• Future Past


    By Maan D’Asis Pamaran

    Fashion-forward now means looking back

    Time takes back the streets – fashion wise. This is what two of Philippine fashion’s young mavericks are forecasting for next year’s casual style, where laid-back meets flashbacks with influences gathered from the trends that the titas used to sport back in their high school days. Here’s their individual take on what will be hot in the city this 2018:

    Jeffrey Rogador
    The designer who has made his mark in the local fashion industry with go-to graphic looks recently showcased his signature urban sporty aesthetic combined with practical functionality at the Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars 100th anniversary event. Here, he kitted his models with shirts, hoodies, sweaters and jackets that bear the Manila markings, a nod to the city beat that feeds his creativity.

    Next year is all about breaking rules, he says. “I see a mixture of the nineties with current silhouettes. We have the straight loose pants back again. Breaking the rules can also mean mixing the eighties with the nineties or the nineties with the seventies, together with the current trends. There will be simple cuts but surprises in the form of pops of color in accent pieces and prints.”

    Given that people will probably reach for similar items on the shelves, he gives this tip on how to personalize your look. “My design staples such as a t-shirt or hoodie can be worn with colorful pants (Demna Gvasalia showcased tartans and tweeds for Balenciaga 2018). It depends on the wearer’s mood and personality on how they pull a look together. Street style is becoming more and more about individuality and making statements.” He adds that Chucks, even though they are already 100 years old, are perfect for next year’s look, because they have become an institution in fashion culture (and counter culture) that they can pair with practically anything. “

    “You can pair them with skirts, shorts, or even suits, and it will be acceptable.”

    Ryuji Shiomitsu
    The in-demand stylist to the stars has had his handiwork splashed on many of the country’s top fashion and celebrity glossies. He is known for his impeccable taste when it comes to cover glam, along with his innate feel for young, hip, street wear for fashion editorials.

    Ryuji says that more people will explore streetwear options next year.

    “In general, street style will become more predominant than in previous seasons. I think its influence will continue on to be at the forefront of trends and style.”

    In terms of specific trends, he predicts modern maximalist luxe sportswear with mix-matching of the color wheel in unexpected silhouettes will be big next year.

    “Cases in point are the Spring/Summer 2018 collections by Louis Vuitton and Balenciaga. It shows that designers are moving ahead from the previous strict minimalism of previous years. We should also take note of the further appreciation of unisex wear. Breaking the glass ceiling of gender dressing is the key to the future!”

    Influence of the Internet
    The internet allows for more people to figure out their own personal style.

    “The online availability of fashion speeds up the trend cycle in an unprecedented rate. Netizens, more so the younger generations, are in touch with trends and style. This gives them the power to choose what they wear or who would they want to emulate,” Ryuji says.

    To individualize your look the advice he gives, particularly with the trend of getting inspiration from the past, is to do your research.

    “The key is to inject the past into your modern wardrobe making critical and curated fashion choices that will set you apart.”


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