Gazmin not yet off the hook


Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin’s responsibility does not end with the termination of the P1.2-billion UH-1 helicopter project and the blacklisting of the supplier, the joint venture between Rice Aircraft Services Inc. (RASI) and Eagle Copter Ltd of Canada.

According to The Manila Times source who blew the whistle on the allegedly anomalous deal, Gazmin should make the supplier comply with the contract.

The source codenamed “Joey” said the supplier should shoulder needed repairs and upgrades on the seven helicopters that have been delivered and accepted by the Department of National Defense (DND) because it is what the contract says.

“Joey” insisted that the termination of the contract does not address any of the issues in the anomalous deal, and it may even spare the foreign supplier of any obligation under the contract.

He pointed out that since the government paid RASI based on the project contract, the supplier should also comply based on the terms spelled out in the contract.

“Joey” said the UH-1D helicopters delivered to the Philippine Air Force were defective and not compatible with Philippine conditions.



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  1. E hindi nga daw kay Mike Arroyo ang mga choppers na naibenta sa PNP kay yimaging Cong Iggy Boy yun,at least lumilipad e yung UH1D ni Gazmin grounded!

  2. apolonio reyes on

    Sen. Gungona, kelan mo ba schedule ang imbestigation ng P1,27B Huey IH-1 Hela-hilacopter deal ng DND at RASI? Mabuti pa yuon 3 helicopters na binili ng PNP kay First Gentleman Arroyo Kuno ay lumilipad kaysa naman sa 7 Hini-Hilacopter na deliver ng RASI at tinangap di umano ng PAF ay hininila lang, Ano ba ito mga Sirs na PMALIERS ?