• Garapal: Abad’s DAP loot for Batanes


    Apologies to my readers who don’t like the use of street lingo, but that was the Filipino word that immediately entered my mind when I read yesterday that Budget Secretary Florencio Abad’s home province of Batanes, his fiefdom, got P133 million from the unconstitutional Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

    That made Batanes the third biggest recipient of DAP funds among political districts, after Mandaluyong City, which got P203 million, and Cavite’s first district, P186 million. Both districts have congressmen who are Liberal Party stalwarts. That’s according to the report published yesterday in this newspaper by the respected Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, based on budget department documents.

    I think garapal–which I would translate as “astonishingly, blatantly greedy”–would be the precise word. I’m reminded of a slogan I’m sure Abad was fond of in his anti-Marcos youth: “Sobra na, tama na.” (“This is too much. Enough!”)

    Abad is not only the architect of the DAP, which, he has been insisting was done to stimulate the economy. He also implemented the DAP, and really had more say than President Aquino as to who got the DAP money, and how much.

    And he gave P133 million to his home province, the tiniest in the country with a population of a purported 16,403 souls. The PCIJ’s figure surprised me as the data I had based only on the “Detailed List of DAP Projects” released by the budget department showed a much smaller amount of P11 million that miniscule Batanes received.
    The PCIJ had more detailed documents and my figure referred only to DAP funds received right before the May 13, 2013 elections, with barangays given P100,000 each, quite obviously in one way or another, to buy their votes. (See “Aquino and Abad used DAP funds for 2013 elections”, July 28, 2014.)

    I said “purported” population, since at least a third of those residents actually spend most of their time in Manila (like Abad and his family), away from that typhoon-battered, mostly isolated island, so that it has only about 6,000 registered voters, including Abad and his family.

    Abad should have just distributed the money to the ATM accounts of the constituents of his wife, Congresswoman Heredia Abad, and each one would have had P11,533 in savings accounts, which they could have used as seed money for their pension plans.

    I hope Abad can explain to the nation – the prostituted Senate, of course, would believe and applaud him – how giving P133 million to Batanes for such projects as “greening and beautification programs” and “integrating Ivatan living culture to the school curriculum” contributed to stimulating the economy, supposedly the reason why DAP was undertaken (Ivatan is the term for natives of the island).

    A joke in Marcos’ bureaucracy attributed to his Prime Minister Cesar Virata went like this: “If we count all the infrastructure money we’ve given to Mindanao, that entire place should be a cemented parking lot now.” That joke, budget department sources say, now applies to Batanes with the pork-barrel funds it has received.

    But looking at the pork-barrel funds (officially the Priority Development Assistance Funds, or PDAF) Abad and his wife have been getting under President Aquino, it isn’t at all surprising that the budget secretary won’t be left out in the distribution of the DAP he invented. (See table.)

    From 2010 to 2013, the period covered by the unconstitutional DAP, Batanes received P192 million in pork barrel funds, approximately the same amount as that given to each of the provinces with populations a hundred times bigger than Abad’s kingdom in the north, such as for instance, Leyte and Quezon each with about 1.6 million people.

    How unjust is that? Is that good governance?

    Batanes is one of the relatively well-off provinces, with only 18 percent of families poor in 2012, a bit better than the national average of 20 percent. Yet, it received pork barrel funds nearly as big as provinces with larger populations and the highest poverty incidences such as Apayao, Lanao del Sur, and Maguindanao. (See table.)

    pcij120140808In per capita terms, or the pork barrel fund per province divided among its population, Batanes received P11,533, seven times that of Apayao, and 52 times that of each of Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao, more than half of whose populations are poor.

    And Abad, his fans say, is a crusading reformist?

    However, even the massive pork barrel funds thrown into Batanes province didn’t seem to help the poor in the diminutive province. Poverty incidence there, in fact, worsened from 14 percent in 2004 to 17 percent in 2009, to the last estimate of 18 percent.

    A simplistic explanation would be that the poor never got to taste those funds.

    But where did it go? I’m tired of hearing small minds say that Abad is a saint who wouldn’t touch the people’s money, and that they “know him.” Who is the architect of DAP and why can’t the so-called “Mr. Clean” account for all the DAP funds? Why did Abad give such a big share of the loot to his tiny home province instead of the larger, more needy provinces?

    The yellow believers’ former mantra was accountability. Why is it that this big virtuous word applies to everyone except to “Saint Abad?”

    FB: Rigoberto D. Tiglao


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    1. Crisologo Ramasasa on

      If Abad is guilty of his DAP/PDAP’s management, then he must be liable to answer to the people not only in Batanes but the entire country.

    2. CARIDAD K, SISON on

      I abhor reading the word “SAVINGS” in any related topics for DAP because of the misuse of the term.Any unused funds for an unfinished projects is not savings but a mere UNOBLIGATED ALLOTMENTS.The recent practice of DBM to release huge funds and then put an expiry date on its usage 0f 2 years Is deliberately done to create a scenario of a huge savings that they obliged themselves to re issue to others purportedly to accelarete economy. IN summary the mechanics they thus developed to perpetrate their evil design are :1) to put expiry dates on allotments 2) to consider all unused funds of all unfinished projects as savings 3) to release the so called savings to the politicians INSTEAD to implementing agencies. .These funds were already APPROPRIATED under the General Appropriations Act and MUST not be appropriated for purposes other than for which these were released. IN EFFECT Abad is guilty of MISAPPROPRIATIONS OF FUNDS AND IS TANTAMOUNT TO MALVERSATION

    3. mahusay ang pag ka sulat nito ni mr. tiglao.

      bakit hindi mo rin isulat yong nangyari sa NBN ZTE, Hello Garci at yong fertilizer scam, sa palagay ko ay may mga nalalaman ka tungkol doon. yong malampaya fund pa.

      sa parte naman ng DAP, dapat ma imbestiga kung ang pera ay ibinulsa, at doon tayo mag umpisa ng batikos. ibilanggo ang dapat ibilanggo.

      T Y

      • Good comments….Why not investigate both sides? I believe there are much more unaccounted money when GMA and company were in power…

    4. Yong mga Pilipino na nasa politika pagnanalo sa eleksyon para rin nanalo sa TV program “Kwarta o Bayong”. Seguro na na may pera. Totoo pala na to be in public service, kailangan na may tamang kapital para manalo. Ang laki pala ng pera kailangan pero sabi naman ng kandidato pag nanalo ka mabayaran agad plus sa malaking profit plus power. That’s the reason why ang mga alipores interesado malapit sa presidente due to guaranteed financial gain. Sabi ng mga experienced employee (cashiers, treasurers, financial officers at iba pa) if you are in the position nearer to the Chief Executive and has the financial trust & authority, your only problem is the jealousy of others. Money are already on your vicinity within your reach make use of it. Hoping that the people will change for the good of everybody. What do you think mga kababayans . While we breath we hope.

    5. Nemesio Duran on

      The Bible says that “God works in mysterious ways.” If this is true, then God will work in mysterious ways on Butch Abad and his family.

    6. The most powerful political family in the Philippines today is not the Aquinos. Make a guess.


      Ang panapanahon na sinasabi mo Bads Horlina ay mali. Kapag matino kang tao
      bakit mo tutularan ang panahon ni GMA. Kaya nga siya nakakulong ngayon dahil
      ang sabi nila ay mali ang ginawa niya. Hindi ibig sabihin na kapag nagnakaw ang
      iba ay magnakaw ka na rin. Hanggang ngayon ba ay hinid mo pa alam na ang sabi
      ng Supreme Court ay UNCONSTITUTIONAL ang ginawa niyang kababayan mong
      corrupt na abad. Sa pagsusuri ng Supreme Court, napatunayan na sila ay lumabag
      sa batas. At saka, when they were elected into office, they were duly sworn to
      uphold, defend and implement the laws equally and fairly to every Filipino whether
      it be in Batanes or elsewhere. Naintindihan mo ba yon Badz Horlina?

      • Garapal would be too kind a word for Abad…nakabAbad sa kalokohan, at kawalanghiyahan, one of Aquino’s lapdog will be front and center on judgement day — when he, as one who belongs to the category of powers and principalities account for every penny stolen from the Philippine treasury. There are other titles I can give him, (buwaya) magnanakaw, tulisan, mandarambong, but these are all trivial anyway. He will ride on into the sunset, laughing his merry way to the bank…so if you’re waiting for justice to come, you have a long wait.

    8. Mr. Tiglao,
      There are still much more secrets of the DAP in the GAA’s from 2011 to 2015. I am still in the process of doing the analysis from downloads gathered from the DBM website. A tip: the “savings” which Abad and DBM claim do not tally with the overall savings contained in the National Expenditures Program (NEP) for 2011 to 2015. In the 2014 NEP, DBM does not list any overall savings from past GAAs. The overall savings totals in the NEP are much lower than the P144 billion or P164 billion that Abad quotes. He must have other sources of “savings” other than from the GAAs.

    9. It’s very clear.
      I just hope that in the future they will all pay for all these wickedness they did and doing.

    10. Abad clearly knows how sick pnoy is, he and other conspirators are using this fact to propose bullshit projects that can generate so much cash for their corruption efforts.It is very obvious that the Chinese are benefiting from this set-up because pinoy himself is one-third Chinese and a direct relative of Danding Cojuanco.Indirectly, he is also being used by China to create national economic chaos.Pnoy do not fully understand what he is doing nor he is aware of it’s consequences, Abad is his “Guardian Devil” telling him what to do and what to say.

    11. I agree with GARAPAL at kung may sukdulan pang description kay aBAD, dun parin ako. To make things worst, just like PeNoy, they are pretending to be for good government and purist. Akala mo sila ang savior na dumating sa Phils at sila lang ang makakasalva at mabutung tao sa Phil. Kaya pala hindi mapalabas labas ang listahan kung saan napunta ang DAP funds, nabuking kung saan talaga napunta … sa mga kakampi at kapartido nila. Gaya ng City of San Fernando, Pampanga nung panahon ni Oscar Rodriguez, nabiyayaan din ng DAP na yan at ginamit para bilhin ang boto ng mga taga third district of Pampanga. They belong to the same breed of political animals.

    12. I sincerely believe that the only purpose of this Dap releases was only impeached Corona, the rest is icing on the cake. Pnoy was so vindictive that will will even make our country bankrupt just to get even.

    13. gabriela silang on

      imelda is right all along. “some are smarter than others”! A BAD idea gone awry!

    14. Badz Horlina on

      Dear mr. Tiglao,
      Minsan mgpunta kayo sa Batanes as ordinary citizen, wlang halong pulitika,
      wlang kinikilingan at wag mong isipin si abad. Bisitahin nyo lhat ng sulok. Wag po kayong matakot at wl pong masyadong masasamang tao dun.

      Tama po kayo bakit mo nga naman bibigyan ng mas malaking pondo ang mailiit n probinsya at kakaunting tao kumpara sa iba. Ang pinaka simpleng sagot diyan, pana-panahon lng yn, may naka-upo n taga-Batanes, weather-weather lang. Nung si GMA nakaupo, lunok laway lang tayo kung papaano nya pinopondohan ang probinsya niya. Typical na observation ng pilipino.

      Sa pagka-tanda ko, ngayon lang nakatanggap ang Batanes ng ganyang pondo at pwede nyo naman talagang puntahan at simpleng observation lang po at makikita mo talaga kung saan napunta yung pera at kulang na kulang pa. Mga isla po ito at may mga ports at airports kya malaki maintenance

      Try mo i-compare yng repair ng tulay sa makati na 80M++b yun tpos wla pang 1 week at konting ulan lang bakbak na. Last yr, naka-experience ng cat 4 n bagyo ang batanes pero may narinig ka bang mga angal ang taga-dun compared s international effort s yolanda? My point is kung deserving lang naman ang lugar na makatanggap ng ganyang pondo bakit hindi pa pagbigyan at di naman winawaldas ang pera. Ikumpara mo sa maynila e pagkalakilaki ng pondo ang madumi, magulo, binabaha, maingay name it. Magtatanong ka kung paano ginastos ang pondo.

      Tama dn po kyo na karamihan po ng taga-batanes ay umaalis dun kasi wala pong opportunity dahil matagal na po siyang napapabayaan ng nat’l gov’t kc sbi mo nga maliit at kaunti ang mga tao at mas dpat uunahin ang iba. Yng fishing lng sna kso naunahan tyo ng mga taiwanese kc wlng gamit coast guard dn.

      Ipagpaumanhin mo ang pagka-bias ko dhil isa akong tubong Itbayat, Batanes at masakit para sa akin ang mabasa ang mga ganitong komento pero hindi ako pro-abad. Now here’s my problem. Ako rin po ay anti-pork/DAP pero pro dev’t ako ng Batanes so san kaya kunin…

      • Ok lang din naman talaga kung sa kapaki-pakinabang na proyekto o pasilidad napunta ang mga pondo na yan kasi taong bayan sa batanes ang mabibiyayaan. Kaya lang paano tayo makasisiguro na ang kabuuan ng pondo ay nagamit talaga ng maayos kasi ang COA tila tahimik sa ngayon. Hindi gaya ng dati nung mga taga oposisyon ang nabulgar sa maanomalyang paggamit ng kanilang PDAF. Parang silang mga celebrity na naglabasan sa media para magpa interview. Sana lang magkaroon talaga ng totohanang imbestigasyon dito sa DAP kasi nakakahiya na tayo sa ibang bansa, Baka laman na tayo ng mga pahayagan sa lahat ng sulok ng mundo.

      • Sa akin pong palagay lahat naman ng mamamayan ay sang-ayon sa pag-papaunlad ng ano mang lugar sa atin bansa at pag-suporta ng gobyerno sa mga magandang proyekto para sa mga mamamayan. Ang dapat lang po ay gawin lahat ito sa pamamaraan, sistema at alituntunin na naaayon sa ating saligang batas. Ito po ang naging problema sa DAP na hindi sang-ayon sa saligang batas. The end will never justify the means. Mayroon pong itinalaga sa saligang batas na tamang pamamaraan para mapondohan ang mga proyektong sa palagay ng mga namumuno o mamamayan ng alin mang lugar sa bansa ay maganda at magpapaunlad sa kabuhayan. Isa po rito ay ang General Appropriations Act. Sa ganito pong paraan makukuha ng Batanes at ano mang bayan sa pamamagitan ng kanilang namumuno na idulog sa kongreso ang pondo para sa kanilang mga proyekto. Ang kailangan po ay pagbabago ng bulok na Sistema. Hanggat di naayos ang Sistema hindi na makakamtan ang tunay at tamang pagbabago.

    15. ikulong kaagad si A-BAD. his lastname is synonymous to the evil one. isama na ang kanyang protector na si BS pnoy. dapat isama sila kay napoles.

    16. Christine tan on

      Relative to its population size vis-a-vis other provinces Batanes got the biggest amount from DAP. “Garapal” is mild to describe Abad. How about GAHAMAN, WALANG HIYA, KAHINDIKHINDIK.

    17. We can cover Abad with his money and you can not even smell his rotting odor.,,or cremate him with the money and collect a perfect ash..Garapal!!!

    18. DatBadMan Sikwatary ( tawag ni Ka Leo) Secxy Florencio “Botcha” aBAD ay nangangamoy na at ito sa apat na sulok ng mundo at gustong gustong amoy-moyin at pisil-pisilin ng mga taga Malascanang, mga ExecuThieves, LegislaThieves, LP’s at ni Pnoy. Mga Kapal Muks, di ba Bayan?

    19. The DAP is pure pork barrel spending and it has nothing to do about improving the Philippines. It was an idea to spend up the spending that was changed to release more pork.

    20. it is not just the ugly and corrupt Abad who is garapal. His boss Pork King Abnoy, the one who approves of the DAP dole-outs to reward his porkers/allies in Congress, is the most garapal. These twin abusers of taxpayers’ money should be held accountable for their crimes against the Filipino people.


      Mr. Tiglao, you are very correct in using the word garapal. Talaga naman makapal
      talaga ang mukha niyang abad na yan. Iba na talaga ang anak ng Diyos. Imagine
      there are also 11 abad’s in government and this corrupt president says its not

    22. may kasabihan. na kung magnanakaw ka, lakihan mo na. tutal nagnakaw ka na rin lang naman. at least kung mahuli ka, sulit na sa ninakaw mo. ano pa at naging abogado si abad if hindi niya alam yun. te kung economist siya, we’ll he ask congress to clarify “savings” before congress? of course not. pero since alter ego siya ni Pnoy, ang labas eh, napagutusan lang siya.ang daming kawatan sa gobyerno. lantaran. bukas ang mga mata ng tao, ninanakawan nila. nakakahiya tayo sa mundo.

    23. efren najito on

      Ayos lang Tiglao ang mga pahayag mo, kahit gusto ko Admenistrasyong ito ay sa iyo ko hinihugot kung nasaan ang tama at maling pagsang-ayon sa mga ginagawa ng adm. ito, Alam ko ko maraming masasaktan na maka Pinoy pero ang katutuhanan ay lumalabas ng dahil sa iyong pagsasaliksik at sa pamamaraang iyan, diyan ko napapatunayan at napapagtibay ang administrasyong ito na napakabuti at kahanga-hanga, kung ano man ang behind this about ABAD, i hope someday BATANES would be one of the be tourist spot in the Philippines, yan ang secret nyan kung lumaki man ang sa kanya, research ka pa baka kulang ang nalalaman mo, Kasi ang balita mo, sasama ang loob ng kababayan natin kapag bitin ang balita, ibig sabihin magiging makasarili ka rin dahil mabebenta ang issue mo èh masama ang loob ng taong bayan, di ba dapat parehas ang mga mamamahayag lalo na para sa ikabubuti ng bansa at mabuting pamamahala.

      • Badz Horlina on

        my comment is awaiting moderation pa..di ko alam kung makalusot pero opinyon ng isang ivatan

    24. Hindi ka dapat humingi ng paumanhin sa mga nagsasabi na ang GARAPAL ay salitang kalye. Para sa aming Tagalog, ang salitang GARAPAL ay ginagamit na nang lahat bago pa ako magaral. Iba ang tunog(dating)at kahulugan ng salitang yaon sa Ingles dahil wala sa Ingles yan. Ganoon pa man, kahangahanga ang pagpuna mo sa nangyayaring pandarambong ng Malacanang sa kaban ng bayan.
      Yaon nga palang mga pumuna sa sa salitang GARAPAL, alam ba nila kung ano sa tagalog ang ‘orange with straw(softdrinks)? The

    25. I should pack and go to Batanes right now to avail of the loot the Abad’s had distributed in this tiny island in the north. My oh my. Kalyo na nasa mukha ng mga tao sa Malacanang!

      • But you cannot get the funds that deposited in A-BAD and A-BAD’s cohorts’ bank. Remember that the poor in Batanes stayed poor or poorer?
        A-BAD will have to be transparent and accountable to the SENATE, CONGRESS.

      • I think B..l Sh.t Aquino is seeing his end coming. That is why he and his sisters are courting Binay to save the skin of PNoy after his term. As you said they will die in disgrace.

    26. P. Akialamiro on

      No wonder at all, those with yellow fever in Malacanang and the ‘prostituted’ Congress clamor for a second term for Pres. BS Aquino. When that happens, against all odds, there should be no complaints at all. I mean at all, because the Filipino people deserved it!

    27. dennis robles on

      si ABAD , akala mo nong demontrasyon laban kay marcos, taas ang mga kamay nya at sabay sigaw na ibagsak si marcos.. pati a loob ng simbahan sa may UP teacers village, palaging nakataas ang mga kamay na laban sa mga tao sa malakanyang.

      ngayon, siya ang pinaDEMONYO sa malakanyang…magnanakaw at sinungalig..mahiya ka ABAD sa mga kababayn mo at sa mga taga batanes

      • We appreciate your malasakit sa taong bayan through your researches Mr. Tiglao. Taga Visayas po ako at talagang malayo sa Batanes. Tama naman yung isang comment na pana-panahon lang yan.
        Bakit nga ba tayo nag ngingitngit kay Abad lang. Ilang dekada nang GARAPAL ang mga namumuno sa Gobyerno pero wala namang ginawa ang mga nagsasabing makabayan para pagbayarin ang mga nagnakaw noon.
        Ngayong panahon ni Pnoy lang tayo nakakaita at nakaramdan ng true statemanship. Tingin ko ginagawa nman nya ang best nya para mabawi ang deka-dekadang pagkalugmok ng bansa sa kahirapan. Bakit di natin sya bigyan ng chance na patunayan ang sarili nya. The least we can do is suportahan ung mga programa nyang nkakabuti sa bansa. Sana mag-isip na lang tayo positively na gumagawa sya ng kabutihan at gagawin pa nya para ma reverse ang kahirapan. Sana Yong mass consciousness ng mga kapwa natin Filipino ay magshift na for improvement hwag yong super negative na iniisip na lang ay ninanakawan na lng tayong lahat. Gawin natin yong part natin hwag yong panay batikos at pintas na lang wla namang ginagawa para sa bayan. Tignan nyo nga yung mga NGOs na tumutulong sa mga mahihirap. di sila nagmamarcha at bumabatikos kundi gulamagalaw sila para ma alleviate ang kahirapan sa Pilipinas. Yung ang mga tunay na nagmamalasakit sa bayan ang yun ang sinusuportahan ko bilang OFW kasi kusa silang nagbibigay at tumutulong independent of government or kung sino man ang namamahala sa gobyerno. Tularan kaya natin, hmmmm……….