• Gadgets for you this Christmas


    After giving cash or goods ñ or simply reaching out as a volunteer to repack donated items – for the relief needed by the survivors of supertyphoon Yolanda, pat yourself on the back for your selfless deed.

    And in the spirit of Christmas, which is only 15 days away, reward yourself a gadget that would probably make you feel good, even for a short while, in these trying times. To make a story short, hereís some of those gadgets you may want to check out this holiday season:

    PlayStation 4
    The new generation console from Sony that promises more immersive game play with hundreds of new gaming titles and an even ìdeeperî connection with the gaming community. Itís a PlayStation. How can you be wrong with that? Game on!

    nintendo20131209Nintendo 2DS
    And speaking of gaming: if the Nintendo 3DS is not your cup of tea in portable gaming, then the 2DS might do the trick. The 2DS is still part of the 3DS family minus the 3D viewing. Much cheaper too.

    Apple iPhone 5S
    Now, what can we say about the iPhone that hasnít been said before? Well, if youíre going to buy an iPhone this season, make it a 5S.

    Unfortunately, the Gold version is a bestseller, so stocks may be limited.

    nokia20131209Nokia Lumia 1020
    Hereís one of the reasons why digicams are now losing steam in the current consumer space: Lumia 1020. A 41-megapixel Windows Phone device with an available camera handgrip for additional photo/video shooting controls. The add-on accessory even acts as a power bank. Oh, did we mention it can actually make phone calls?

    Devant flat-screen TV
    LCD TVs are todayís bestsellers. Maybe itís also the right time to buy the big screens. We have no particular model in mind from Devant, but if youíre going to get one, we suggest you go for the 40-inch and above models. The 55-inch Smart TV Devants are quite affordable now.

    With free bundles too. You wonít regret it. Promise.

    sony20131209Sony Cyber-shot DSC-HX50V
    Seriously, whoís still buying a digital camera nowadays? Yup. A big question indeed. Smartphones with capable cameras are now eating the digicam market big time, particularly in the low-end, entry-level segment. But this Sony Cyber-shot, with its excellent photo and video quality, is something hard to pass.

    Apple iPad mini
    Now even better with Retina Display and larger storage, the iPad Mini is still the best 7-inch tablet available right now. ëNuff said.

    dell20131209Dell Latitude 10
    A business class tablet for business people. In the world of ìInternet of thingsî and ìBring your own device (BYODî), the Latitude 10 is probably what the corporate world is waiting for.

    Lenovo Yoga Tablet
    A versatile Windows 8-powered PC tablet with long battery life in an affordable package. The device is surely a Windows userís dream


    Motorola Moto Gmotorola-moto_g20131209
    If the price is right, the Android-powered Moto G may well be the best budget Android smartphone stamped with a well-known brand.

    Unfortunately, itís available only in the grey market.


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