• FVR: Duterte not a communist


    Former President Fidel V. Ramos said that Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte is not a communist despite his alleged links with rebel leader, Jose Maria “Joma” Sison.

    “If by talking and being friendly with Joma Sison makes Mayor Duterte a communist, I must then be in a far more worse situation,” Ramos said when asked by former Malacañang aide, Atty. Jesus Dureza, to comment on the accusations that the tough-talking mayor is a communist.

    Dureza was Ramos’ presidential assistant for Mindanao in the late 1990s and also served as Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process and Press Secretary in Malacañang.

    The former president even appreciated Duterte’s move of reaching out to Sison, recalling that during his administration, he went even further in abolishing Republic Act No. 1700, the so-called Anti-Subversion Law that penalized mere membership in the communist party, an unprecedented move that was viewed as favoring the communists.

    Ramos’ statement came after presidential bet Sen. Miriam Santiago warned of possible dangers from the supposedly close ties of Duterte with the New People’s Army (NPA).

    “It appears he is a favorite friend of Joma Sison. We all know here in Manila the NPA is divided into pro-Joma and anti-Joma camps; so if he has a pro-Joma approach, that might explain why he has the support of leftist groups,” Santiago told reporters.

    Sison, the founder of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), has been in exile in the Netherlands since 1992. The NPA is the armed wing of the CPP.

    But Ramos said Duterte’s early efforts to unite the nation is a “right move” and must be welcomed instead of being criticized and condemned.

    “It was a necessary step to heal a divided nation,” Ramos said as he recalled that it was during his administration that “significant strides were done to reach out to the communist rebels to seek for lasting peace.”

    “You were with the Philippine negotiating panel then with Ambassador Howard Dee, Sec. Bebot Bello and Cong. Apeng Yap of Tarlac that I sent to Europe several times to negotiate peace with Joma and the CPP/NPA/NDF panel, remember?”

    Ramos reminded Dureza who was the spokesman of the government negotiating panel and Davao congressman representing the House of Representatives in the Philippine panel at the time.

    Duterte, in several occasions had said that he valued Ramos’ advices and the latter someone whom he would go to for guidance from time to time.

    The former president is also widely perceived as among those reportedly responsible for convincing the Davao city mayor to consider the presidency.


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    1. Ralph Tupaz on

      This article reeks of bias. Why in the world this dying publication (Manila Times) chose to publish it is obvious. Much like the personality being quoted in the article (FVR), they are both no longer relevant in Philippine society. Would we expect anything less than positive comments when the head of Kumander Digong peace panel getting the opinion of his former, now irrelevant boss (FVR)…

      • You, and anybody that thinks like you, are one of the reasons why PHILIPPINES is in a bad shape today.

        Disregarding someone o some group as IRRELEVANT is the sure way to divide the country..


    2. Brace your self changes will begin, Lets see if Duterte good/bad tutal sanay naman ang “masa pinoy” sa rally, impeachment. 3 to 6 months as they said..

    3. Taga dVao ka on

      Never will Philippines can be United.FVR stating this obviously would want DUTERTE to win and then what? LET the armed forces take over since DUTERTE is committing treasonous act? Again,armed forces are taught to fight the rebels..Would the armed forces let the rebels be above them?Powerful than them?Superior to them? I DONT THINK SO..UNLESS these rebels will leave their guns and ammunition as well as their ideologies,then there will be a united Philippines.

    4. Taga dVao ka on

      22 yrs of being a polical dynasty clan in Mindanao still has problems in communist rebels? Why? Because the Mayor is supporting them.feeding them with the taxes they levied from the people of davao city.He even let the funeral of the high ranking communist rebel happen in davao city gym.why cant the Mayor kill those communist who bombed a barangay in davao or the milf who bombed the davao city airport.he cant kill those associated with milf mnlf and npa because hes afraid to lose the peace of davao.The Mayor is paying the rebels for their peace and security.not just few soldiers and police lost their lives in the attempt to battle the communist since the time of cory aquino.civilians were also killed. Do you think the armed forces will tolerate this kind of game?again FVR is messing the politics.if duterte wins.surely there will be another Magdalos or RAMs to rise.every communist leader also wants to have power..during the term of FVR and GMA there is an all out war with the communist.

    5. Bible Believer on

      Mr, Ramos, since when did Joma Sison come back to the Philippines and joined our democratic process after you abolished Republic Act No. 1700 during your presidency? If he was ever sincere about supporting a real peace process in the Philippines, Joma Sison should have gone home, run in a position in congress or the senate and joined a committee for peace and welfare for the country and condemn the arms struggle of the NPA – yet he decided to stay in Europe and continue his war path from his comfortable “command center”. OPEN YOUR EYES MR. RAMOS, when someone who is running for the highest executive position of our land say “I am a socialist, I BELONG TO THE LEFT” and say that he is not a communist at heart is playing blind. In my opinion and with my knowledge of history and international affairs, DUTERTE IS A TROJAN HORSE OF THE LEFTISTS. People only sees him as a gift to stamp out crime and corruption, but they don’t see his radical methodology in trying to “unify” our country. Please remember that it much better to be DIVIDED BECAUSE OF IDEOLOGY than to be UNITED IN ERROR. Preserve our TRUE democratic way of life (as our constitution defines it)… even if we THE PEOPLE have to do it again my force.

      • Bible Believer on

        Typing Correction: “Please remember that it is much better to be DIVIDED BECAUSE OF IDEOLOGY than to be UNITED IN ERROR.” Preserve our TRUE democratic way of life (as our constitution defines it)… even if we THE PEOPLE have to do it again by force.
        -Bible Believer

    6. It’s all a play of words, North Korea is officially, “Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea”. Is North Korea a democracy????? The Filipino “National Democratic Front” , are they democratic?????? Members of the front, include, NPA (New People’s Party, The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). These groups CCP-NPA even kill their very own rank and file, during their purges. So much for “Democracy”…….

      Sad to see, even FVR falling for the NPA psych ops. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Must be due old age…

    7. Persecution by association… If indeed that should be the case, then all the other candidates would be guilty by association with the convicted rapist Romeo Jalosjos, then they would have been hypocrites by blasting Duterte for his rape joke when they are chummy with a convicted criminal due to political expediency…

    8. Correct. Because Mr. Duterte is a friend of Joma Sison and also his professor in college does not mean he, Duterte is also communist. If that be the case, PNoy, Drillon, Mar Roxas and several otthers can be accused of negotiating with Maam Jeny Napoles to divert their DAP, PDAF from her NGO into their accounts.