Why Gardo can give Alden a run for his money



PLUS: Marian Rivera soon to open her dream flower shop

Gardo Versoza will play the father of Maine Mendoza in Destined To Be Yours—the first primetime series of the social media sensation and her screen partner Alden Richards. The duo who became a big hit in Eat Bulaga’s kalyeserye is facing their acid test as serious actors in this TV series, which starts airing on February 27 as part of GMA Telebabad.

At show’s press conference on Tuesday night at the grand ballroom of B Hotel in Quezon City, Gardo was asked if he believes there is any romance brewing for AlDub in real life.

The former Seiko Films star said that Maine flashes a different kind of smile whenever he asks her about Alden. Since most of his scenes are with Maine, he often gets the chance to tease her about the leading man. But Maine just smiles and evades answering his questions, giving Gardo there is something blossoming between the two. But of course, Alden and Maine have not admitted anything yet—both are non-committal often saying that they are just naturally fond of each other.

Gardo Versoza

For Gardo, whatever the stature or level of friendship the popular loveteam has, it will surely help to make their upcoming teleserye register well. So far, he sees their acting as spot-on and very real, so much so that Gardo joked if Alden is indeed courting Maine, he ought to do it fast. Because if he were younger he would probably give Alden a run for his money by courting Maine as well!

Kidding aside, he guaranteed the chemistry between Alden and Maine results to positive vibes on the set of Destined To Be Yours.

Marian Rivera knows her appearance on the weekend noontime show Sunday PinaSaya is not enough to whet the appetite of her fans who want to see more of her. Even GMA Network’s bosses are aware of this, and as such met with their “Primetime Queen” to work out a new show for the devoted mother of Letizia.

While she is not at liberty to reveal details about this development, she hinted it’s something she has missed doing when she was still very much on prime time.

“We’re still discussing and conceptualizing the show,” she added. “But I am excited to all the same. We are also in the process of looking for my leading man but everything is pretty much in the planning stage so I really can’t give more details yet.”

Marian Rivera with Dingdong Dantes and daughter Letizia

The 33-year-old wife of Dingdong Dantes disclosed she is enjoying motherhood so much that the thought of leaving her daughter for a few hours for work is difficult.

“What is nice though is that since Dong is almost done taping for Alyas Robinhood, he will soon have time to spend with our daughter. It’s an ideal set-up,” she explained.

Besides her upcoming primetime show, Marian is also preparing for the opening of her specialty flower shop. It has been on her bucket list to have a flower shop and Dingdong surprised her in December with the papers for the business to open soon.

As for their plans of having another baby, Marian said it will probably happen when her new primetime show is done.


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