Gazmin, Manalo, DND corruption and coup rumors


OUR P1 banner story on Monday (“DND exec chopper deal ‘brains’–Joey”), once again highlighted the mythological nature of de facto PCOS-machine-produced President BS Aquino’s claim that his is a “reform government” and those who criticize him are only out to stop his so-called reform agenda.

The hypocrisy of the so-called “Tuwid na Daan” anti-corruption policy of the Aquino administration has become clearer and clearer every day. This administration’s criminal incompetence, untruthfulness and contempt for the law and regulations were already being exposed even before the revelation, via the January 25 Mamasapano Massacre, of the gruesome criminality of BS Aquino and his obedient and mendacious top security officials and uniformed officers.

In this brazen helicopter-purchase deal, our source “Joey” has named Defense Undersecretary Fernando Manalo as the senior DND official who attempted to rush the delivery of 21 refurbished UH-1 helicopters from a “favored” American bidder by getting the US Air Force into the picture.

Manalo, our reliable source told us, got the US Air Force involved on the pretext that the aircraft will be used for relief and rehabilitation operations in areas devastated by Super Typhoon Yolanda in November 2013. But “Joey” told us that Manalo knew all the while that the US-firm Rice Aircraft Services was going to acquire the helicopters from Germany.

The source added that a notice dated March 25, 2015 clearly shows that eight units were delivered but only seven were actually shipped to the Philippine Air Force. “Joey” said Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin was already working on getting one more helicopter in (“pinapalusot pa ni Gazmin yung isa, kaya eight ang inilagay”) so eight are recorded in the delivery notice even if “seven units pa lang ang na turn over sa PAF” [only seven units have been turned over to the PAF].

“Joey” explained that “Kasi mas maraming units na nabayaran, mas malaki ang commission na masisingil (Because the more units were paid, the bigger the commission),” the source said.

The M113 armored personal carriers anomaly
Another DND anomaly is the decision to purchase 28 M113 armored personnel carriers (APCs) for P880 million instead accepting the US government donation of 114 units of M113.

The 21 M113s bought from Israel, each of which costs at least P31.4 million, are third-hand APCs. They had been used in Belgium, US and Israel.

USec Manalo was interviewed by Times Columnist Erwin Tulfo in his Tele-radyo 5 program. The USec could not justify the DND’s decision to purchase 28 M113 APCs FOR P880 from Israel instead of spending a fraction of that sum on transporting the free 114 APCs from America.

There is a buzz that to save President BS Aquino (and his Cabinet men) from being charged with plunder, criminal negligence and criminal dereliction of duty, and other crimes like malversation, Aquino and his band are organizing a Palace coup. That way BS Aquino can extend his rule. Then he would be able—with the use of the manipulated and illegally set-up Smartmatic-PCOS machines—to get the Constitution amended to suit his purposes. He will have the necessary plebiscite votes approving the amendments win by a landslide and have his allies become the next presidents for God knows how many decades.

A coup like this would require the collaboration with the Aquino Yellow Army of all the branches of our Republic’s military and police.

Will the AFP rank and file obey the orders of DND Secretary Gazmin and USec Manalo to shore up the extended rule of BS Aquino and his chosen politicians?


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  1. The country is facing the test of will, unfortunately, it seems that the days of being idealist of junior officers in the military is at a wane, and do not have the will power anymore to question the integrity of the service for which they took a vow, as protector of the Filipinos and the country as a whole, on its national interest, as aptly said by Tatad in his column – …the Armed Forces of the Philippines, which the Constitution recognizes as the protector of the people and the state…

    These junior officer, blind on their ‘obedience’ to their seniors, do not even try to analyze then to be able to realize that they had just been served to the dogs by the very person whom they consider as their elders. Too bad, for in their myopics ideals they can only leave something behind as their legacy of blind obedience – their widows and orphans.

  2. Pedro Maniwang on

    Old system allows the sitting government to corrupt. We need now system change.

  3. jesus nazario on

    Tyrants become utter fools shortly before they fall. So in effect, this is a welcome attempt by the fool – in effect falling off the very angry tiger he is sitting on.

    • “Those whom the Gods wish to destroy, first they make mad!” (Prometheus from the poem “Masque of Pandora)