The future of golf in the Philippines


When you look at the big picture of the golf industry in the Philippines, the future is awesomely positive. Most membership golf clubs have realized that there is a great need to work on junior golf programs, make the game easier, relaxing, more accessible and inviting. Public golf courses also come from the same perspective. These courses are making their move to fit today’s generation.

The past decade had been tough for most private courses, especially in the outskirts of Metro Manila. But there are several private clubs that seem to be doing well because their membership is beefed up by the elite. They can sustain themselves because of the huge amounts of membership fees they charge.

Public courses, however, generate more income because of their lower fees and their flexibility to offer more attractive promotions. Generally, local golf courses have started to grind in pursuit of growing the game of golf again. New ideas are starting to pop in to cater to situations at present. At the same time, our golf courses are also independently seeking various measures to increase revenues and meet their costs, particularly those operating in the red.

So, there is much work to be done. But we need a unified group to preside in growing the game seriously, in order to hasten the process. This team can make the change now with promptness. It must be led by dedicated, knowledgeable, talented and open-minded individuals.

Unfortunately, we do have a group such as this at the moment. What hinders the growth of this game? Traditionalism. It has hampered the growth of the game of golf in our country. It basically destroyed the fun and the flexibility factors. Furthermore, it had also affected families and even friendships. Thus, it is the perfect time to change this golf matrix. Flexibility is a must for all exclusive golf clubs. It will allow these golf clubs to generate more income without really evading the clubs’ missions and visions. Various membership packages must be designed to cater to the needs of the individual members and certain groups, for the old and the new. Reciprocity with other clubs must be more open and convenient to arrange. Various promotional packages must also be designed to attract new members. Frequent holding of member-guest tournaments can attract the interest of outside parties.

Having fun in playing the game of golf is literally the reason that you are playing. Eliminating fun from golf is no golf at all!

It has been argued that golf is boring, slow, expensive and time-consuming. These are impressions that the golf industry must remove from the mindset of all non-golfers, and emphasize the word “fun,” affordability and flexible playing time. These are major elements of the game and must be greatly imparted by all golf clubs. A great challenge but possible to conquer.

To get the most fun in golf, rules and regulations can be changed but not radically. The spirit and traditions of the game must still be preserved at a certain degree. There must be a choice for a player or groups of players to play 3 or 6 holes only. This can attract golfers who have less time to play. The holes in the putting greens can be made larger or even made with different hole sizes. This will make putting from a distance more exciting. In fact, variations of the game already exist like speed golf, surf golf, foot golf, supa golf, bike golf and a few others.

Since golf takes more time to play than any other sport, the family must be made as part of the discussions in any exclusive golf club. Various promos can be offered to make it exciting, as the family can be the most important company or group to play with. When the wife plays, most likely her children will play as well. It may take some amount of persuasion but definitely it is worth the effort to do so. Remember, it is making time with the family that can be cherished the most during one’s lifetime.

Lastly, friends can be the best to play with. It brings out a different level of enjoyment and competition. All exclusive golf clubs must be open in welcoming a member’s group of friends to entice them in becoming new members. They can be offered discounted packages with certain time durations, promoting deeper friendships. Other types and variations of tournaments can be organized, as well, to boost sales in food and beverage. Considering all these factors, there is a great future for golf in our country. Teaming up with certain groups of people can absolutely make this possible.


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