Gas these NGOs, please

Tony Lopez

Tony Lopez

Reading the three-inch thick report of the Commission on Audit (COA) on how P115 billion of taxpayers’ money in the form of pork barrel was mainly dissipated during the years 2007 to 2009 will make you puke or throw up and angry with your government.

You feel the anger whenever you ride a dilapidated MRT /LRT train, when you wait up to three hours for a ride back home after 30 minutes of heavy downpour, every time the Chinese insult us and our President BS Aquino because we don’t have the firepower and willingness to defend our territory (the Chinese now either claim or occupy seven of our 7,107 islands), every time a poor boy goes to sleep barefooted and hungry by the sidewalk, every time a child cannot go to school for lack of clothes or means, and in fact, every time you hear or read some anomaly or inadequacy done by government.

At least 23 senators and 334 congressmen received the P115 billion in pork barrel money during 2007 to 2009. The shenanigans and the cavalier but systematic manner they engaged in massive plunder and money laundering in those years betray the kind of legislators and leaders we have in this sun-caressed beloved country.

The COA audited how the P115 billion was spent and wasted. COA could validate or audit only P41 billion or 35 percent of the P115 billion spent. In that 35 percent, anomaly after anomaly marked the transactions.

The Top 10 senators in pork barrel for 2007 to 2009 are: 1. Juan Ponce Enrile, P904.5 million; 2. Edgardo Angara, P862.645 million; 3. Bong Revilla Jr., P853 million; 4. Jinggoy Ejercito Estrada, P825.150 million; 5. Miriam Santiago, P551.850 million; 6. Manuel Lapid, P366.7 million; 7. Alan Peter Cayetano, P351 million; 8. Gregorio Honasan, P348 million; 9. Juan Miguel Zubiri, P316.4 million and 10. Richard Gordon, P246.3 million.

The Top 10 congressmen are: 1.Manuel Zamora, P3,209.1 million (Note: Zamora denies the P3 billion); 2. Prospero Nograles, P604.5 million; 3. Neptali Gonzales II, P395 million; 4. Edcel Lagman, P346.961 million; 5. Philip Pichay, P300 million; 6. Ma. Milagros Magsaysay, P267.751 million; 7. Junie Cua, P248.910 million; 8. Rizalina Seachon-Lanete, P233.55 million; 9. Pedro Pancho, P231.064 million and 10. Alvin Sandoval, P230.950 million

At least 82 non-government organizations (NGOs), including 10 by Janet Lim Napoles were the cohorts of our politicians. The 82 NGOs handled 772 projects for 12 senators and 180 congressmen, involving P6.15 billion.

The Department of Justice should be this time rounding up the officers of these 82 NGOs, raiding and ransacking their offices to collate and consolidate damning evidence that will send the erring senators, congressmen and the rest of the guilty to jail.

“The implementation of 772 projects by the selected 82 NGOs out of funds transferred by 10 implementing agencies (IAs) amounting to P6.156 billion was not proper and highly irregular,” says the COA report. “There were no bases for the selection of suppliers as they did not conduct biddings while substantial transactions and distributions of items purportedly procured were not documented.”

The implementation, COA says, is particularly questionable for the following reasons:

• A number of NGOs, along with their suppliers turned out to be unknown or unlocated at their given addresses, or have given non-existent addresses, or addresses traced to a mere shanty or high-end residential units without any NGO signages and of which, some turned out to be the residences of their owner/officer.

• A number of NGOs and suppliers, which cannot be located at their given addresses, were found to have no permits to operate business or not registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

• A number of NGOs were charging their operating expenses such as salaries and administrative expenses against PDAF.

• A number of these NGOs were incorporated and/or managed or have been managed by the same persons with a number of them connected or have been connected to as many as six NGOs.

• Around P1.531 billion transferred to 55 NGOs remained completely unliquidated as of audit date. On the other hand, almost all of those for which liquidation documents were submitted were found in audit to be deficient or otherwise irregular. These included expenses of P28.605 million for the conduct of three studies which were not at all used.

• An NGO submitted the same list of beneficiaries to two different agencies, and/or list of beneficiaries taken from the published list of board/bar examination passers for various professions.

• A number of suppliers and recipients including the sponsoring legislators denied their participation in the implementation of the purported projects.

• A number of establishments which confirmed their transactions with the selected NGOs issued questionable receipts.

They were either using different Authority to Print (ATP) receipts/invoices purportedly issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) but covering the same series of receipt numbers, or using ATPs and Tax Identification Numbers (TINs) being used by other suppliers. They did not also report such transactions to the concerned LGUs; they declared in their application for renewal of business permits relatively insignificant amounts of gross sales in relation to their transactions with the agencies implementing the projects.

• Six NGOs were incorporated by the legislators themselves or their relatives.

• The same or similar trainings have been repeatedly attended by almost the same beneficiaries and/or conducted in the same barangays. This is neither effective nor realistic.

• Reported but unlocated beneficiaries were oftentimes confirmed by the LGU officials or the Commission on Elections (Comelec) Registrars as non-residents or non-registered voters within their purported residences/districts.

Nineteen NGOs helped themselves with P4.288 billion or 70 percent of the P6.155 billion pork barrel expenditure audited by COA for 2007 to 2009. Sixty-three other NGOs wasted the remaining P1.867 billion or 30 percent.

The 19 NGOs in the scam and the amounts they handled during 2007 to 2009:

1. Social Development Program for Farmers (SDPFF) P585.359 million; 2. Kabuhayan at Kalusugan Alay sa Masa Foundation, Inc. (KKAMFI) P526.67 million; 3. Aaron Foundation P524.9 million; 4. Masaganang Ani Para sa Magsasaka Foundation, Inc. (MAMFI) P477.03 million; 5. Pangkabuhayan Foundation, Inc (Pang-FI) P396.12 million; 6. Farmerbusiness Devt Corp. (FDC) P248.4 million; 7. Countrywide Agri and Rural Economic Development Foundation (Cared) P246.74 million; 8. Dr. Rodolfo A. Ignacio Sr. Foundation, Inc Inc. (DRAISFI) P164.62 million; 9. Masaganang mg Bukirin Foundation, Inc. (MBFI) P163.95 million; 10. Agri & Economic Program for Farmers Foundation (AEPFFI) P145.22 million; 11. Kaloocan Assistance Council (KACI) P133.6 million; 12. ITO Na Movement Foundation (ITO NA MI) P124.86 million; 13. Philippine Social Devt Foundation (PSDFI) P121.6 million; 14. Kagandahan ng Kapaligiran Foundation, Inc. (KKFI) P109 million; 15. Gabay at Pag-asa ng Masa Foundations, Inc. (GMBFI), Gabay sa Magandang Bukas Foundation (GMBFI) and Ikaw at Ako Foundation, Inc. (AFI) P108 million; 16. Kapuso’t Kapamilya Foundation, Inc (KapKFI) P107.54 million; and Agricultura Para sa Magbubukid Foundation, Inc. (APMFI) P104.95 million.


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  1. Rodrigo A Fabreo,Jr. on

    I can’t help but commiserate to our kababayan’s desperation in all aspect of their social life brought about by the insensibilities, the absence of morals, the greed and self-aggrandizement, the corrupt minds and actions of the public officials they keep on returning to office. This current pork barrel scam is the ultimate testament of how brazen and corrupt these breed of politicians in Congress are. The Napoles saga has finally open this clandestine corruption in the political and governmental system for every Filipinos to appreciate and condemn. This will be akin to a national catharsis for it seems that the entire officialdom are involved in varying degrees. If we, the people, are to judge the most guilty in this episode, given what we know now, I reckon the legislators….the haves preying on the have nots, the custodians stealing the money they were sworn to protect…what a national disgrace. They should all be hanged in shame and all the loots (properties and cash) returned back to Juan de la Cruz.

  2. this is indeed very disgusting, we are working hard and before we get our payslip, tax had already been deducted, only to find out that it is being pocketed by politicians and many government officials and these so called NGOs.

    However, on this column of Mr. Lopez, there was already the disclaimer on the pdaf of cong manuel zamore of P3B+, both coa and dbm already admitted their mistake as this amount is incorrect, I hope Mr. Lopez make also the correction

  3. In the beginning the NGOs and people’s organisation (PO’s) were there to augment the govt in providing services to the grassroots levels considering that they are to be non-profit oriented, led by respected pillars of community and free from red-tape.

    They have mutated into piranhas in partnership with the bigger crocs and sharks that thrive in the Batasan and the Palace by the sewer-river Pasig.

    Keep on pouring out the excesses of these alleged leaders of the Philippines until the people wake up from their slumber made worse by hunger and deprivation until they can take it no more and once again break their silence, march to the streets and revamp their useless government.

  4. Basang sisiw na kayong lahat…wala nang maniniwala sa mga “denials” ninyo. With the active social media, “gone are the glorious days” of secrecy and “panlilinlang” sa mga mamamayan.

  5. Your article on how the members of Congress robbed us blind by channelling their pork barrel funds to bogus NGO’s make me want to throw up. On your suggestion of gassing the NGO’s, how about gassing those corrupt politicians instead?

  6. All those politicians during that time 2007-2009 can not washed their hands and claim innocent. Even aquino is part of those rapist, robbers of the nations money intended for the upliftment of poor families. And now in the age of tuwid na daan still the malady continues and unabated. How can these politicians swallowed their steak and caviar with the best wine when the people who are beneficiary of these money they stole eat those pagpag and drink dirty water? Today these politicians even increased their take into a hundred folds. From a few hundred millions during his mother’s time to a hundred billions at the moment.It is even doubled in the 2014 budget. Woe to them who claims to be the bearer of honesty and transparency these days only to be tainted with more loathsome cases of plunder. The time is near. The cyclopes and minions will tear down the tower of power in pasig.