• FVR: The Yellow Cult’s hidden High Priest?



    In opposing the burial of Marcos remains at the Libingan ng mg Bayani, fomer President Fidel Ramos said things that are so absurd that these border on the surreal.

    Ramos’ First Claim. “I felt very bad especially for the veterans, as well as the members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, as well as members of the PNP which I commanded then,” Ramos said in the press conference. “It was an insult, [a]trivialization of the sacrifices of our Armed Forces, PNP, Coast Guard, veterans – retired and active.”

    How could Marcos’ burial insult men in uniform, alive or dead, when the strongman’s rule for 13 years had been based on the support of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine Constabulary, with so many soldiers and police killed in firefights (or by assassination) by the communist New People’s Army and the Moro insurgents? It wasn’t called “martial law” for nothing.

    Cleverly demonized by the Yellow Cult when it was dubbed the “Rolex 12” who planned and executed martial law, the group’s members were the top brass of the military and police, including Ramos who commanded the Philippine Constabulary, AFP Chief of Staff Romeo Espino, and all the commanders of the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. (“Rolex,” as they were reportedly given Rolex watches on their last meeting before martial law was declared. Gen. Espino was later to claim that they were nothing but the cheapest Rados.)

    The alleged human rights abuses during martial law—the issue that has roused melodramatic millennials at elite colleges against Marcos’ burial—were not committed by vigilantes, or by the civilian National Intelligence Security Authority, but by the military and mostly by the police, such as the dreaded Constabulary Anti-Narcotics Unit and the 5th Constabulary Security Unit that were all under Ramos.

    Isn’t the burial of their commander in chief for 20 years  (1965-1985) in the official military cemetery a way of honoring those buried there, as well as living veterans?

    Man for all seasons? Left, photo from Presidential Museum with caption: “In January 1972 at the height of the First Quarter Storm of the angry Filipino youth, Brigadier General Ramos was appointed Chief of the Philippine Constabulary -- his first, last and only assignment with the PC, having spent his first 20 years in the Army.” Right, with his second boss, February 1986.

    Man for all seasons? Left, photo from Presidential Museum with caption: “In January 1972 at the height of the First Quarter Storm of the angry Filipino youth, Brigadier General Ramos was appointed Chief of the Philippine Constabulary — his first, last and only assignment with the PC, having spent his first 20 years in the Army.” Right, with his second boss, February 1986.

    Of course, a faction of the military led by Defense Secretary Juan Ponce Enrile and Ramos rebelled in 1986 against Marcos to oust him with the help of the US. But it’s certainly very inaccurate to say that the entire AFP and PC were against Marcos even at that time. From the highest-ranking general to the lowest ranking soldier, the military were ecstatic over martial law. Hasn’t Ramos noticed that not a single retired general, or military or police of any rank has protested Marcos’ burial at the Libingan?

    Second Claim. Responding to Marcos’ eldest daughter Imee’s exhortation that he should also apologize for the human rights abuses during martial law because he headed the PC all those years, Ramos said: “My atonement was leading the military and the police during the EDSA People Power Revolution. From the 22nd to the 25th of February 1986 and I stand by that record. It’s there in history books.”

    For that of course, Ramos demonstrated heroism of the highest order. But just as valid though would be a claim that he abandoned his cousin whom he supported for 13 years, after realizing—perhaps even through leaks from his West Point classmates in the Pentagon—that the US, the world’s superpower had made a decision to remove Marcos, and would in fact be intervening to oust him, as it in fact did.

    For whatever reason though, the real point is that he has not really bothered to explain to the nation whether the accusations of human rights abuses mostly undertaken by the PC, were true or not.

    His refusal to do so of course was because of his political opportunism: Cory Aquino and her Yellow Cult would not have supported him to become president in 1992, if even just a hint came from his mouth that much of alleged human rights allegations are exaggerated or were the usual expected casualties of war. The network of secret police during martial law— if we may call it that —was the PC’s Constabulary Security Units (CSU) which had units in all regions of the country, under the command of Ramos.

    Pick any instance of horrific alleged human rights abuses, those that the Left have been presenting as their exhibits, and the chances are that it was PC units that were involved.

    A few examples: Liliosa Hilao raped and murdered by the Constabulary Anti-Narcotics Unit; anti-burial coalition leader Bonifacio Ilagan’s sister Rizalina’s killing, by the 2nd Constabulary Unit; congressman Edsel Lagman’s brother Hermon’s kidnapping and killing, by the PC’s Metropolitan Command; and congressman Neri Colmenares arrest and torture, by a PC unit he hasn’t identified. These horrific abuses all happened when Ramos was head of the PC: Did he ever bother to investigate these cases? If he did, what did he do about it?

    There hasn’t been a single case of human rights abuses filed against Gen. Romeo Espino, who was AFP Chief of Staff for almost the whole duration of martial law.

    In order to bolster his accusation that the military and police had not received orders from their superiors to allow the burial, Ramos blurted out in his press conference:

    “‘Di ganyan ang Armed Forces noong panahon namin. Meron kaming chain of command, di langpara sa military at police, pati intelligence service,” he said. “Higher ups knew everything their subordinates were doing.” (The Armed Forces during our time was nothing like that. We had a chain of command, not just for the military and the police, but also for the intelligence service.)

    Isn’t that a confirmation from Ramos himself, that he knew about the human rights abuses committed by the PC during martial law, and that he had command responsibility over the PC units accused of these crimes?

    Third Claim. Ramos painted the Marcos family as cheats when he distributed copies in his press briefing of the signed agreement between him and the Marcos family in 1993, in which they agreed that the strongman’s remains be buried in his home province. But Ramos seems to believe, as Louis XIV of France did (“L’Etat, c’est moi”, “I am the State”) that he is the Philippine state. The agreement though was between the Marcos family and him, when he was president at the time. Obviously, as it is their right to do, the Marcoses got another agreement from the present president, Rodrigo Duterte.

    Ramos may believe that he is opposing what he claims is an insult to the military that the Marcos burial at the Libingan is.

    But as I argued in my column on Monday, Marcos’ burial at the Libingan where three other presidents of the Republic lie, shatters the narrative of an evil, ruthless dictator that ruled the country who killed “thousands of Filipinos.” And with that fiction unraveled, thrown to the garbage are the self-righteousness of the Yellow Cult, the mythology of Cory Aquino as Philippine democracy’s saint, and the legitimacy of the Communist Party as the vanguard party that fought a ruthless dictator.

    That is the reason why the Yellows and the Reds have been apoplectic over the burial. If Marcos’ demonization ends, which will happen if his remains are buried at the Libingan, who would be blamed for the human rights abuses during martial law?

    How could we have missed that Ramos, after all, has been a pillar, the hidden High Priest of the Yellow Cult?

    How could we have missed the reason why Cory junked Ramon Mitra, the candidate of the ruling party that supported her regime, and instead chose Marcos’ cousin Ramos? How could we have missed the fact that if not for the “Black Swan” that was Joseph Estrada,Ramos’ candidate in 1998 would have won the presidency, starting an unending era of Yellow Rule? Was Ramos’ support of Duterte the Yellow Cult’s Plan B?

    FB: Rigoberto Tiglao and Bobi Tiglao


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    1. Manuel delos Reyes on

      Very revealing article and I can’t agree more that it was former Pres. Tabaco Jumping Jack Ramos who did all the kidnapping and disappearance, torture and killings during the martial law. Shame on you former Pres. Jumping Jack Ramos!

    2. rosalyna guilot on

      that true Marcos did not steal the any thing from the pilipino. maybe if MARCOS was not removed from his office this nation could have been THE LEADER IN ASEAN COUNTRIES. IT TRUE THAT Ramos is the traitor cos. he is jelous of G en. VER . MARCOS trusted VER more than RAMOS. because Ver have been with Marcos trough thick and thin . my late aunte AIDA VIDAMO BARECCA. who help Marcos and his group to go to layte. during japanese time that ver is always there to protect help marcos . with his life that is why ramos hates ver silently because his loyalty to marcos . and marcos also trusted VER MORE THAN HIS cousin

    3. WOW !!! what a REVELATION. Hope the youths of the Philippines will understand and remember this. Thank you Mr. Tiglao, another great article.

    4. That’s true and Thanks. If indeed PHL (Filipinos) needs closure to the Marcos era, everybody should or must be held accountable, in which these “millennials” youth groups shouting invectives, pasismo, tuta, etc. training their sights to one person (Marcos), for what? You already said it all…the reason why PHL cannot “take-off” in all this years.

    5. Francis Mensahero on

      Not Only Ramos but also his former DILG secretary and Cory former tourism secretary. They are yellows encircling Duterte. Duterte team must be aware of these two.

    6. fellow Filipinos,the issue here is the atrocities of martial law, its victims, and the very very huge amount of money stolen from us. thats it. this money should have been used to make this country great, and its citizens more civilized, and learned. it is not about yellow or any color,simply it is about us Filipinos and the things stolen from us by F.Marcos.please do not complicate things by our own understanding.the more you hear thevmore you learn. the more you open your eyes the more you see.these will make you a better person,a better Filipino. a Filipino who defends his country and fellow kababayan. May God bless us all and our country.

      • Ramos will not allow the truth to come out ,him and the yellow crowd will run out of person to blame, then all of them will just be another has been who didnt do the country any good while in power

    7. joefrod crawford on

      Ramos the liar…
      Ramos the KSP…
      Ramos the “epal”…
      Ramos the corrupt…
      Ramos the cheater…
      Ramos the jealous guy…
      Ramos the backstabber…
      Ramos worst that Pontius Pilate…
      Ramos the instigator of devisiveness..

    8. Leodegardo Pruna on

      FVR has much to answer from the time of Martial Law to this day. It is impossible for FVR not to know who was responsible for the assassination of BSA. What could have prodded PCA to anoint FVR her successor? There are so many things FVR should answer and should be accounting for during his administration. His being a high priest behind the yellow cult have a basis. God bless the Philippines and rid it of traitors and impostors.

    9. Thank you Mr tig Lao
      I would love reading your article and hoping you do more for our information.
      It so shameful for an old man like FVR to continously lying to save his ass.
      A man of power grabbing. Corrupt and self proclaimed who cared to military..t.hen he sold fort bonifacio??nd for no reason where’s the money goes?
      A greedy man whom I hope be punish of what he did to this country.
      A man who joy ride with his yellow cult who cannot admit that their time is over.
      No one believes you anymore Mr Ramos and when you die I hope you will not rot in hell.
      And those paid yellow protester onto say we are the paid one. You and the young corrupted mind was blinded by these oligarch.
      Thank you Mr. Tiglao

      • Oh, this is an extremely wronged reading of Ferdi Marcos era. When Ferdi Marcos declared Martial law and started implementing many decrees to protect himself from stealing the wealth of the nation and from the individual corporation, thereby Ferdi Marcos became the worst Oligarch of the Philippine story.

    10. Kaya ginugulo ng mga dilawan kasama si FVR ang Duterte administration ay kasi nararamdaman na nila kasama si FVR na malapit na silang masalang kasama si FVR sa hot seats dahil sa kanilang mga kasalanan sa bayan nung panahon nila kasama si FVR. . Sama sama silang lilitisin ni Duterte kasama si FVR. Napipinto na.

    11. I hope the people who wants to attend the anti Marcos rally on friday gets to read this column and the comments as well. I hope more of this true story will come out and more people will read your column Mr. Tiglao to be enlightened and realized what a fool they are for so many years for being a Marcos hater..

    12. Yes! Ramos should be investigated for all the sale of the Government properties during his time, eg., Fort Bonifacio, Petron, the Marina properties, power generating plants, etc. Not to forget the biggest Mall he purportedly owned in our neighboring country. Expose him for what he really is! Spineless Opportunist!

      • Yes! And specially fort bonifacio .him And all his generals are all hanging around there like a vulture

    13. FVR is best remembered for three things: The most foreign trip recorded by any President which earned him the nickname Fidel Viajero Ramos. He sold left and right government corporations and properties built and invested by Marcos and by magically overtaking the huge advantage of Santiago’s votes in the closing days of 1992 elections.
      I hope we have a cemetery for fake presidents.

    14. Why the Yellows and Reds are not accusing Enrile and Ramos???? because, once these Y&R touch them, their lies will be exposed. So, it is win-win solution for Enrile and Ramos, don’t touch our past and we will not touch your future.

    15. Albert Martines on

      Marcos has been dead for years. He can no longer respond to the many allegations against him.If you really want answers, ask Mr Ramos, the Chief of the Philippine Constabulary then, Senator Enrile, who was then the Secretary of Defense, and even, Senator Honasan, who was a sidekick of Sec Enrile at that time. If you want answers, ask them. If you don’t want answers, blame the dead Marcos – it is more convenient.



    18. Ah … Ramos the oppurtunist. The great chameleon …. Yes, exactly the secret high priest of the yellow cult.

    19. Mr. Tiglao, Ferdi Marcos knew what was going on his leadership as President of the Philippine. Ferdi Marcos appointed Ramos to follow Marcos’ wishes, the same thing with Enrile. The root of every worst scenario during the time of Marcos was Ferdi Marcos himself. Mr. Tiglao, we don’t need to go around the bush.

      • Albert Martines on

        Do you mean to say that as President, Cory Aquino is equallyresponsible for the death of the Tarlac farmers in Mendiola???? or President Pnoy, for the death of the 44 SAF members????

      • you are stupid. You are not thinking. Does marcos know that a constabulary raped and murdered a person? That ramos knows about this and informed his president? If ramos is a good man what did he do then of the rapine and murder done by his constabulary men? How do you know that marcos appointed ramos and enrile because they will follow his wish?

    20. I will just excuse Ramos in the Marcos Sins| for the following reasons: I saw him welcomes Pope John Paul 2 when I was still in school-Ramos did a good service for the Catholics then upon the Pope’ s visit, when in that time he was said to be a Protestant. Being a Catholic then, I have the thinking that he was pardoned by Jesus Christ in Catholic Faith for receiving JC and His Church in PH with a good heart.

      I agree with Ramos| Imelda should be the one who should be crucified for the Macoy Sins| they are husband and wife: through good and bad times they will both face the world upon their marriage in church and in courts :P Hence, Imelda in Hell too as long as she keeps her sins unforgiven by Jesus Christ through unapologies and confession.

      Pinoy Justice| Jesus Christs Burns Macoy and Imelda in HELL, haha!!


      • Don’t use the name of the Lord on your crazy belief. Jesus will not pardon him of his demonic sins just by entertaining your pope. Your pope is not even in heaven right now. Clearly, you don’t even know the way of salvation. No one can be saved by good deeds alone (if it really is a good deed). Read the Bible, so you will be enligtened.

    21. Melchor Vergara on

      FVR will cling to his yellow security blanket until his last breath so his deeds during martial law will not be revisited

    22. Thank you for your narrative. I hope this new generation of Pinoys will realized and know how it really was during the Martial Law era. Very good piece of history.

    23. Mr. Bobi Tiglao is correct again! FVR encouraged Duterte to run so that the yellows would have 3 candidates, Roxas, Poe and Duterte. Roxas was the official candidate but everybody knew already that Grace Poe was the unofficial candidate. Whether Roxas or Poe won it would be the corrupt, greedy and despicable yellow gang of Aquinos, Cojuangcos, the Catholic priests and nuns and their oligarch friends who would still be in power. But what if the Filipino people also rejected Grace Poe after discovering that she is a yellow puppet? The solution is to have a dark horse from totally another side who can be pressured later on to side with the yellows. Ramos urged Duterte to run because he knew that those who would not vote for the yellow candidates would gravitate towards the charismatic mayor from Palawan. To the surprise of Ramos, the mayor turned out to be a real patriot who loves his country above party and above Ramos. The Filipino people won this election. Ramos, Aquino, Roxas, Poe, the Catholic cardinals, bishops and nuns and oligarchs lost.

    24. The only reason this guy became PC Chief was because he was a cousin of the man he betrayed. With the emergency powers as that he asked for, he single-handedly negotiated for us to pay the highest power rates in the world not because of higher generating costs but for the mega-profits that he handed over to the power producers. He compensates for his mediocre talents and accomplishments and total lack of ethics with his illusion of self-importance. He should be in jail actually for malversing with the P7Billion share of the military in the sale of Fort Bonifacio, These are all that one really needs to know about this Kenkoy. Let him blabber away all he wants, for the more he talks the better will the people see through this hollow man.

    25. no matter what these cults do-let us pray to the GOD of TRUTH that HE will expose these people who do not really care for our country but look out for their selfish ends!!!

    26. Thank you Mr. Bobbi Tiglao! Mabuhay ka! Expose more of KULTONG DILAW and FVR’s HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS please…

    27. Thank you Mr. Tiglao. Finally, we will slowly unmask the real Fidel Ramos, a liar, a propagandist and the High Priest of the Yellow Cult!!

    28. Your obsession against the Yellow Cult is no different than the obsession of Duterte against De Lima.

      In the same manner that Duterte has relegated to the background the guilty Generals who actually had more power and resources than De Lima to protect and connive with the Drug Lords, you have also relegated to the background the hurt feelings of the victims of Martial Law who do not belong to the Yellow Cult.

      I am not a yellow. I am not pro Cory. She jeopardized genuine land reform because of hacienda Luisita. I am not pro Noynoy. He was vindictive from day one to the last days of his administration. And for that matter, hindi rin ako pro Duterte. Hindi ako bastos.

      Please consider the feelings of all Filipinos.

      • If so, then what are you? It’s just that payback time has come. When De Lima was the chief of DOJ, she started the endless persecution of Duterte up to the last EJK hearing in the Senate which the found inexistent, and De Lima is already a senator. Now that it’s Duterte’s turn to persecute De Lima with overwhelming evidences, you categorize it as obsession. Something’s wrong with you, Mate.

    29. Is it not possible that FVR (as head ot the PC and VERY HEALTHY then) was the TRUE RESPONSIBLE of all the accusations of ATROCITIES thrown against former Pres. F. E. Marcos ? … and when FVR have learned that Pres. FEM was about to sack him for his wrong doings… he joined the EDSA to SAVE HIS OWN SKIN and NOT TO ATONE for HIS SINS ???

      • Ramos claims that what he did in EDSA was his atonement for the atrocities he had done during the Martial Law years. The sad part is, some people accepted it without any second thought and just blamed it all to Marcos. So Marcos became a scape goat, a fall guy and a sacrificial lamb. Well, God is not sleeping, nor unjust. Ramos’ time to pay will come and it is coming soon….

    30. I would not protest Fidel Ramos’ future burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, for as long as he is laid to rest in a historically accurate manner as a Marcos hater and a Cory Aquino faithful – next to, and accorded the same military honors as, Cory Aquino’s loyal German shepherd.

    31. The Great Defiant on

      Tabako your time has come and gone…
      Just like Leni you’re fake and failed president….

    32. Amb. Tiglao thank you for enlightening us about the double face Ramos, I hope Pres. Duterte should not listen to this old insane guy, i did not even noticed that he become a president a wasted time for the good of our country, he is not ashame that he is a relative of Marcos and yet he is against his burial very crook and unchristian indeed. I think his brain is in his ass.

    33. Well said, Mr. Tiglao! Burned ka ngayon, Mr. Tabako! He must have a lapse in memory, partial amnesia?
      Thank you Mr. Tiglao!

    34. Well, everybody may just have to understand the underlying cause of the rantings of a feeble mind. We Ilocanos call it “apal” – a deep seated feeling of jealousy. Fidel has always aspired to be appointed as Chief of Staff which he feels gives him the entitlement to the post having the bragging right of having graduated from West Point. But Mr. Marcos perceived him to have a procratinating mind, the lack of decisive thinking at critical periods. Likewise, Andy didn’t fully trusted Fidel. Never appointed as Chief of Staff of the AFP, he kept that shame, loss and hurt to himself all those years until he found an opportunity to exact his revenge,

      But the biggest fraud that should be investigated is the sale of Ft. Bonifacio. The property was a donation and a condition of the donation is such that the property is reverted back to the owner in case the donee finds no use for it anymore. Hence, for Fidel to sell something that can never be sold is the mother of all scams and something that should be fully investigated.

      In fact, that guy IS so used to scams that he even tried to appropriate certain assets for himself which assets have been reserved for the Philippines, a scam that caused the Swiss to have him incarcerated – together with the relation of beneegno’s sugar mama.

    35. I bind by what spirit this old man operates with all its cohorts in the Name of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. That their schemes and plans will all fall to the ground. That their folly be returned to them. But blessing and protection be upon the anointed leaders God raised, raising and will raise in these times to lift our land the Philippines, to bring change progress and prosperity in our land. Wisdom, righteousness, integrity of heart be upon our leaders. In Jesus Name!

    36. Thank you for refreshing the memories of those who have forgotten and telling the truth to those who don’t know.

    37. Sir, have you read the book “Notes on the New Society of the Philippines”
      by Pres. Ferdinand E. Marcos?
      This is to suffice to all what you have written.

    38. The yellow cult is using Marcos burial to execute plan B which is to overthrow the present government and install Leni. You will notice how the media is working on the telenovela. I was informed that again the poor community near our place are being offered money and food to join the rally this friday. I hope these souls will realize the futility of the evil yellows plan because if the said rally becomes violent and unruly, it will be late for them to realize that after all Duterte is different from Marcos when it comes to tolerating this divisive situation. Thank you Mr. Tiglao for another great analysis.

    39. Maribel A. Calanda on

      Infidel Ramos ( as the late Senator Miriam would call him) is a traitor to the eyes of many. How many Marcos loyalists are there? They number in millions and to all of them Infidel Ramos is a traitor and an opportunist. Even to non loyalists they see the man as Judas Iscariot. He is a disciple who turned his back against his master, Marcos. He is not the high priest of the Yellow cult. He is Judas Iscariot incarnate! 30 long years of the Yellows and you will find him chide every president he does not like. Erap is not a yellow but his remaining years in power were usurped by the yellow GMA. FVR reprimanded the generals who would not toe his line to withdraw support to ERAP. He influenced the generals and in connivance with Cory and the hypocrite yellow Cardinal Sin, Ramos again became a Judas Iscariot to the Filipino people. This senile has no qualms dividing the people and the country. He had tantrums when PDigong apparently did not heed his advice regarding China. Now, he is seen as always chiding PDigong in all Duterte’s actuations. FVR’s tirade against Imelda Marcos, demanding apology because he said and I quote ” The matriach should apologize because she knew everything”. Isn’t that a bullshit. How would the former First Lady knew every arrest and detention of students-activists and members of NPA? Is Infidel Ramos reporting to her? From what authority does he act to demand a probe to the Marcos burial and the AFP and the PNP? He has no mandate at all. Does he really think he command the respect of these people when you are antagonizing the military generals and police generals? Shut up FVR and probe your own self. When will you apologize to the Filipino people. You are responsible for what the country has turned into. We are now a narco-state and the horrifying figures of the illegal drug abuse victims are enormous, 3,700,000.00 at that and those involved are generals. The incompetence, indifference and arrogance of the Yellowtard Pnoy and his entire Yellow cults had made it happened. You should apologize to the nation for the destruction of too many lives of our countrymen. You said you are loyal to the 101 million Filipinos, really? Then, what did you do to stop the illegal drug trade in the country? Why don’t you run after Pnoy and his cohorts. Why dont you call for a probe? Now that President Duterte is fixing the country. What we hear from you are all criticisms of him. I think you envy his position because he is well loved by the people just like Filipinos love Marcos, Erap and Duterte. You are even dislike in your own town in Asingan. Marcos is long gone and still he has a multitude of followers. You can’t say the same for yourself. You are a Judas Iscariot to many of us.

    40. During Martial Law years it was Sec. Enrile who became active in weeding out undesirable AFP & PC personnel. Ramos was always silent in one corner. The Phil Constabulary was the most abusive wing of the AFP, because of their police power vested on them. They “PC personnel” are even cursed by their comrade in arms in the AFP. There were occasions of firefight between them. I remember those days when those graduating in the PMA were asked what branch of AFP they would like to go; almost 90% of them love to be in the Constabulary for mere reason, it is the easiest way to corner wealth. If you know some retired AFP officers and a graduate of the PMA, ask this question in an honest to goodness and he will tell you it is absolutely right.

    41. The die is cast. His vociferousness on the topic trapped Pres Fidel Ramos. Before, everybody was silent about the slyness of Pres Ramos. Perhaps because he played so well in cutting deals with the military on the subject of what everybody is now gradually discovering. All of a sudden, when his penchant to act as an adviser has been overdone the wild cats escaped from the sack. Now he is named the high priest of the yellow cult in addition to being the altar knight of Tito Sam.

    42. Very good analysis. Thank you very much. I wondered all this years why Ramos a cousin of Marcos went against him. My life Elementary to College was Martial Years so I know how Martial Law days looks like it was not that bad as described by media or those against Marcos. I always believe God is control of things and I hope Pinoys in the near future will have leaders that have malasakit for the country and people. Many times Pinoy leaders have run for office just to protected their vested interest– so sad. I have watched a lot of leaders that want media mileage are those leaders who are protecting something. Hopefully someday we have leaders that really have malasakit.

      • We have them now. Led by President Duterte and Gen. Bato. I bet you, they are the ones you’ve been waiting for.

    43. ramos was not as intense during the mamasapano massacre as it is with the marcos burial. surprisingly, he was not very vocal against the misadministration of pnoy but is now meddling with duterte. i dont think his presence at edsa was his “atonement” for his role during martial law. it is more of saving his skin and kowtowing to his american handlers. ramos is very shrewd politician.

    44. thank you for your enlightening piece. you’re right – ramos is an expert in this power game. and, yes, it must have been his plan b to continue to his influence. pleased to know that it backfired.

      • In God’s rightful time Ramos will get his punishment.He never did anything good for our country,instead he divided us.And worst of it all this much travelled president sold all the prominent properties by way of BCDA which he created.Shame on that TABAKO man.He is evil.

      • There is no backfire yet Nicky. FVR has yet to do his final bugle. The signs are already there. He is now trumpeting his disgust with PRRD on many issues. As you are right Ramos is an expert in this power game he will need a mass base to support him in case he decides to move..to do it again the way he did to Marcos when he defected to the yellows. He will be needing again the yellows since his presumed influence in the armed forces of the Philippines can never be repeated again if there is no support from a significant mass base which only the yellows can provide.

        But if it happens again this time it will be bloody.. American arms versus Russian/Chinese arms.
        I just hope PRRD is always one step ahead. FVR to realize that one defection was enough…for him..




      • He should be investigated for cheating M Santiago, let us remind Mr Ramos that he didnt win the election against the Great M Santiago. the original perpetrator of Dagdag bawas

    46. Duterte should just ignore Ramos. There is no reason to give importance to tis guy – and his percieved inlfuence in the military. Although he admired Ramos, but it is time to stand on his own merits, or he will be saddled with this old man.