Gabbi Garcia is GMA’s big bet for stardom in 2018



PLUS: Glaiza de Castro chooses to remain single in a long time
It seems that there is no way but up for Gabbi Garcia who is said to be one of GMA’s biggest bet for stardom in 2018. As early as now, Gabbi has her hands full with so many projects. She has just been featured in the fashion show of popular fashion designer Mark Bumgarner. This is after she was launched as cover girl for a glossy fashion magazine.

It’s not only in the world of fashion where Gabbi’s star is shining bright. She has also embarked on a singing career. She has already released her self-produced single, a dream come true for her. She even went to unfamiliar places in Hongkong to shoot her music video.

For the first time too, Gabbi is shooting a movie for the Metro Manila Film Festival called “Meant To Beh” with no other than Vic Sotto and Dawn Zulueta.

“I enjoy doing the film because all my co-stars are very nice. Si Bossing sobrang mabait sa amin. He is so down to earth,” Gabi quipped.

Her other co-stars are Ruru Madrid, Andrea Torres, Daniel Matsunaga and the very cute darling Baeby Baste of “Eat Bulaga” with whom Gabbi is so fond of.

Gabbi Garcia

“Nakakatuwa si Baeby Baste, sobrang cute. Madalas kami magkasama sa set. Sabi niya girlfriend niya raw ako,” Gabbi said smiling.

With her tight schedule at the moment, Gabbi has no time to start a new series which her home network GMA understands. She has been told that her new project won’t be until next year. But is it true that Ruru will no longer her love team? From what Showbuzz learned, there are plans for her to be paired with another leading man.

* * *

There had not been news lately about Glaiza de Castro being pursued or dated by a guy. She was last linked to Benjamin Alves but that was ages ago. Ben is now open about his feelings for girlfriend Julie Ann San Jose while Glaiza remains certified single.

Unlike other women her age who are already committed to their partners, Glaiza says she is still in search for the right man. She swears she is not seeing anyone and not bothered that no one is pursuing her at the moment.

“I know the [right]man for me will come. I believe that God is preparing someone who is best for me, the right man at the right time, [in]God’s perfect time,” Glaiza told Showbuzz after wrapping up her “Kung(di)man” concert at the Music Museum last week.

A lot of guys pursued her and there were those whom she really liked, going out on dates with them. She had relationship with some albeit cautiously because she would not go deeper into intimacy—not because she plays prude but it is just simply against her belief of remaining pure until she is married.

“I don’t want to judge other people but that’s my belief. Isn’t it beautiful to preserve your purity and have it as gift to your husband? Call me old fashioned but that’s me, that’s how I see it,” she explained.

Instead of sulking over the fact that no one is courting her, Glaiza is channeling her effort and energy into her singing career. She performed to a full-packed venue like the first time she performed there. Members of the audience came from as far as Bicol. There were also fans from the United Kingdom who timed their Philippine vacation on the date of her concert.

As expected, Glaiza gave a very impressive performance from the opening number where she accompanied herself with a guitar, to her number with guests Gloc 9 and Pinoy rock icon Mike Hanopol. Like a seasoned performer, Glaiza once again displayed her musical talent. The audience was particularly thrilled when the Kapuso performer went down and gave them the chance to have selfies with her while singing.

Glaiza’s energy remained high even after the concert. Her only complaint was she was so hungry. While eating, she could not help but express her happiness over the success of the concert, so inspired that she was already conceptualizing her next gig.

“As early as now, I already know what I want for my next concert. I’m so excited about the concept I have in my mind. Next year pa naman yun,” she enthused.

She’s now in the thick of promoting her new album. Titled “Magandang Simulain,” it contains both original songs and covers that became popular in the ’70s and ’80s, which, by the way, is doing so well in sales both in record stores and online.

Beginning first quarter of 2018, the pretty actress-singer will start taping for a new teleserye. She has done some look test with her prospective leading men. Showbuzz already knows who has been chosen but the only clue we can give right now is that he is a goodlooking hunk and has not worked with her on a series yet.

Since Glaiza won’t be busy until early next year, she has decided to go on vacation. Her first stop will be Boracay. It’s been years since the last time she visited the island paradise so she booked herself for a week’s vacation in Bora. She will plan her next local trip from there.

* * *

Spectacular is an understatement to describe the presentation of the recently staged Bb. Cebu. It was an awesome sight from the opening to the end of the show. And the stage design was just superb.Showbuzz was informed that it was the world-renowned designer Kenneth Cobonpue who did it.

Bb. Cebu April Smith from Badian

It was the first Bb. Cebu and with that kind of presentation, it can be said that they have set the bar higher for pageant production. The opening was very impressive. It’s like watching an international pageant as the 54 candidates, wearing their little black dress by A-list fashion designer Cary Santiago, danced and sang as they were presented.

The candidates proved that they are not only beautiful but intelligent as well. They showed it as they were interviewed by hosts Edu and Luis Manzano with former Miss Earth Karla Henry.

Eventually, Apriel Smith of the municipality of Badian was crowned Bb. Cebu. Also crowned were Samantha Lo of Asturias as Bb. Cebu Tourism and Maria Gigantes of Bantayan as Bb. Cebu Charity. Ingrid Montescarlos and Kathleen Mendio were proclaimed first and second runners-up respectively.

Congratulations to the Sacred Heart School For Boys Batch 85 who spearheaded and mounted the impressive pageant.

* * *

SHORTS… Former loveteam Barbie Forteza and Derrick Monasterio will be reunited in a project. Showbuzz is not allowed to reveal the kind of project that

they will be doing but their fans will surely rejoice for their reunion onscreen. They have been clamoring for it and they are getting it. The two Kapuso stars are going to a city down south for the project

…Reigning Miss Earth Katherine Espin is rumored to be pursued by Diether Ocampo. Showbuzz chanced upon her at the Miss Earth 2017 press presentation and when asked if Diether is really courting her, the Ecuadorian beauty queen smiled and gave a short answer. “He likes me but I don’t like him,” Kate quipped.


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