Gabbi Garcia comes of age

Gabbi Garcia PHOTO FROM  FACEBOOK.COM/gabbigarcia/blufishphotography

Gabbi Garcia
PHOTO FROM FACEBOOK.COM/gabbigarcia/blufishphotography

Details of a grand debut revealed

Encantadia star Gabbi Garcia excitedly revealed the details of her 18th birthday celebration on December 6, which will reflect touches of her popular telefantasya character, Sang’gre Alena.

She revealed at an interview on Thursday she is set to wear three different gowns by high fashion designer Mark Bumgarner, which will carry the colors of Alena in green, gray and gold.

“Even with these touches from Encantadia though, the designs will still be minimalist,” she shared. “Ayaw ko ng masyadong traditional. I’ll also have the usual 18 roses but not strictly going by the rules. I just want to spend a fun night with all the special people in my life.”

Gabbi confirmed that her on-screen partner Ruru Madrid will be her 17th dance as she is specially saving her 18th dance with her dad.

“Of course Ruru will be part of my debut; we’re together almost every day and I won’t deny na may extra care siya sa akin, pero hanggang dun muna.”

It will be remembered that the GMA Artist Center’s teen princess stepped into the limelight as a sweet girl who brought her fresh charm and grace on screen. From portraying teenybopper roles alongside Madrid, she transformed herself into a fierce and sophisticated actress for Encantadia.

In barely three years, she has made a name in the industry by being herself-bubbly and fun, yet sultry and refined.

Grateful for her showbiz success, Garcia is looking forward to celebrating her debut with those who have helped her find her place in the sun, where she shines just as bright.

“I want it to be a night where all my loved ones are present,” she continued. “I’ve always dreamed of having a grand debut but what we’ve put together exceeds my expectations. It’s special because it’s a look back to what I’ve accomplished in the past years, so it’s just right to celebrate it with the special people in my life.

Garcia’s 18th birthday #SincerelyGabbi will be shown at a later date on GMA Network.


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