Gear up your home for the rainy season


THE typhoon season is once again bringing inevitable torrential rains and flooded streets. It is our responsibility to remain vigilant, check on the latest weather forecast, and do the best we can to ensure the safety of our families and our homes.

With this, home appliance brand Electrolux shares useful tips to help prepare your homes during the rainy season:

• Clean up before the storm. If there are trees near your house, trim them and remove all its dead branches. Also clean your backyard—throw away or keep everything that the wind can blow away. Make sure that your gutters are free of blockage to allow rainwater to flow freely.

• Prepare a typhoon kit. Blackouts are frequent during the rainy season. Prepare a typhoon kit before the storm and fill it with flashlights, candles, lamps, matches, and enough batteries on hand and make sure that your communication devices are fully-charged. Put together basic supplies like water, food, and clothing that will last you three to four days.

• Protect yourselves from flying debris. Place shutters or strong plywood on your doors and windows. This will protect you from flying debris caused by strong winds. If you have a patio or porch, be sure that you secure all doors to keep them from opening.

• Protect your appliances. Damage on appliances can be expensive, so prevention is key. Protect them by moving big ones, such as refrigerators, cooking ranges, and televisions to an elevated area. If you have a second floor, move them upstairs to prevent them from harm once the water rises.

• Always prioritize safety. Nothing is more important than you and your family’s life. If your area is flood-prone, follow your town’s evacuation plans and guidelines. Go back to your homes only when your local government has raised the signal that it is safe to go back. With these tips, your homes can be as close as to be being typhoon-ready. But if you still find yourself with damaged appliances, contact Electrolux Customer Service, which is dedicated in helping Filipinos recover from the typhoon. Until September 30, Electrolux is offering a 50 percent discount on labor and spare parts for the repair of affected Electrolux appliances. Call 845-CARE (2273) or the domestic toll-free (PLDT) number 1-800-10-845-CARE (2273) to know more about this offering.

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