• Gary V on hair growth

    Gary Valenciano

    Gary Valenciano

    “I am so happy that Novuhair came into my life because if not for this bottle, I would look at you and say ‘no mo’ hair’!”

    This was how OPM icon Gary Valenciano began sharing his testimony for newly reformulated natural hair-growing brand Novuhair. He held a roundtable with lifestyle and entertainment reporters in a Makati City restaurant in the hopes of spreading the word about an effective topical solution to address hair loss.

    “It [hair loss]has really been something that I’ve been looking at because it scared me for a while being in an industry where looks matter,” he continued.

    Tracing the beginning of his hair problem, Valenciano recalled that his hair loss started as early as 1984. “When I first started—and I have it on record via video—my hair was really thick, but one time when I bowed my head on TV, there was a spot on my crown. And, yes that was the beginning of my battle with hair loss.”

    Careful with the products he uses on his head since then, his stylist finally convinced him some time in 2015 to give Novuhair a try.

    “He said, ‘Try the one Fanny Seranno uses,” he said, referring to the hair and makeup guru and designer who also swears by the product.

    “I am not the scientist; I am not a doctor. I don’t know how these things work so I just tried it and it worked. I am not ashamed to let people know about this because I know a lot men and women who go through something like as they get older. And that’s really what I wanted to share with you, that I am thankful that there’s this product I can speak boldly about.”


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