• Garrie Concepcion relates well to singer’s paternal woes



    LOOKS like Harana Prince Michael Pangilinan is biding his time until his child Ezekiel celebrates his first birthday in mid-December.

    Reportedly, the 21-year-old singer is taking appropriate legal action against Erin Ocampo for depriving him the chance to even see their love child.

    “At my free birthday concert [at the Rajah Sulayman Park in Manila last November 26], I was expecting Ezekiel would show up. If she didn’t want to see me, Erin could have asked someone else to bring our child to the event.”

    Distraught, Michael broke into tears as he couldn’t fathom what went amiss with his agreement with Erin as regards his paternal rights. “I just hope that she’s not using an innocent child to get back at me. Whatever issue Erin and I have should not affect the child more so my relationship with him and vice versa.”

    Having found a new partner after Michael, why can’t Erin simply allow the latter to play dad—and responsible one at that—to Ezekiel? As far as Garrie [the daughter of Grace Ibuna by Gabby Concepcion, and Michael’s current flame]is concerned, she’d love to see father and child engage in bonding moments.

    Talk about something “relatable.”


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