• FVR resigns as special China envoy


    FORMER President Fidel Ramos has quit as special envoy of President Rodrigo Duterte to China to give way to official negotiators.

    “The moment the President came back from China from a sucessful state visit, I resigned as special evoy to China because the oficials have taken over, and I have done my job,” Ramos told GMA News in a news report broadcast Monday evening.

    On October 5, Duterte appointed journalist Jose Santiago “Chito” Santa Romana to the vacant post of ambassador to China.

    Duterte went on a four-day state visit to China in October, bringing home $24 billion in loan and investment pledges.

    Ramos’ announcement came after he wrote two opinion columns in the Manila Bulletin that were critical of Duterte.

    In the first opinion piece, Ramos hit Duterte over the rising number of deaths linked to the government’s anti-crime drive, as well as the President’s expletive-laden rants against his international critics.

    In another opinion column, Ramos againt criticized Duterte for refusing to commit to reductions in carbon emissions under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

    Ramos, who convinced Duterte to run for president, said the administration should not take offense, saying he should be considered an “older brother of the big, big, big Filipino family.”

    “I still consider myself part of the Duterte team but I am free to give friendly advice, and that is part of our democratic culture,” Ramos told GMA News after paying respects to the late Thai King Bhumibol Adulyadej and signing the book of condolences at the Royal Thai Embassy.


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    1. A “friendly advise” from a jude.

      The guy who sold the phil infrastuctures, and the primary reason why the cost of prime commodities and utilities in the phil is so backbreaking and crippling to us and the economy- is still at it.

      Probably plotting something sinister with his uncle.

    2. in fairness, the nation should thank former President Ramos for convincing President Duterte to run for President. That’s all. No more no less. Mr. Ramos was wrong to join the noises against Duterte when, in his column, he wrote publicly criticizing the President after the first 100 days in office.It was a damning article unbecoming of a big brother. Mr. Duterte does not deserve that kind of public comments from Mr. Ramos that focused on the President’s rants and alleged EJK while discrediting the peace and order and other achievements of Duterte in the first 100 days in office.

    3. When it comes to his assignment as envoy to China with regard to South China, haven’t heard anything that FVR did something to pave the way for a smooth negotiation.He is all talk even when GMA was being persecuted, did not do anything. all talk. Mr. Ramos is a has been I don’t know if his words still count these days.

    4. I agree, Fidel Ramos is an “older brother of the big, big, big Filipino family.” And he also happens to be a houseboy of the great, great, great U.S.A.

    5. ano nga ba ang ginawa ni Ramos hindi ba iniwan na nga si Duterte ano pa ang nginangakngak mo?

    6. Please leave Duterte alone, he is fighting for the Filipino people with good intentions. Your given time as a President, and that time has passed. You interfered with GMA, and she has done than you to advanced the country.