• GDP is now the refuge of policy scoundrels


    THE unvarnished truth about the Mamasapano tragedy is this. The 44 gallant SAF men were led to the slaughter. Led to the lion’s lair, as Digong Duterte had put it. Led to the slaughter by a clueless commander-in-chief, as Senator Juan Ponce Enrile had put it. If there was a leadership nuance to the whole tragic affair, it was clueless leadership. At the very top. And not with the middle actors.

    How Gen. Napenas became power point’s fall guy and villain in that whole bloody affair despite his pained rendering of what really happened — and Mr. Aquino has been assigned as the guy without fault – is beyond us.

    On the Mamasapano blame game, Teflon has worked perfectly for Mr. Aquino to the anguish of truth seekers like Mr. Enrile and Gen. Napenas.

    But then you can’t rule out the possibility that the Teflon would vanish like soap bubble once a new and compelling evidence on the bungling of Mr. Aquino and his men on the Mamasapano affair is exposed. This is what drives the frantic efforts of Mr. Aquino’s propaganda team to expunge the Mamasapano discussions from the public conversation and invoke the grand, usual scam: that the nation has to focus on more urgent issues such as growth and transformation and close the Mamasapano affair for good.

    We heard that before. The verbal scam that urged people to focus on the “important issues” instead of grim, bloody and heart-rending affairs such as the death of the SAF 44. No, we have heard that a thousand times, in various forms and guises, but with the same invocation. The general theme has been a constant – focus on the more vital issues. but it has a subtext, which is really the refuge of the policy bunglers and scoundrels in the Aquino government: look at the GDP.

    On Maguindanao farmers driven to desperation and suicide (not really far from the Mamasapano killing fields) by the long drought and government’s indifference to their plight, the government says, oh, well, just look at the GDP.

    When confronted with data on massive poverty, child malnutrition, soaring food imports – the failure of government in general to make lives better for the vulnerable – Mr. Aquino and his men would always attempt to mute such discussions with GDP growth.

    When confronted with the dark underbelly of a vastly unequal society, Mr. Aquino and his men invoke the GDP growth.

    When the Left claims that Mr. Aquino has helped the Left in the recruitment for its guerillas, Mr. Aquino pooh poohs such claims with GDP growth.

    When international human rights groups and press watchdogs claim that the country is second only to Iraq in violence against journalists, host to the second largest killing field for journalists, Mr. Aquino invokes GDP growth.

    The peasantry and the trade unions, when they seek their basic rights, are confronted with GDP growth rates.

    The employment of the textbook verbal scam to paper over the most malignant problems in the country, in fact, has been the constant narrative of the Aquino administration.

    Oh, let us not forget this classic Orwell. Traffic jams reflect progress. In five years, according to dire forecasts, traffic jams will make Metro Manila unlivable. Yet, Mr. Aquino and his men associate the monstrous traffic jams with “progress.”

    The verbal scamming has had a run of more than five years. Why are people not making Mr. Aquino and his mandarins accountable for their many and grievous failings? And why are they holding on to their patience while the greatest cover up in our governing history is taking place?

    I have no answers. The energy to protest may have been exhausted. Some maybe thinking that he will be leaving our lives soon and for good. Some may pour out their grievance in the May polls and end the papering-over for good. The last one looks like the most plausible explanation.


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    1. We have a candidate who is may puso. But can she resist later the demands of our greedy oligarchs? Another candidate who is pro poor but can he abstain later of his alleged corrupt practices? Another, who is for eradicating illegal drugs and corruption in government and changing constitution to give way to a federal system of government. It is a big challenge but is it possible given the too many political dynasties and drug lords that are to be displaced and offended and will surely put a stumbling block for their selfish ends? Anyway, we need a strong leader like the kind of Lee Kwan Yoo to enforce discipline and programs for a better future of our country.

    2. Developing countries are more concern about employment, interest rate, manufacturing output than GDP!!GDP means to us as Gutom Damang-dama ng Pilipinas..!!Philippine GDP reflects the wealth of the oligarch not of Philippine society!!?

    3. I feel very sad remembering , fallen 44 died because of people that do not know what they are doing. They just follow instructions and they died for our country,, kuno. I have a feeling that the United States pressured our government to kill Marwan. Brave men doing their job to protect their country. That is the reason I feel defeated knowing that conflicting orders were made but nobody really followed . They should have bombed the location but army did not agree and refused to bomb. What a tragedy. I will not forget this day of sorrow and treachery.

    4. There are matters in the Mamasapano incident that need to be addressed. Why was a warrant of arrest issued by a local court against marwan who was a Malaysian without any crime committed within the jurisdiction of th e issuing local court. Neither were there complainants here. Marwan was an international terrorist who bombed a resort in Jakarta that caused the death of Americans so they wanted marwan arrested dead or alive and they chose the SAF to do it and being a local police force a local warrant had to issued for the SAF to “serve” against marwan. Marwan was under the protection of the MILF but the Americans wanted him badly even providing training, equipment and reward for his capture. Under the circumstances was there a deal with the MILF to allow the killing of marwan in exchange for the massacre of the SAF 44? Just speculating.

    5. We have 2 Presidents from Aquino clan,The Evil Dictator Cory and Adolf Hitler The Abnormal President Pnoy, what I know of course aside for prostituting our governmental instrumentality, the former made rhe Oligarchs more richer the latter made the dollar billionaires. Both also institutionalized Killing aside from mendiola and hacienda luisita, the miners or workers in the mining sites.

      the wanton violation of clean air act for polluting our air by constructing 18 coal fired power plants last year killing 1,000 people yearly and24 more are about to be constructed this year all courtesy of Filipino Hitler who loves Oligarchs that owns said power plants.

      What is more compelling is that the Oligarchs were given special lanes to soveriegn guaranteed loan facility if they bungled would not be able to pay loan You people to suffer more you are to pay for that.

      What is even worst they have the TAX PERKS amounting to Php 200 billion enough to increase pay of government workers and SSS pension.

      Now you fools elect Mar of the Nazi Party the LP, Grace the secret annointed one or Duterte his allied party PDP Laban party of Evil Dictator Cory which was strengthened by Hitler thru assimilation of his created Laban bg Bayan Party remember that

    6. “He who controls the past controls the future.
      He who controls the present controls the past.”

      “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.”

      ― George Orwell, 1984

      • I disagree. Nobody can control the future by controlling the past . He who controls the present controls the future. The past is gone and people learn from their mistakes except the Filipinos that is the reason the past keeps on repeating itself . It is not knowing the past, it is learning from the past that is changing the present and let the future alone because that is another whole different story.

      • The past can be rewritten by the people who control everything.

        Watch the movie “1984” or better yet read the book.