FVR-Marcos agreement binds; Macoy safe from ‘vandals’ where he is


An agreement is a law between the parties – the Marcoses, represented by Roquito Ablan, and the People, represented by then Prez FVR. In 1993, they agreed that Macoy would be buried quickly in Ilocos. Prez Digong may have no right to divide us again needlessly by breaking a predecessor’s word. I wrote here on June 11, 2011:

“On Macoy and the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LMB), best to consult would be FVR, who authorized in 1993 to have Macoy come home on certain conditions, only one of which was met: direct flight to Laoag. Immediate burial, not met. Honors befitting a major, fine. So FVR advised Erap in 1998: do not trust the Marcoses. . . .

“. . . FVR I met last Monday [June 7, 2011] in his office, . . . Like Al Smith, . . . he in effect said: `Let’s look at the record.’

“In July, 1993, he approved Macoy’s return, straight to Laoag in early September 1993, and on September 10, interment. Mrs. Marcos said `burial rites [were]set on Sept. 10, . . . the eve of Macoy’s birth date. The Marcoses had requested simple funeral rites. . . .’ She said: `We are following whatever the government requirements are. We will follow the wishes of [FVR].’ Manila Bulletin, July 27, 1993. “Marcos will be given `military honors appropriate for a WW II veteran with the rank of major.” FVR would not attend the funeral. PDI, July 27, 1993.

“The Marcos family has requested simple funeral rites. . .” Journal, July 27, 1993. . . . The remains arrived on Sept. 7, 1993. No full military honors. . . . Manang Letty Ramos-Shahani represented FVR. . . . The air-conditioned mausoleum cost P4-M in 1993. Manila Bulletin, Sept. 8, 1993. . . .

“In 1998, [right after Erap had won]my ever-loving wife, Dulce, went on national TV saying she would ask her family to remove the remains of their father, a Bataan-Death March-and-Capas survivor, from the LMB, should FM be moved there [per Prez-elect Erap].

“This paper’s issue of June 22, 1988 headlined: `Army’s grave problem: Who Ok’d digging?’ It quoted me: `Human rights lawyer Rene Saguisag said it was strange that the construction of the burial site began during the term of a President who said he opposes the burial. The former senator said either [FVR] secretly approved the burial or Estrada was already calling the shots before the latter could take his oath. `Why are they obeying someone who is still an ordinary citizen?’ Saguisag asked. `Unless there is a conspiracy among Ramos, Estrada and the Marcoses’. Saguisag pointed out that it was impossible for military officials to act on their own and without approval from the executive. Walang makakapaglibing doon nang walang authority. . . . Sources said Mrs. Marcos has been visiting the gravesite three times a day to oversee its construction.”

“FVR denied ordering the construction, in a marginal note enfaced on the news item. He advised Prez-elect Erap to have Macoy `buried in Ilocos Norte to `heal the wounds’. . . .’ Erap `lashed out at Saguisag, saying he has no right to accuse him of being a dictator. He did listen and reflect, and backed off but I became his constant critic; . . . [until he fell in January 2001, and became an underdog who should not have to weep alone].

“FVR to Erap: Don’t trust Marcoses,” blared the June 25, 1998 Star headline, as they “reneged on an earlier promise to bury the former President’s body immediately after it was brought back. . . ..” See also the PDI, June 25, 1998, where FVR said “[h]e will not allow a hero’s burial for Marcos as long as he is President. . . .” It also noted that the IBP [Integrated Bar of the Philippines] “cited Marcos’ human rights violations and greed as it stood firm in its opposition to his burial at the heroes’ cemetery.” The IBP commendably persists in its opposition today.

The agreement between the Marcoses, through Rep. Roquito Ablan, and FVR, among people of honor, binds. A handshake suffices even.

One can only profit from a rereading of Tibo Mijares’s Conjugal Dictatorship of 1976 to be convinced that Macoy was no hero, beginning, per Tibo, with his murder of Nalundasan. Tibo himself was murdered. Raissa Robles’ Never Again starts off with the murder of Boyet, Tibo’s teenaged son, dropped from a military chopper and landing in Antipolo, “bloody, battered, head bashed in, [with]burn marks and dark bruises all over his body.” Ice-picked, and “[s]everal meters away. . . somebody found an eyeball.”

Who would have had the motive to murder Tibo (and Boyet)? Many. Tibo named names. Chapter X is entitled “The Loves of Marcos.” Imelda? Said to have some social disease by Tibo and who tried to hit “CS” with her handbag, “CS” was able to duck and Meldy hit someone else, who was promoted to head the PNB. p268. Or kin or friends of an ageing Cabinet member allegedly sued by one woman for “assault with a dead weapon.” p469. Tibo details Macoy’s romancing Dovey Beams.

Incidentally, I saw “CS” some time ago, ballroom-dancing. Still lovely enough for Imelda to remain jealous of.

Tibo called the New Society the New Scourge and Bagong Lipunan as Bagong Likuman. p188. How old is our drugs problem? No hardline bloody campaign against drugs has succeeded anywhere in the world. Not even in tough China. As long as money is to be made, not even a public execution like Lim Seng’s in January 1973, would deter.

One should not be named and shamed with information only from the accuser. Judge Navidad died years ago and should not have been named and shamed. Progress? Or decay? The best thinking of the Inquisition should have no place in 2016. Any campaign that is anti-poor, -obscure and -powerless I find disturbing.

Anyway, Tibo wrote: “[Y.S.] Kwong made the stunning revelation that Josefa Edralin [Macoy’s ma] was arrested in Arellano High School for having opium and heroin in her possession. Kwong even mentioned the name of the arresting officer as Telesforo Tenorio, then a detective but later . . . a chief of police of Manila. The suspicion was that Josefa was selling drugs to the students of the school where she was a teacher and librarian. According to Kwong, Josefa was able to either bribe or cry her way of out the incident.” P. 257.

Tibo, per urban legend, was dropped between Guam and Manila by Marcos’ minions. His son, Boyet, badly mutilated, was found in Antipolo very, very dead, in May 1977. Tibo had written his 1976 book in open defiance of Macoy and testified in the US Congress despite the attempt to bribe him with $100T dollars for silence.

Macoy’s father was supposedly executed by the guerillas, which I must have first heard from Abe Sarmiento, another GI (Genuine Ilocano, as Joma Sison is). What Solid North?

True, a K-9 dog was buried in Malacanang with honors, after serving the people, without plundering or abusing human rights.

An old man, Reinhold Hanning, a mere WW II Nazi prison guard, was convicted last June. South Korea and China again called on Japan to repent of its wartime past. Manila Bulletin, Aug. 16, 2016, p6, col. 2. Should the Jews, Koreans and Chinese forgive and forget as we are ordered to do by Prez Digong? The Marcoses are far from contrite. They have paid P10B to the human rights victims, but only as shoehorned by the Supreme Court on July 15, 2003.

Do we really need a DAVAO CITY WRIT LARGE? What may work for a million or two may not for 100M+ conejos. Will a city run by Mayor Sara Duterte and Vice Mayor Pulong Duterte, children of the new Emperor in Imperial Manila, mocking a constitutional State Policy, be a paradigm nationwide?

Still, we root for Digong to succeed. His success is ours. But, he should listen to others, not only Bongbong. Another Tuta ni Marcos is not in our country’s best interests, with all due respect.

Manong Eddie, pakipingot nga po ang mga tenga nina Digong at Sal Panelo; walang pagpitagan sa inyong salita at kasunduan.

Macoy is loved in the Ilocos and is safe from vandals there. Budget chief Ben Diokno should be asked the cost of guarding Macoy’s plot round-the-clock, in wind and rain, from some people even if their intent be only to place as epitaph, HERE A LAWYER LIES STILL.


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  1. Oh, common Rene, yellow idealism, whatever it is, will not be here forever, move on and forget about your hatred to the Marcoses, you know yourself that Aquinos failed us as a nation and hailed only the oligarch!!

    • oh come on Marcos loyalist, marcos does not even deserve a burial. His body should have been thrown to the sharks. I bet even the sharks would not dare it, because it is evil, pure evil

  2. Kung may mag vandalize man kilala na kung sino. Kunti lang naman kayo kaya madaling hanapin.

  3. It is precisely because of what happened to the Mijares (father and son) and others like them that the late Pres. F Marcos should not be buried at the LNMB. Marcos’ regime was and still is a dark page in the history of the country. The emotional pain and unbearable grief experienced by the families and relatives of his victims continue to haunt them and make their lives sad, incomplete and tragic. Imelda Marcos and her family are fortunate that they actually have a corpse to bury. Many families of Marcos’ victims did not, and do not have the same luxury: they do not know where the victims’ bodies have been discarded, and certainly, they had and still have no “corpses” to bury.

    Unfortunately, by his divisive decision to allow the burial of Marcos at the place where he does not deserve to be, Pres. Duterte has consigned the victims, their torture, and suffering to the dustbin of history. The deal between the Marcoses and FVR may be binding. But what happens when the Marcoses renege on the deal? Indeed, the Supreme Court may have to make the final decision on this matter.

    This is what the late PM of Singapore Lee Kwan Yew has stated about FE Marcos and the Filipinos:

    “It is a soft, forgiving culture. Only in the Philippines could a leader like Ferdinand Marcos, who pillaged his country for over 20 years, still be considered for a national burial. Insignificant amounts of the loot have been recovered, yet his wife and children were allowed to return and engage in politics”.

    The Marcoses were allowed to return, but the late Pres. F.E. Marcos has not been forgiven by many, many families of his victms. In fact, as mentioned by the writer, the remaining Marcoses still have not acknowledged Ferdinand and Imelda’s guilt, and they have not asked for forgiveness. So really, there is no sense in “moving on” as others have suggested. No forgetting, no forgiving. To plunder Raissa Robles’ book title: “Never Again”!

    • Leodegardo Pruna on

      We have lost the sense and spirit of being a Christian. Take the case of Pres. Suharto of Indonesia as described by Amb. Tiglao. We have to move on. Nothing in history could be erased because good or bad history will always be history. What can we say about P-Noy and his cohorts regarding massacres of tenants and farmers during their days. God save the Philippines.

  4. marami rin namang nagawa si macoy nung regime nya..ang ccp, piic, philhealth, laung center, heart center, san juanico bridge. wag puro nega kayo ke marcos.

  5. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Saguisag ng Panganib ishould refrain from writing because he seems no longer sharp but dull in his law. There is no law in what Ablan and whoever in government wrote an agreement as to what to do with FEM’s remains. There is however on who should and could be buried at the LNMB. God bless the Philippines.

  6. What I know is that an agreement contrary to the law is not binding! If there is an agreement, but the law says you can, how is that? Any neutral lawyers around? Estrada and Duterte won land slide in the election because everybody knows in the Philippines that they are Marcos “TUTA”. Duterte even went too far telling the people that Marcos was the best and almost telling to everyone that Marcos is his idol. Yet, 16 Million, the net effect of cheating (20 Million is realistic) voted for him. What does it mean?????????

    • As far as I am concern Rene , it simply means that majority of the Filipinos favor the way the late President Ferdinand E. Marcos ruled our Country !

      In fact , I believe that the so called “EDSA I revolution” was only composed of a FEW THOUSANDS or EVEN A MILLION of Filipinos (some of them were paid according to a friend in Manila) … and they did not represent the voice of the MAJORITY of our COUNTRYMEN including myself.

      In my opinion , had it not been with the intervention of a “super power” , “EDSA I” would have been a total failure !

      And I definitely agree with you that an agreement is just an agreement … if an agreement does not conform with what is stated in OUR LAWS , it amounts to nothing !!!

      As a former President and a Soldier who serve the Country , LET US BURY FORMER PRESIDENT FERDINAND E. MARCOS INTO THE LIBINGAN NG MGA BAYANI !!!

  7. Manong Rene Saguisag , puwede bang sikapin ninyong maging SAGISAG NG PAG-KAKAISA dito sa Bayan nating mahal bago kayo pumanaw sa mundong ito ?… kayo po at ang mga kasama ninyong maka-kumunista at mga ibang activista ang nagpa-pawatak-watak sa sambayanang Pilipino hindi si Presidente Rodrigo R. Duterte .

    Marami na po sa ating mga opisiyales ang hindi tina-tablan ng hiya dahil sa kagahaman ng pera tulad yong isang taong ipinagta-tanggol ninyo noong nasa puwesto pa siya.

    Kung palagi nalang kayong kumukontra sa pamamaraan ng isang Pangulo sa pag-sugpo ng kriminalidad at kurapsiyon sa ating Bansa , ngunit wala naman kayong maiya-alay na solusyon … sina-sayang lang ninyo ang inyong panahon na dapat (sa idad ninyong yan) ay ibuhos na lang sa pag-darasal upang mapatawad kayo ng panginoon sa inyong mga kasalanan …

    Kayo ba Manong ay walang nagawang kasalanan ?

    Tungkol naman sa pagpa-palibing kay dating Pangulong Ferdinand E. Marcos … huwag na po ninyong kontrahin !
    Marami naman pong nagawang kabutihan para sa Bayan na hanggang ngayon ay pina-kikinabangan ng sang-bayanang Pilipino .

    Matanong ko nga po kayo …Ano ba ang kabutihang nagawa sa Bansa yong ipinagtanggol ninyong mga Aquino ?

    • If you want to spend your time praying so that God can forgive your sins, by all means do so. But you are out of bounds in suggesting that the writer R. Saguisag should do the same. Unlike you, he is not the type to go “gently into the night”. Maybe you should read his background and history. He will be fighting for what he thinks is right until his last breath. Thank God for lawyers like Rene Saguisag! If it were up to people like you, the late Pres. Marcos will be buried in the LNMB with full honors as though he and his regime during martial law had not committed the pillage and the plunder of the country’s assets, the atrocities, the killings and murders of those victims who disappeared into the ether never to be heard or found again.

      As for your ignorance of the good things that occurred during the Aquino administration, I can only conclude that you must be living in an alternative universe. You need to educate yourself and do some research. How old are you? Have you heard of “Google”?

  8. Saguisag is right that Presidnt Rody s dviding the nation re marcos burial, the 91% that support the president against the 9% left over and can’t move on. I don’t like marcos but I fully support the president decision.

    • Leodegardo Pruna on

      DU30 is trying to unite the people not divide it. It is the minority and the yellow-cult admirers who should be educated. God bless the Philippines.

  9. Kuwentong kutsero nga ito, sino ba naman ang hindi magagalit kay Tibo:

    Tibo wrote, “[Y.S.] Kwong made the stunning revelation that Josefa Edralin [Macoy’s ma] was arrested in Arellano High School for having opium and heroin in her possession.”

    • Rafael Santos on

      E hindi ba’t si Queen Victoria ng England ay opium dealer naman? At wala namang umaresto sa kanya. Read some more pag may time, please.