• Fujitsu looks to AI, cloud for product innovation


    JAPANESE information and communication technology company Fujitsu is exploring technologies such as artificial intelligence, cloud and networking to continue to innovate and develop new products

    “We’ve always been trying to push boundaries to create more customer centric products so developments have been made to keep up with market trends, particularly in networking, cloud and artificial intelligence,” Jasmine Yeo, product marketing specialist at PFU Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd., said at a media briefing on Thursday in Intramuros, Manila.

    “So in the next few years, we are hoping to come up with new innovations to continue provide customers’ needs,” she added.

    PFU Asia Pacific is responsible for the marketing, sale, and quality control of Fujitsu document scanners in the Asia Pacific.

    Yeo said the company could not disclose yet the name of the new models they are coming up with but stressed that Fujitsu would “definitely expand in that area.”

    Fujitsu recently announced that global shipments of its scanners hit the10-million mark as of July this year.

    “This is a global achievement. We achieved this in July this year. It’s a collection of Fujitsu scanners,” she said, noting the success of the Fujitsu brand despite the emergence of many competitors in the market.

    In the Philippines, Fujitsu said its main target markets are the banking and financial sectors as well as the government.

    “For the finance sector and government, we expect a lot of documents from them, so our scanners can manage different documents and we have particular systems to cater to their scanning needs,” Yeo said.


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