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    Wheel Gallery, the country’s innovative and forward thinking wheel specialist company, has forged a partnership with Breyton Wheels GmbH as its domestic distributor. Known as a one-stop shop for wheels and tires, Breyton Wheels is a welcome addition to the brands exclusively distributed by Wheel Gallery such as Black Rhino, TSW wheels and Concept One.

    “This will open up new avenues for us, and it would provide the local market with more options to visually improve and up the ante of their car’s performance,” stated Sam Liuson of Wheel Gallery.

    Breyton offer a wide variety of fitments for Porsche, Mini, and BMW cars, from the BMW 1 Series up to the BMW M series performance sedans.

    About Breyton
    Founded in 1986, emerging out of Edmund Breyton’s engineering office EBS which operated from Stockach since 1982, Bd Breyton Design GmbH has since been striving to form the best driving experience for its customers, sharing a passion for high quality and outstanding design.

    Breyton has accumulated expertise in wheel design and over 30 years of experience in making wheels of high-quality aluminum for a perfect synthesis between sportive design and optimized driving characteristics. Breyton wheels are among the strongest worldwide because of German TUV standards.

    Breyton designers question the present and build on their creativity to come up with new designs that are both functional and aesthetically on the cutting edge.

    “They also give all our thoughts and all our devotion, not only by what we reach, but by our customers, who care about our products as much as we do. Not by chance are increased safety, delicate design and minimal weight the expectation of every Breyton product,” said Liuson.

    “Those who want to level up their game and level up your European sedan, visit the Wheel Gallery showroom in San Juan City,” he added.


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