• G7 hits China’s tacks in sea row



    MESSAGE SENT Protesters holding a picket-rally at the Chinese Embassy in Makati City on Friday want China out of the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea), citing Beijing’s reclamation activities in various Philippine reefs there. They may have found support from G7 foreign ministers who late this week told China not to  “change the status quo and increase tensions” in the region’s vital waterway. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

    MESSAGE SENT Protesters holding a picket-rally at the Chinese Embassy in Makati City on Friday want China out of the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea), citing Beijing’s reclamation activities in various Philippine reefs there. They may have found support from G7 foreign ministers who late this week told China not to “change the status quo and increase tensions” in the region’s vital waterway. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

    The G7 Foreign Ministers’ Declaration on Maritime Security has lashed at China’s “unilateral actions, such as large-scale reclamation[s]” in the West Philippine Sea (South China Sea) that are carried out with apparent aggression.

    In its April 15 declaration, the G7 or Group of 7–Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States—said it continues to observe the situation in the East China Sea and the South China Sea.

    It expressed  particular concern about Beijing’s  supposedly one-sided moves, which “change the status quo and increase  increase tensions.”

    “We strongly oppose any attempt to assert territorial or maritime claims through the use of intimidation, coercion or force,” the declaration said.

    It pushed for amicable resolution of territorial rows in contested waters.

    “We call on all states to pursue the peaceful management or settlement of maritime disputes in accordance with international law, including through internationally recognized legal dispute settlement mechanisms, and to fully implement any decisions rendered by the relevant courts and tribunals which are binding on them,” according to the declaration.

    The Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Taiwan and China have competing claims in the South China Sea while Japan and China have territorial disputes over small uninhabited islands in the East China Sea.

    The Philippines, in January 2013,  filed an arbitration case against Beijing’s excessive nine-dash line claim before the UN-backed International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea (Itlos).

    China refused to participate in the arbitration, which has no implementing mechanism.
    But the Philippines said China must prove its status as a global power by following the UN decision.

    “We underline the importance of coastal states refraining from unilateral actions that cause permanent physical change to the marine environment in areas pending final delimitation,” the G7 declaration, issued in Lubeck, Germany, stated.

    It also expressed its support for full and effective implementation of the Declaration of Conduct (DOC), as well as an “acceleration of work” on a comprehensive Code of Conduct (COC), in the South China Sea.

    The Philippines’ Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), in a statement, on Friday said the G7 Foreign Ministers’ Declaration on Maritime Security highlighted the international community’s commitment to uphold principles of international law, particularly the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (Unclos), which was the foundation of Manila’s claims in the resource-rich waters.

    The Unclos, according to the department, underpins “the stable maritime code that serves
    our common interests.”

    “The Philippines reiterates its call for a stop to unilateral actions that violate the 2002 Asean-China Declaration on the Conduct of Parties in the South China Sea and international law,” the DFA statement said.

    “Such actions undermine efforts to pursue the peaceful, rules-based resolution of the disputes in the South China Sea and to promote regional stability,” it added.


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    1. Braincleaner on

      To those boycotting Chineses products. Please be true to yourselves. Stop using your cars and taking public transport because it runs on Chinese materials even if it carries a European and US brands, or more specially Korean, Japanese, or what have you. Stop buying from auto supply stores. Turn off your lights at home, including your aircons, and electric fans. Stop using your TV sets, radios, stereos, washing machines, or refrigerators. More so your computers and cell phones. Never answer your landline phones for Christ sakes! I can go on and on..And please when your family gets out of house please be sure your not wearing anything and walk naked. And lastly, when you are in a flag ceremony, never stand still because you are glorifying a flag that is made in China! Gets!

    2. without due respect to all crocodile politician that voted or sided i should say… to let go of American Base out of the philippines. Where are you now!!! we need you to face off the Chinese Ass!! aggressiveness to the west philippine sea. Where are You Now!!!

    3. Frederick Apolinar on

      For all the ugly plans of China within the Philippine seas, why don’t we start boycotting all Chinese products in our country? I have already stopped buying anything that bears the mark “Made in china”. It may be a small gesture but it sends a message, and we should lead other affected countries against china to follow.

    4. .Casiano Mayor on

      If only people across the world boycott China’s products, Beijing will come to its senses.

    5. China relied so much on its wealth and military strength and has continued its intimidation of the Phil and Vietnam. It has disregarded any etiquette and decorum about international relation and focused only on its greed and selfish motives using harassment and gangster-like tactics to get what she wants. China is definitely more dangerous than Russia during the 1960’s and is without doubt a threat to world peace.

    6. Rosauro Feliciano on

      Japan in the 20th century was absolutely right to contain China’s ambitions of conquering South East Asia. A good example is Vietnam. Both have a communist form of government and yet these two countries are mortal enemies of each other. China wants to rule Vietnam like it does in Tibet, the country of Dalai Lama. But Vietnamese people cannot be bullied around that easily.

    7. Thanks a lot for the support coming from G-7 country . The Timing for the response is what we in Philippines need most. And hopefully they can make other move to prevent China from bulling the Philippines.
      With regard to our President Aquino, I can understand that it really hard to fight a bigger country like China . But please make some move aside from filing cases in international court. So as to prevent China from further taking advantage bec. We haven’t make any physical move to get more attention from the whole world.

      REPLY: And have China kill Filipino soldiers in battle just as China did to Vietnam?

    8. Let’s just hope and pray that G7 will do something about Philippines , Vietnam or Taiwan. One thing for sure this land grabbing is for MILITARY installations of CHINA to dominate Souath East Asia and be the KING of the world. I hope they will also change the name from China sea to Asia sea and watch soon no more land or sea vessel will pass there without their permission. Nasaan na ang mga politiko mayayabang na nagpaalis sa Kano Sa Zambales.

    9. china is already prepared for all the consequences that will happen in the future. americans spoiled this chinese people. dont you know that they were MFN by american goverment esp the Democrats. What is MFN, Most Favored Nation by american government. They brought to China mostly of their technologies, industrial , such as Apple company, and there is a lot, etc. Now, they have formidable military might, their aim is to have territorial expansion esp in the maritime exploration. Aside from , they’ve known that Philippine Military is so weak as well as the President of the Phils., Mr. Pnoy..

    10. Vicente Penetrante on

      Words without action will not compel China to stop its reclamation of the West Philippine Sea reefs.

    11. If China is so sure of its ownership of the contested islands, why is she afraid to go to the UN and answer the Philippine complaints?


      She just wants to intimidate small countries like the Philippines and Vietnam – like a bully who acts according to the Rule of the Jungle – where size, strength and might makes right?

      Is China not yet contented with her large geographical size? She wants to amass more land ? How greedy can she get?

    12. China has not proven and convinced the international community of its 9 dash line excessive territorial claim. However, it continue to develop the areas for internal purpose through bullying and intimidation and conveniently ignore the protests of its small neighbors. China thinks it is big and could do what it wants because its small neighbors do not have the force to stop and control her and obviously disrespect UN which she probably consider as a useless and inutile organization. The G7 declaration is a must for the world to be at peace with each nation respecting the international laws. China either has to respect international laws or earn the ire of peace loving nations and be taught with force to follow the rules. For the meantime, China has to stop bullying and intimidating its neighbors on contested territories until the owner is rightfully determined in accordance with international laws.

    13. How can an aspiring world leader act irresponsibly ! “World Leader?” Come on China. If you don’t follow UNCLOS you should Get the Hell Out of the Earth. Go to Mars or any other planet where you don’t have to abide by the rules of civil people. You can do what you want there. Even your own people don’t believe that you can live in a community of nations. (That’s what my Chinese students say.)

    14. Pete Gabriel on

      Good luck! China will never accept anything that is conciliatory. They are building island for no other than military purpose and dominate and impose its will on all of weak ASEAN nations.

    15. sonny dela cruz on

      The G7 should show a solidarity of military forces in the west Philippine sea. Talk is cheap and action is needed. China will not listen because they think they are a super power militarily. As I’ve said many times, A Chinese General said, I Quote” We are not afraid of the United States, we can go to war with them anytime”. The Communist Chinese government will control the International sea lane in China sea. The US armada will be stop, search and subject for violation of China’s sovereignty. The flow of oil passing through China sea will be stop and curtail the deliveries of oil to the western hemisphere. This will result on the fallout of economic stability throughout the world and may cause very severe economic depression in the United States, deeper than that of 1930’s economic depression. The installation of MISSILES in the Islets must be stop because this will be use against the allied forces as far as the target in Australia. G7 must be inform the consequences that will be brought about this China’s construction and encroachment in the Philippine jurisdiction of 200 miles per international maritime law and their intention to control the air space above China sea. Therefore, China must be STOP.