Gen. Valmoria should be replaced


It’s been almost a week now since the rampant illegal gambling operations in Metro Manila were exposed in this column, yet the chief of the National Capital Regional Police Office (NCRPO) has not lifted a finger to shut it down.

One wonders now if PNP-NCRPO Chief Supt. Carmelo Valmoria is really on the take from the Metro gambling operators after reports earlier said that one “Lito Aguas” introduces himself to gambling lords as the collector of protection money for the Metro Manila top cop?

Reports reaching this columnist say that illegal gambling betting stations, or “bookis in Tagalog, for horse racing and jai-alai, have mushroomed in Manila, including the proliferation of “loteng” (a form of illegal gambling that combines the result of the lottery and “jueteng”).

Quezon City, Caloocan, Muntinlupa, Pasig, and Marikina also reported to have an upsurge in “loteng”, “bookis”, and “sakla” (a form of card game during wakes) operations.

This column called the attention of Gen. Valmoria after an email was sent to me by a concerned citizen who is disgusted over the inaction of the police on this form of illegal trade.

I miss those days when the likes of Generals Alan Purisima, Leonardo Espina, and Marcelo Garbo were the chiefs of police of Metro Manila because the crime rate was down, and illegal gambling was almost non-existent in the national Capital Region.

Valmoria has no concrete solution to stop the “riding in tandem” assassins, the robbery syndicates, and the gambling lords operating in his area of responsibility.

Chief Supt. Valmoria is inutile and should be replaced right away!

Selective justice
A friend once said, PNoy would make a very good ally but the worst as enemy.

Former Pres. Gloria Arroyo, former Chief Justice Corona, Senators Juan Ponce Enrile, Jinggoy Estrada, and Ramon “Bong” Revilla can surely attest that being on the wrong side of the President is truly a nightmare.

While Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad, Political Secretary Ronaldo Llamas, Agriculture Chief Proceso Alcala, NAIA manager Angel Honrado, and a few others . . . know that being close to the President is a blessing and a protection at the same time.

Arroyo and the three lawmakers are now facing plunder charges before the court after Malacañang said there was sufficient evidence to charge them for stealing the people’s money. Corona, on the other hand, was booted out of office for amassing ill-gotten wealth according to PNoy.

Surprisingly, Abad and Alcala, who were handpicked by PNoy as members of his Cabinet shortly after he took over the Presidency, remain in office and still enjoy the “full trust and confidence of the President” despite being linked by pork barrel queen Janet Napoles and whistleblower Benhur Luy to the P10-billion Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF) scam.

Sec. Llamas was caught in possession of a high-powered firearm inside his car two years ago, and caught on video buying pirated CD weeks later. To people demanding that Sec. Llamas be charged, Malacañang said he should be given due process.

Airport Manager Honrado , despite being absent most of the time, and being tagged as an inefficient manager of NAIA, has not been replaced. Former Gen. Honrado was the aide-de-camp of PNoy’s mother, President Cory.

Indeed, the “tuwid na daan” policy of this administration only applies to its opponents and offenders from the general public as well. Friends, relatives, and drinking buddies of the President are not bound by this crappy rule.




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  1. Maybe General Valmoria is included in the long list of Pnoy untouchable KKK’s . We all knew that Pnoy is always cuddling his allies so Tulfo is only wasting his time exposing the corrupt practices of this general, he must resort to his tv program to get more ally on his campaign in removing this general from his position.

  2. Larry Ebersole on

    Erwin should highlight his heading “selective justice” as it seem that some readers had missed it.

    Indeed this government is very deep in selective justice as the question rise to me “Who in the political system is ever true in their SALN ” which they used to hang Chief Justice Corona. People had asked the members of the C{t}ongress to show their own SALN, did any of them stepped up for the call? because it is a known and accepted fact that most of our politicians are corrupt and being in position is not service but business for them. Why do you think these politicians invest millions and even life just to go to politics; to give free service?……

  3. Erwin, you write good articles & i like that but you are getting a few things wrong in this article. You say pinoy makes a bad enemy & you may be right but the next things you say are out of order & you need to be reminded of this. Arroyo & the 3 lawmakers are on trial not only because the senators investigated them but the sandiganbyan investigated them & yet a 3rd party investigated them & found they have a case to answer. Money from their pork barrel was given to agencies that didnt exist & they think its not their responsibility to check them out, & it seems you think its not their responsibilityto check them out.
    Then you say about corona that he was botted out of his office because pnoy said he had aquired ill gotten wealth. Well forgive me if im wrong but didnt he have about P180,000,000 in his dollar account. Yet that was never declared in his saln’s. But it seems you think that is ok. Do you have a dollar account where you dont also declare whats in it. Corona was the chif justice of the supreme court. There is no one that must have higher standards than him. Yet a woman working for government had a market stall that wasnt declared on her saln & she was fired & lost all her benefits. Now compare that to not declaring P180,000,000 in your account. You are not a stupid man so i wonder why you say these things, perhaps you could enlighten us in another article & make it very clear to us.

    • Regarding Corona having P180 million pesos or is approximately $45 million if I am correct. When Heidi Mendoza was witness against Corona, she bloated and manipulated the figures to appear that Corona had $10 million but when the defense attacked her figures, they found out that Corona only had $1 million in his dollar account. Before Enrile announced his vote, he maintained that there was no evidence that Renato Corona had ill-gotten wealth and not involved in any kind of corruption when he was in government service. The only way the senathieves can justify their guilty verdict as a commitment to PNoy in exchange for his bribe to them is to over-emphasize his guilt because of defective SALN (which according to rules in SALN, can be corrected), why, because they cannot find anything else to impeach the man. Now, may I suggest that should anyone read my comment, go check what is the meaning of corruption so you will have clarity before using this word again in accusing someone.