Fun in (and protection from) the summer sun



I’m sure a lot of you have already felt the drastic heat permeating the air for a few weeks now. Some nights have still been generally cool, but upon waking up and as the day progresses — the intense heat can be almost suffocating.

Holy Week officially ushers in summertime for us Filipinos. Students are scheduled for breaks and for some, this even signals the end of the school year. Summertime means unavoidable sun exposure as you explore what the great outdoors has to offer — whether they be mountains or beaches.

Here are my top summer essentials for surviving the heat without looking like you’re about to expire from it:

Did you know that you should actually apply sunblock even if you are just indoors? UV rays are present from lights indoors too. This was something my mom ingrained in us from early on, but I never actually listened to her. Sunblock is generally sticky and makes me feel warmer from the heat. Then, I saw a photo on one of our Science books from highschool comparing two twins. One failed to use suncreen and had really leathery, ugly skin, whereas the other would use sunscreen and aged so much better. I vowed to start using suncreen after that photo.

From left, Biore Perfect Face Milk, VMV Hypoallergenics Armada Sport, Heliocare Oral Sunblock

Nowadays, we have better options for sunblock. We have non-sticky ones that no longer feel heavy. For my face, I prefer using Biore’s UV Perfect Face Milk. It gives my oily skin a matte finish. For the body, there’s VMV Hypoallergenics’ Armada Sport. You can also use this for the face, but I like the matte finish that Biore gives me. Another option is the oral sunblock from Heliocare. Basically it is a capsule that gives the same protection as sunblock.

The important thing about sunblock is that you apply something at least SPF 30 and up. No matter how high the SPF is, make sure to re-apply every three to four hours to keep your skin protected. Sunblock matters a lot to me because it prevents my tattoos from fading. I sometimes forget to put sunblock on my face (Sacrilege! I know!), but do not forget to put some on my tatts. (Oh, priorities.)

This Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil from The Body Shop is a summer staple to give my legs a natural glow. I also like how it smells like coconuts. This is purely cosmetic. I just like adding a little extra to my tan. It also comes in handy during beach shoots for me. I lather it on models for a subtle shine.

This is probably my definite outdoor shoot essential for the summer. I discovered Aircon in a Bottle when I was on my way to an outdoor activity and was at the mall. I was curious about what it was so I tried it. I was surprised to feel a cool breeze all throughout the day when my friends were complaining about the heat. The next day, I went back and ordered a lot of bottles for Christmas gifts to the people I would shoot with. Everytime I have an outdoor shoot, I let people try this out and they end up ordering for themselves. I’ve been using this for almost two years now.

From left, La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water, Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray

Aircon in a Bottle comes in 2 variants: grapefruit, and cucumber. I personally prefer cucumber because I like the scent better. You can order online from the Facebook page of Scents & Memories or though their cellphone number, +639179193462 or +639335047149. They also have a booth in Tiendesitas.

This one needs no more introduction. I have two kinds in my kit because the La Roche-Posay was given to me and I use it personally. Meanwhile, I keep the Evian Brumisateur in my makeup kit for making sure the people I work on stay refreshed throughout the day. Nothing like a mist of spring water on your face when it’s hot outside. (Well, maybe a mist of cold ice water.)

From left, Beach Hut After Sun Aloe Cooling Gel, Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel

Finally, as your day outdoors ends, and when your skin needs to recuperate from all that sun exposure — here are two of my after sun care items. I got the Beach Hut After Sun Aloe Cooling Gel when we were shooting in Palawan last year. I recently got the Nature Republic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel from Korea. Aloe vera is generally known to help cool and repair skin damaged by sunburn. If you know what it feels like to wear a bra or tank top with a bad sunburn, you ought to know that these babies are lifesavers and must-haves.


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