How to have fun in golf without being good



You and I were born to be trained as competitive human beings. In sports, school, work place, and even at home, we always aspire to be number one. I believe it is the culture, wherever you are.

It follows then that when you engage in any sport, such as golf, the tendency is to become good at the game. Even if sometimes we say we just want to learn it and have fun. But at the back of your head, “there is a voice saying it would be nice to win some days.”

Winning in competitions definitely makes you feel great. To accomplish your goals is fulfilling. It makes you think then, that it is all about winning and thriving for all the things we desire.

Mind you, golf is a very difficult sport. It takes three full years to reach the level of a golf touring professional. You basically need to master all aspects of the game to achieve the least number of strokes.

Most often, it is also challenging to enjoy. Why is it so?

Well, first you need to learn the mechanics of the golf swing. Second, you need to learn all the golf rules and etiquette. Third, you need to learn about course management, planning, strategies, and setting goals. Fourth, you need to learn the mental side of the game. Fifth, you need to learn how to deal with your emotions. Sixth, you need a strong and flexible physique.

It can be expensive, too! You may have to buy a golf set, whether brand new or pre-owned. You may also need some other accessories and equipment like golf tees, balls, gloves, golf apparel, and golf shoes. Whew! Kinda overwhelming, right?

There is no need to panic though, because you don’t need to get overwhelmed, worried or fearful and really need to be good in golf. So, let’s look at the other side of the coin.

One of the best ways to enjoy playing golf is to be with family or friends. Simply enjoy their company. Laugh, smile and have fun. Enjoy the food and drinks with them. A couple of beer will add fun to your game. Of course, some amount of golf rules and etiquette must be abided with.

When playing in a tournament, never take it seriously. If you make a bad shot, forget about it soonest. Be happy. You need to be aware that there is no sense in feeling bad and unhappy, anytime and anywhere.

Instead of aiming for good scores, focus on every shot. Do your normal routine before executing each shot. Turn on your visualization talent and use it. Intensely feel the shot, even before it happens. Completely own it.

After making your shot, you can definitely distinguish whether it was good or bad. Think about it and feel it. Be aware of your emotions and make sure to conquer them. In the best of your ability, avoid feeling bad after you have made a bad shot. Totally forget the bad shot and move forward.

Moving forward to forget a bad shot is not difficult at all. You just need to know what you exactly need to work on. If and when you know what you exactly need to do, stick to it. Keep on doing what you believe is appropriate. Commitment and trust are vital.

We need to accept that we are human beings. In reality, there is no such thing as a perfect swing or a perfect shot. If you were a computerized robot doing a golf swing and through the ball, then it can be possible.

You can be easily programmed to execute every shot. Because there are no emotions and mental factors involved. But just the same, there are external factors that can affect the ball flight like slopes, wind, rain and even the quality of your equipment.

Therefore, making mistakes in golf is a natural phenomenon. We need to realize that acceptance can be one of the best words to learn in golf. Since we are always bound to make mistakes, we need to accept and stay humble.

Again, the key is to move forward. You only need to step backward when you need to correct some fundamentals or certain issues. Otherwise, if you are certain with what you need to do, then just move forward. Work on what is already good and proven.

I want to remind you that you have the power to make a good or a bad choice. So, whether bad or good, learn to accept it and move on. Do the same thing while playing golf. Simply feel good and have fun!


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