao, who is the overall head of the broadband division and a confessed Bamboo fan, could not agree more with his colleague. “When I first met him, I was impressed because outright, he asked, ‘What else can I do for the brand?’ He really is a cool guy.”

    Clearly chuffed, Bamboo replied to his bosses’ kind words that the endorsement was “a match made in heaven.”

    “It means a lot to me that aside from connecting people, the message that Tattoo brings is to choose the individual and create innovations,” he explained. “As a person and as an artist, I also stand for these very things.”

    And so, as all mutually loving relationships go, every collaboration that Tattoo and Bamboo have undertaken since the beginning of their partnership has been a success. From the use of Bamboo’s hit single “Carousel” [from his re-released debut album No Water No Moon]in one of Tattoo’s ad campaigns, to fans’ days and interactive live-streaming events, the brand and the artist truly rock.

    “He has certainly become our voice,” Gamban declared. And when asked by The Manila Times whether Tattoo is confident that Bamboo can get the home broadband’s message out on his own [in comparison to Globe’s stiffest competition which has christened four musicians as brand ambassadors], she replied, “We like to think about quality over quantity. We want to zero in on the message of our product and Bamboo is very capable of doing that for us as an artist and personality that so many look up to.”

    For more information on Tattoo Home Broadband’s products and innovations, log on to www.tattoo.globe.com.ph.


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