FVR is a voice from the past that Digong should just ignore



Never in the history of the Republic have we seen the spectacle of a former president openly criticizing the incumbent. Fidel Valdez Ramos (FVR) was president from 1992-1998. His term ended 18 years ago. After him came Erap Estrada, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo and Benigno Aquino III.

He supported the candidacy of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte in the last elections.

Yet he has been openly vocal in his criticisms, even boldly lamenting that the Philippines has become a sinking ship under President Duterte.

This, even as he was a lot more restrained, and was not as critical of Erap, Gloria and PNoy, if at all.

It therefore behooves one to ask the obvious question. What gives, FVR?

And the only answer I can provide is that his stance is probably borne by a condescending view, a patronizing attitude towards this probinsyano city mayor whom he may have thought he can order around. His initial support notwithstanding, FVR may have carried the bias of a traditional Luzon-based politician who thought that a Mindanaoan like Digong lacked national and international exposure, and possessed a parochial demeanor. FVR may have wrongly assumed that Digong, being a provincial politician, would be lacking in political skills required for the presidency.

However, there are things that are certain. FVR is rabidly pro-American. Digong is espousing an independent foreign policy that is weaned from America’s interests.

FVR represents the past and insists on keeping tradition, expecting Digong to behave by the book. He comes in as a patronizing and meddlesome conservative voice who privileges traditionalism, echoing his sister Leticia Shahani’s view that President Duterte needs to tone down his rhetoric when dealing with the world.

Digong, on the other hand, represents the present, as a radical departure from the usual and the traditional. He hopes to bring us to a future that promises to be different from the past. The President, his uncouth vulgarity notwithstanding, endeavors to liberate us from being in a perpetual battered wife state of mind vis-à-vis the United States, where despite being treated unfairly by it, that we keep being in love with it because we think it loves us back.

And nothing could be more apt to frame this than how FVR lectured the President on his combative stance vis-à-vis the 2015 Paris agreement on climate change, labeling the President’s rebuff of the accord as akin to “shooting himself in the mouth.”

FVR wants us to accept an accord that on its surface appears benignly beneficial, yet upon deeper scrutiny is actually a form of climate imperialism. It is already well established that developed industrialized countries are mostly to blame for global warming. Their drive towards industrialization has emitted so much carbon into the atmosphere. Under the climate accord, these rich countries, in a modality called as carbon trading, can easily buy off developing countries like the Philippines to hold off our development by giving us funds to maintain our forest cover so that they can take credit for whatever carbon will be sequestered therefrom.

And these funds are not even designed as payments for the foregone development that our country will suffer, but are monies earmarked to finance actual reforestation and green development activities.

These funds are not even in the form of restitutive payments consistent with the principle of environmental justice, for the damages to life and property that the Philippines suffers from killer typhoons such as Yolanda spawned by elevated ocean temperatures caused by global warming. It is worth mentioning that the country that was at the forefront in resisting the move to make loss and damages due to climate change as basis for any liability and compensation was the USA, the country we love so much.

Worse, however, is when our climate negotiators outdid what is expected of us and committed to a 70 percent emission reduction goal even if we are not an emitter country.

In short, the stance of the President would force us to confront the west for a terrible injustice, and our complicity with such injustice, in the guise of green development that is disadvantageous to us. We are just treated as environmental laborers whose development trajectories will have to be subordinated to a global commitment that may not have been justified in relation to our carbon emissions. And this occurs even as the rich countries will claim the benefits derived from our environmental work and economic sacrifice and count these as their compliance with the accord.

In being critical of the climate accord, Digong Duterte may have provided developing countries a template to challenge this benign form of climate imperialism.

And for this, FVR criticized the President.

He also resigned as President Duterte’s special envoy to China.

The President should just ignore FVR and accept his resignation. After all, it appears that there is no more need for him to represent us to the Chinese in a special capacity anyway.



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  1. Evangeline Cube on

    Let us then ask fvr what were the accomplishments of his administration after 100 days as compared to PRRD.

  2. Maribel Calanda on

    I cannot always trust a traitor and for me FVR is one hell of that kind. Look what he did to Marcos and to Estrada.
    Now he sees himself as the one who has the right to lecture PDigong. What have you built during your presidency FVR? The Expo Centennial project in Pampanga was a big flop. Had u built hospital for the money that went into it then you can have a legacy at least to leave behind. You even sell a lot of government properties. There are rumors that you own Urban bank and that you own a puerto in Argentina. True or not, your administration is also tainted with anomalies and scandals. The cost of electricity went high under your regime because the incompetent Cory abolished the Department of Energy and we suffered daily brownouts and the economy really suffered. You restored the Department of Energy which is a Marcos brainchild and yet you invited a lot of IPPs that made our electricty rates unabatedly high.

  3. History is the best judge of all. I believe history will prove President Duterte right for his times, and all his predecessors lacking in spunk, right judgment, and courage. Mabuhay ka President Duterte!

  4. ed lofranco matiga on

    Truly, it won’t be an easy task for fvr to pretend that he represents the new DU30 administation in his quest to convince China to give up its claim to west phil sea , thru Phil victory in the arbitration court in Hague, or the intimidating military presence of USA in the archipelago, which he presumed will be our president’s agenda,…because, in the first place, China knew him as lapdog of uncle sam, having military education in westpoint academy & is likewise, a threat to asian sovereignty & unity.Hinting this may be so,….he must have hurriedly packed his bags before the smoke clears & left for home, ready to submit his resignation as special envoy.

  5. Mr. Contreras you are completely wrong if you belittle FVR. He knows more of the international politics than all the appointees of DU30 combine. He is giving a warning to DU30 that if he continues alienating the Americans, EU and UN he will be replaced sooner than later. I HOPE SO for the sake of our land. Forget about the 24B$ China is giving as loan to PH. Pakikinabangan lang ito nila Tugade at Dizon. Remember China has forcibly taken our territory especially Spratley and Scarborough. Do you call the Chinese good friends?? We have 4million Filipinos in the US and another 10 million around the world who speaks English and not f…..g Chinese! Who brought all the drugs in the PH? Who brought all the Chinese fake goods in the PH… Chinese. I think all the peoples who are pro China should live in China so that they will know what life is there for them.

    • Myrna A. Lopez on

      It is about time that we stand on our own. Duterte is the first president to have the guts to go against the foreign powers that have controlled us.FVR is a thing of the past – let’s live in the present – and pray that the Philippines can do everything by its own efforts, not dependent on any country.

    • Please dont talk like as if you know better. What are your contributions that makes you so righteious in telling Atty Contreras and Pres Duterte off? How do you know that FVR knows better than PRRD? For just a little over 100 days, PRRD has done so much when compared to the likes of the past Presidents of the Philippines. That itself already tells us that he is more than capable or even to a point exceedingly more when compared to the rest. He has brought peace to the already intensified disagreement in the South China Sea which the US and its combined govermental influence couldn’t resolve. That itself should slap you and wake you up from your blindness. You are better living somewhere else if you cannot support PRRD or at least support the Philippines for its betterment.

  6. He spearheaded the planned modernization of the armed forces and the police via selling fort bonifacio etc.

    But he failed to use the funds to jumpstart said modernization.


    Maybe his uncle sam asked him to delay said modernization and in the meantime accept second hand, old
    military materiele that they had to dispose of. If anyone could appreciate the necessity of the upgrade and modernizaton it should have been him, a former PC chief and AFP chief as well as a former Minister of National Defense. Could have, should have, did not.

  7. I’d like to believe that FVR and Digong are playing the cat and mouse game. They are the elders and full of wisdom that they can use to our advantage. Confuse the enemy and adversaries more.

  8. Antonio Contreras thank you! The last time it was the decoding of the Digong which gave me a better understanding of the president. And, now here is a deconstruct of FVR telling me of what stuff is FVR made of, plain opportunist. How true is the ‘tsismis’ that the clearing house in Asia for US arms is FVR? If the PH goes Chinese or Russian with arms, FVR will be getting something from the Uncle Sam, scolding for letting the PH get away. Anyway, just snippets of ‘tsismis!’ So far time to forget a derelict.

  9. I don’t Like FVR , I don’t trust him, noon beninta niya ang Oil company own by the Phil. gov’t paano na ma ko control ang pataas ng oil diyan sa Pinas dahil na wala ang oil company own by PH.

  10. If we forget the past, we will be repeating our mistakes in the future. Kung sino ang hindi lumingon sa nakaraan , ay Hindi makararating sa pupuntahan. FVR is a seasoned politician and one of the best if not the best president of our country. He might lost some of his wisdom thru age but we must take advantage of his knowledge he possessed thru his experience in running the government. He might be pro American but what is wrong with that ? 87 percent loves America according to statistics. What is wrong with that ?

    • That 87% will be going down to less than 50
      5 in the coming months because we now know that USA is behind the mass murdering of Iraq,Libya and Syria.

    • We didn’t forget the past. That is why the comment of a former president is nothing more than a comment and should not be taken seriously. It was during Ramos time when nobody was safe.. When you could read people being kidnapped on almost on a daily basis. And besides, We all know that Mirriam Santiago really won that election…

    • Arnel L. Canon on

      Loving America is not wrong but its not the absolute right either. The best analogy is the Master and Slave relationship. America is the master and we are the slaves. Overtime we were served notice that we will become masters also and be co-equal with them provided that….(with so many conditions). If we still love our former masters then loving them is not wrong. But if we feel cheated all these years that we are supposedly equal to them, and forced to take almost everything they tell us to do, then loving them would be not that right as you might think. Not all filipinos loves the american way of dealing things.

    • We can still love America, as we ask fairness. There is nothing wrong with thatDigong was smart in appointing FVR as special envoy. Digong does not actaully want to severe relationship with America, even as he clearly shown displeassure of them. He knew that FVR is an AmBoy, so to speak. He is a West Pointer. Hence, Digong would have expected that FVR will not sell the PH to the Chinese, otherwise he could have appointed any of the several “leftists” in his cabinet. The concept of Dr. Contreras of Climate Imperialism rings a certain sad truth. We are put in a decidedly disadvantaged corner now. The accord was designed that way, and it is too late not to play the game. If we sign, we are screwed, if we don’t, same thing.

    • “He might be pro American but what is wrong with that ? 87 percent loves America according to statistics. What is wrong with that?”

      What is wrong is that America does not love you. America only cares about its interest and at your country’s expense, too, TO THE MAX.

  11. Maybe Tabako Fidel assumed that he will be a somebody if he will be President Duterte’s official adviser but it looks like he will not be. He expected to be influential in the Duterte government but he is not or he is jealous that Duterte could accomplish so much already within 120 days of work. FVR’s favor towards the U.S. is a given first because his father was a former diplomat thereat and second because he graduated from the U.S. Military Academy. In the end, Pres. Duterte does not really need Fidel because he has more than enough advisers in his Cabinet.

    • Yes. I agree. Fvr win his presidency during his time with big questiin mark. Mitra just hide his wisdom.

  12. I totally agree with you. FVR is no longer needed and irrelevant to our country’s future. He is one of the corrupt past president but clever enough to get away with it via “balimbingan”.I think he should shut his mouth before DU30 gets back to him. Who sold Fort Bonifacio and the reclamation areas?

  13. What landmark feat can Ramos boast from his term, may I ask? If there be none, why would we even waste entertaining what he has to say. He does not count. He is a traitor – the face of the balimbing fruit.

  14. I do not know if Digong is right or not. I also do not know if what he is doing should be followed or not.

    But these I know, he hates the hypocrites and shows us who they truly are. He tells us the “alternative truth” of the “truth” we were made to believe. He shakes up the establishment and makes life better for the common people.

    Still, we need to be vigilant for he may be another politician out there just like the others.

  15. fvr is a favorite nephew of uncle sam and he feels that he has a mandate to meddle is the political affairs. pure and simple puppy.

  16. You said it all. Mr. Ramos also interfered during the administration of GMA, while he was so quiet during the time of the ” daan baluktot ” of Noynoying. Binigyan ka na ng pagkakataon manage ang Filipinos, pero wala ka rin nagawa. Manahimik ka na lang , Mr. F. Ramos, at tingnan mo na lang ang gagawin ni PDU30.

  17. G8 & other developed nations want all the other nations of the world to accept and implement the climate change accord ratified in Paris as this would allow them to continue burning fossil fuels for as long as they can at the expense of the poor nations. Why was there no discussion on who the culprits were in pumping all those CO2 into the atmosphere in the past 100 years? Why are these culprits not made responsible for the greenhouse gas pollution of the earth’s atmosphere that is now impacting the global climate? Short answer to these questions – it is the very G8 nations that are guilty of polluting the earth’s atmosphere and are now asking the rest of the world to make undue sacrifices so that the people of the G8 nations can continue to enjoy their pampered lives while the rest of the global population suffer. Of course, the G8 will occasionally give the financial aid every now & then.

  18. Jacinto Baybay on

    Duterte has already develop that so called “cult of personality” . He won’t listen to anybody or pretend not to listen. Ramos will just be wasting his time anyways. Besides he is not that credible. His administration was a mess.

    • He has not developed the ‘cult of personality’ just like the AQUINOS who exploited it to the hilt for their own selfish interest.