Fujifilm bullish on mirrorless cameras


Japanese company Fujifilm is optimistic of dominating the mirrorless camera market in two to three years’ time on the back of continuous marketing efforts.

Fujifilm Philippines Inc. President Tomoyuki Fukura told The Manila Times the company expects its mirrorless camera products to rule the market as it gains “more and more reputation” from consumers.

Fujifilm’s mirrorless camera A-X3, an entry level model, is the top product in the company’s mirrorless portfolio, he said. Tomoyuki added that they also want to expand its market to males and the older generation as more women purchase their products.

The official also said that they were aiming to persuade current DSLR (digital single lens reflex) users to shift as mirrorless cameras are “much lighter” yet provide the same photo quality.

Tomoyuki said the company’s management remains focused on the deployment of its sales and service teams across the country for workshops and shooting events to boost Fujifilm’s brand name and products.

“This will strengthen our presence. Not only will people get to experience our products, but we also expect that through this they could spread word about our products,” he said.

“In the recent customer interview, one of the strong reasons of buying our products is because of recommendation from the friends. That’s one of the reason why we can compete in the market,” he added.

In August, Fujifilm Holdings Corp. launched its medium-term management plan dubbed as “VISION2019,” covering a three-year period from the fiscal year ending March 2018 to March 20.

The group said it had built a management base to help the company generate profits in the period. One of the targets set was to grab the number one spot in the mirrorless camera market through “promoting the X Series that continues to evolve with outstanding image quality, fast speed and mobility, alongside the medium-format GFX Series that uses a large sensor, 1.7 times bigger than that of full-frame cameras, to pursue the pinnacle of image quality.”

The company also wants to “reinforce the lineup of its highly reputable interchangeable lenses to continue to achieve increased revenues and profits in the mirrorless system business as a whole.”


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