• From waiter to PH Amway ambassador


    GILBERT de los Santos had to work in Jeddah and then Macau since he was 19 years old as he had to help his parents financially and even quit college.

    Then one day, as a waiter in one of the biggest restaurants in Macau, he was fortunate to serve Kaoru Nakjima of Amway, who asked de los Santos if he wanted to join the company.

    Because of his curiosity, de los Santos was invited by Nakjima to a meeting where he explained the business and he knew right then this would improve his earnings and at the same time give him all the chance to be home with his family.

    He admits that he was the most unlikely candidate for this kind of venture, a virtual neophyte in the direct selling business with hardly an experience in sales and marketing.

    His decision to return to the Philippines was such a bold move for an inexperienced entrepreneur but he had an overflowing supply of patience, passion, hardwork, creativity and diligence suitable for the Amway program on independent business owner (IBO).

    Now he is proud of taking the plunge because as he only used to dream of, he has a better house, a car, and is able to be very close with his family most of the time.

    “Things have definitely changed for the better. Before, my salary was not enough to provide for all our needs. We had no savings and no money for any kind of recreation. When I started with Amway, we were able to rent our own place and buy a car which were fleeting dream before,” he enthuses.

    Amway Philippines has helped millions of people in the world who wanted to own and operate their own businesses.

    “My plan for the year ahead is to encourage more people to be part of Amway Philippines. And to be the first crown ambassador in the Philippines,” he says matter-of-factly.

    Now he focuses his time and energy on long-term sustainable growth, which Amway imparts—to make sure that the company continues to be one of the most rewarding experiences for people who want to become entrepreneurs.

    He said Amway is different from others in that it offers great benefits both to customers and business owners. “It is exciting to work for Amway because I get to meet different people and may be able to make a difference in their lives. As a brand, it offers high-quality products. As a company, it offers attractive incentives for business owners.”

    Amway has over 100 nutritional, home care, skin care, cosmetics and agricultural products being marketed exclusively by thousands of IBOs in the Philippines.

    Amway Philippines is an affiliate of Amway Corp., established in 1959 in Michigan, offering consumer products and business opportunities with its flagship brand, Nutrilite, the only global vitamin and mineral brand to grow, harvest and process plants on its own certified organic farms and Artistry, one of the world’s top five, largest selling, prestige brands of facial skincare and color cosmetics.



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