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    Karen Kunawicz

    Karen Kunawicz

    Last weekend at Komikon I found Marguerite Alcazaren De Leon’s People in Panic. I picked it up for starters because I liked the black and white comic art cover by Nico Villarete. I also saw the book was well laid out and put together and it was 115 pages long. Someone put a lot of love in there. I read the first lines of a few of stories and was sold.

    The stories are short, bizarre, funny, familiar, sometimes dark, often wicked and relatable.

    I love how Marguerite gets in the mind of her characters—from young neurotic writers to an ice pack in the freezer contemplating a container of semen to a little girl. “Yaya,” where she takes on the voice of a little girl is my favorite of the eleven-story collection.

    Filipino-French  restaurateur and food blogger Erwan Heussaff

    Filipino-French restaurateur and food blogger Erwan Heussaff

    I finished the book the day after I got and I shamelessly fan girled over her and asked her for an add on Facebook. I’m just sad I’m done with the book.

    If you’re up for something chi-chi and less bizarre—but very practical—a Lifestyle Festival happens this weekend at Bonifacio High Street. Guests include The Lifestyle Channel hosts Janet Hsieh (Fun Taiwan), Tom and Henry Herbert (The Fabulous Baker Brothers) and Erwan Heusaff.

    Accomplished Filipino-French restaurateur and food blogger Erwan is the host of Food Fix. It’s a 15 to 20 minute show giving viewers tips and ideas on how to prepare seemingly fancy dishes right at home.

    Erwan took time to talk to us about the Festival and his current TLC favorites:

    “I’m really excited to meet the Fabulous Baker Brothers. I really like watching their show. I think it’s the way they present—very laid back. It’s not contrived. You can tell it’s very natural and they just speak like who they are. And they’ll be coming, to the Philippines and Malaysia with us for the TLC Festival and that’s going to be cool. I’ll get to meet them and do demos with them.

    ‘People in Panic’ by Marguerite Alcazaren De Leon

    ‘People in Panic’ by Marguerite Alcazaren De Leon

    When we were in Singapore for TLC Festival, I also got to meet Jock Zonfrillo from the Nomad Chef and he’s just really cool. He’s a very kind of intense guy when it comes to cooking and after meeting him I started watching his show and it’s great. He really goes to these weird places and cooks with weird ingredients and then brings it back to this extremely higher-state culinary restaurant that he has in Australia. So those are probably two of my favorite shows currently.”


    The Lifestyle Festival happens at 11 a.m. this Saturday at Bonifacio High Street. Erwan Heusaff’s blog is “The Fat Kid.”


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