• Full Throttle on the road to history


    A new Filipino motoring show that brings with it a fresh and vibrant take on the motoring industry, both here and abroad, is set to air this Saturday on History Channel Philippines. The pioneering TV show, “Full Throttle,” is scheduled to premiere at 5 pm.

    “Local motoring TV programs are too formulaic and staid, with some retaining the same format they’ve had for decades,” said Romel Dizon, the show’s program manager and one of the founders of the production company behind the show, Beyond Wheels Production. “Full Throttle promises to change all that,” he added.

    Hosted by celebrities Rhian Ramos and Sam YG, Full Throttle promises to veer away from the format of most local motoring TV programs and instead drives its viewers, from non-enthusiasts to geeky petrolheads, onto a new programming platform. Beyond reporting about the usual news and featuring personalities, Full Throttle sets the bar higher with exciting challenges undertaken by its hosts and guests, features transportation modes for air and water. It also showcases Philippine destinations making it a truly historic program for local TV.

    Composed of experts in their respective fields, the Full Throttle team guarantees its viewers that when it comes to news and entertainment of the motoring kind, they won’t get left behind.


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