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    As a pop culture columnist, the email box fills up with all sorts of information on and invitations to view properties movie studios, PR companies and entertainment providers want to promote and push.

    I’m just surprised Netflix’s new “Queer Eye” (a reboot of the successful 2003 show “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy”) isn’t getting as much promotion as, say, “Altered Carbon.” I actually heard about this show via word of Facebook. A quick check on Rotten Tomatoes reveals a first season rating of 100 percent. So I’m here to do my share to wave the “Queer Eye” flag.

    In the pilot episode, “You Can’t Fix Ugly,” the boys headed over to Dallas, Georgia to meet and work with 57-year-old Tom Jackson, and the audience just fell in love with him. I actually reached for the tissue box towards the end of the episode. I’m certainly not the only guilty of this as you will find out in the course of the season.

    Besides shortening the title to just “Queer Eye,” the show has taken a big step 15 years later. They’ve taken themselves out of New York and made a base of the American South. The whole season is set in Georgia—where they meet conservatives, Republicans and yes, Trump supporters.

    In a world with so much shouting, anger, “othering” and trolling, it was so wonderful to see people being kind, decent and respectful of one another. The guys cheered on and encouraged Tom and their other “heroes” on each episode. How we all miss a little sweetness in the world.

    They’re the new ‘Fab Five’: Bobby Berk, Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, Tan France and Karamo Brown

    As fashion expert Tan France put it, “The first show was about tolerance, now it’s about acceptance.” Tan is actually a Pakistani English Muslim originally from Doncaster, who migrated to the United States. He also happens to be married.

    Culture expert Karamo Brown is an African American father of two and an activist; Antoni Porowski, the food expert, is Polish and lives with his boyfriend in Brooklyn when he’s not working or shooting the show.

    Current design expert Bobby Berk confessed to (his predecessor) Thom Filicia that he got fired from Restoration Hardware the day after the original “Queer Eye” team shot there because of a clocking in issue, after he and his colleagues put in a lot of overtime. He just ended with a laugh and said, “Look at me now!”

    Jonathan Van Ness who does grooming admitted his first crush was Kyan Douglas who also did grooming for the original show. Now he and Kyan are good friends. Jonathan often takes it upon himself to do the haircutting and beard trimming or shaving for their “heroes.” “Game of Thrones” fans may have seen him before—he’s the star and co-creator of website “Funny or Die’s” “Gay of Thrones” series.

    If you want something fun and inspiring—go start with “You Can’t Fix Ugly” and take it from there.

    “Queer Eye” rolled out its eight episodes on Netflix in February.


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