‘FutKal’ highlights family bonding

It’s time to break the Internet barrier and go outdoors this summer

It’s time to break the Internet barrier and go outdoors this summer

Adults and children alike used to have a knack for outdoor activities until gadgets came into the picture and kids began hibernating indoors. This is what Futkal (Futbol sa Kalye), a non-government organization that uses football as a tool for social development, hopes to change over the summer.

Today, from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m. Futkal, together with Banana Boat Sunscreen, is launching its Banana Boat Family Futbol Festival at the UP Sunken Garden with the goal of giving families more reasons to enjoy the outdoors and engage in a more active lifestyle.

With this joint activity, families can participate in different fun-filled games and activities under the sun, including a football cup, which will require teamwork among members. With this, the event hopes to showcase camaraderie and sportsmanship, which is innate in every Filipino.

Nevertheless, participating families will not be running alone in the competition, as each team will be joined by a Futkalero to take the football game to the next level.

Besides what is sure to be a fun-filled and exciting game, a Futkal clinic will also be launched during the event to boost children’s interest in the sport and encourage them to have an active lifestyle during their growing up years.

“Family bonding is very important especially in the face of an increasingly digital age. In fact, a Nielsen study revealed that Filipinos are the second heaviest Internet users in Southeast Asia, and we feel that this is contributing to a more sedentary lifestyle. We want family members to reconnect once again in a more meaningful way,” says MJ Tiquia, Banana Boat project manager.

She adds, “By bringing families together outdoors, people will go back to basics. In the process, we hope to make an active lifestyle fashionable once again.”

“It’s time to break the Internet barrier and go outdoors this summer,” declares the brand’s officer-in-charge for marketing. “Along with Futkal, we can create a bigger playing field where families can learn and have fun together outdoors that will translate to lasting memories.”

For more information on future activities, log on to www.facebook.com/bananaboatfutkal.


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