Gastro-heaven in the heart of Ortigas

Tomato & Buffalo Mozzarella Salad, also a new dish in the new menu

Tomato & Buffalo Mozzarella Salad, also a new dish in the new menu

The view, the food and the Tomahawk—a gigantic grilled Angus Bone-In Ribeye—are the three good reasons to wine and dine at Discovery Suite’s 22 Prime.

Located at the 22nd floor of Discovery Suites along ADB Avenue in Pasig City, the specialty steak restaurant offers delectable dishes that combine American contemporary steakhouse, French cooking techniques and local ingredients in one.

On October 16, a handful of guests enjoyed the restaurant’s specialty meals as it launched a la carte selections to add in their already stellar menu options.

Combined talents of Chefs Anthony Raymond and Luis Chikiamco brought 22 Prime’s guests in gastronomic heaven, starting the evening with Oysters Plateau, a tower of oysters freshly caught from Aklan, prepared chilled, baked and served as Rockerfeller.

“We want to create a little more ‘wow’ in launching our new menu, beginning with the oyster tower that leaves an impression on what to expect from us,” said Chef Chikiamco.

Next came the Tomato and Buffalo Mozzarella, also new off their menu, featuring big chunks of fresh mozzarella cheese, three types of tomatoes, garnished with arugula, basil and dressed with aged balsamic.

22 Prime’s Tomahawk, an 850-gram USDA Prime Angus Bone-In Ribeye

22 Prime’s Tomahawk, an 850-gram USDA Prime Angus Bone-In Ribeye

The star of the evening was Prime’s Tomahawk. Called as the “mammoth beast” by Chef Raymond it is an 850-gram USDA Prime Angus Bone-In Ribeye, served with grilled asparagus, tomato parmesan gratin and potato mousseline.

“The Tomahawk is big and it’s definitely not ordinary. It gives our guests a view of what to look forward to when they dine in 22 Prime,” Chef Chikiamco mused.

The dinner ended with a dose of Espresso Pana Cotta, made with white chocolate mousse, candied pistachios and coffee niblets.

What’s new in the menu
Besides the food served for dinner, 22 Prime chefs Chikiamco and Raymond also introduced the other equally delicious dishes included in the new menu.

An array of starters, sandwiches, soups, main entrees and grilled categories fill up the two-page offering.

“The first page of our menu consists of dishes that has ingredients that are seasonal so we change it once every quarter. The second page     is where most of our main dishes are, like the grilled entrees, so it doesn’t change, it’s a staple in our menu choices,” Chef Chikiamco explained.

Other must-tries in their selection are the Lamb Merguez Hoagie served with roasted pepper, onion, melted cheddar and Harissa aioli; Angus Beef Rossini with pan-seared foie gras, sweet potato roesti, baby spinach and black truffle sauce; BBQ Triple Pork Burger, Lobster and Truffle “Mac n Cheese” and Crispy Chilean Seabass, to name a few.

For vegetarians or health-conscious foodies, their salad and seafood options are equally filling. Chikiamco related, “Some of the choices we have for our ‘health section’ are the Center Cut Salmon, Norweigan Salmon, Rainbow Trout and King Prawns, among others. We try to use as much local products as possible to assure its quality and freshness.

“We are also looking into gluten-free products like pasta and bread. We can also customize dishes for vegetarians, although it is not specified in the menu. We need 20 minutes to prepare these dishes, which is still the standard time of serving orders,” he added.

In the coming years, Chefs Chikiamco and Raymond hopes to work with local farmers to be able to utilize and promote locally grown products, but at the moment, they import their meat from the US because local supply does not fit their demands.

Finally, the two chefs shared their philosophy behind their gastronomic dishes: “Simplicity.”


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