General turns emotional at Mamasapano hearing

EMOTIONAL GENERAL Major General Edmundo Pangilinan (right), commander of the military’s 6th Infantry Division, is on the verge of tears on Tuesday at a Senate hearing on the Mamasapano clash when the Armed Forces was again blamed for supposedly failing to provide early assistance to police commandos from the Special Action Force. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

EMOTIONAL GENERAL Major General Edmundo Pangilinan (right), commander of the military’s 6th Infantry Division, is on the verge of tears on Tuesday at a Senate hearing on the Mamasapano clash when the Armed Forces was again blamed for supposedly failing to provide early assistance to police commandos from the Special Action Force. PHOTO BY RENE H. DILAN

The commander of the 6th Infantry Division (6th ID) of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) turned emotional on Tuesday at the resumption of a Senate committee hearing on the Mamasapano clash, after the military was again blamed for supposedly failing to provide early assistance to police commandos from the Special Action Force (SAF).

Maj. Gen. Edmundo Pangilinan, commander of the 6th ID, was reacting to allegations made by suspended SAF commander Getulio Napenas that the 44 commandos who died in the firefight could have been saved had the military provided the artillery support they had been requesting.

“Your honor, madam chair, I’m thankful that at least our efforts have been recognized. The pain has somehow been eased, but what I can’t accept is that although our efforts have been acknowledged we are still being blamed for the deaths,” Pangilinan said.

Napenas had been asked by Sen. Grace Poe, chairman of the of the committee on public order and dangerous drugs, to publicly acknowledge assistance provided by the military to the SAF team on January 25.

He initially dismissed recent media reports saying the AFP did not help the police commandos sent to arrest Malaysian terrorist Zulkifli Bin Hir, alias Marwan.

Napenas, during the hearing, acknowledged the big help of the military, particularly in providing infantry and mechanized force as well as in helping them rescue members of the 84th SAF who were under heavy fire that day.

“But I would like to clarify that it is not only the military who went there to rescue [the 84th SAF team]but also included were our other SAF troops,” he said.

Napenas then added, however, that have they been provided the artillery support that they have been asking in the morning of Janiuary 25, they could have avoided losing the 44 elite police officers.

“But again, we like to acknowledge the help of the military infantry for providing us the support and also the mechanized brigade,” he said.

Poe, however, was visibly not pleased with Napenas’ statements and reminded the police official that the reason why the committee agreed to conduct an executive session is for them to have a chance to bring out all their sentiments and to put an end to the finger-pointing over the Mamasapano carnage.

She said that the committee is not siding with anyone but if Napenas would say thank you andretaliate with an accusation then the gesture will be for nothing.

It was at this juncture when Pangilinan turned emotional and thanked the relived SAF chief for recognizing their contribution.

“I do not want to be emotional here. Naibigay ko na po sa inyo lahat, (I have given everything),” he said.

“But just the same I thank you sir for recognizing at least that our effort that you think is very little, but for me all the effort were given, were done in order to help you despite not coordinating with us,” Pangilinan added.


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  1. There is only one problem on the 6thID it is MGen Pangilinan unless P-NOY told him to stand down with a promise of one more star on his shoulder thats why artillery support was not provided.Sorry Fallen 44 you are abandoned and betrayed by P-NOY for his love to BBL.P-NOY is a terrorist lover.

    • any proof on this one ? or mere speculations ? and how about the 300 SAF ( Standby Alone Force) the heck they were doing ?

  2. Why was the lone survivor when rescued by the Army was seen kicking some of the SAF members and kept saying bakit hindi kayo tumulong?Is he referring to the 300 SAF that is waiting along the road?

    • kung me natitirang mga bala yung lone saf survivor e posibleng makabaril pa yun ng ilang saf na naka standby lang sa highway. galit na galit yun dahil more than 300 na kasama nila nasa highway laang habang pinapatay yung 84th at 55th doon sa looban

  3. And who’s going to believe these people – whereas, the official dogma in our government service is to propagate lies and confuse the people, collect taxes and corner the wealth of the nation and besmirch our nation as a whole. The 3 branches of our government have successfully done their job to put us to the lowest point of our shame beyond our expectation. Shall we say thank you for the job well done or let the curse of our Creator be unto them – their whole house, so that their generations will no longer be remembered?

  4. Eh totoo naman hindi nila tinulungan ang mga SAF. Pinabayaan nila na mamatay ang mga SAF. Wala kasi tiwala sa inyo ang mga taga SAF kaya hindi naki pag coordinate. Iiyak iyak kappa. Tinulungan nyo nga nung kunin na yong mga patay na SAF.

    • If pangilinan had provided military support to SAF, he would be guilty for insubordination from the Commander in Chief !!! people knows how to read between the lines…

  5. Ang alam kung sabi ni Gen. Pangilinan ay dahil sa guideline na ibinigay sa kanila at nakatingin siya kay Sec. Volt Gazmin na dahil sa peace talk di sila pweding magpaputok ng kanyon dahil sa peace talk. In other words isinasakrefice talaga ang 44 saf members dahil sa cease fire at saka dahil sa walang coordenation. yan ang opinion ko dahil nanonood din ako sa TV. Parang mali ang report nyo.

  6. E bakit ka emotional when in fact it is so crystal clear that you really did not extrnd the help that Napenas is asking for… Nitext ka na pala na wala nang civilian sa paligid… Talagang mahirap pag di ka nagsasabi i ng totoo

  7. vagoneto rieles on

    Esprit d’corps and military comaraderie have no place in a fact finding inquiry..neither do affability and emotion, nor ‘facts’ that lead away from the ‘truth’. Simple honesty and unembellished truth are the only currency in a serious investigation. So far, the statements of Generals Purisima, Pangilinan and Napenas, while not lies ‘per se’, have not been very helpful. These have taken shades of being ‘self-saving’, therefore, practicably irrelevant. One would have to read between the lines and glean some insight from what weren’t said, in order to piece together a composite picture. It is hoped that the Senate’s investigators will be firm and more focused and impartial in ferreting out the truth.

  8. I tend to believe that the army general commander in the ground failed grossly to give the immediate response to salvage the lives of at least a few other SAF in this tragic incident. This will show how some of our generals are insensitive and wanted to make us all believe that there simply was no coordination. Coordination? Time and again help and support were being sought as early in the mid morning and yet the army commander on the ground cannot assist because he didn’t know the coordinates. This is a flimsy reason and will not hold water in any military school. You study with all constraints possible. Even harder to accept that the clash were just hundreds of meters away from their support team in an area with no communities around. Were they too scary to bungle the proposed peace agreement?

  9. What a “Cover-up” to protect the
    President “psychological disorder”.

    Amenen na ninyo na ang Presidente ay
    may sakit na at hindi niya alam ang ginagawa niya.

    Ilabas ang “Medical Record” ang Presidente
    para matapus na lahat ang paghihirap ng bayan

  10. SAF-PNP brought their own 90mm recoilless rifle, but indications were that the heavy-weapon was handled very badly (hindi man lamang ata nagamit laban sa BIFF at MILF) because of poor training of the SAF-PNP commandos.
    However, one must always remember what PNP-SAF company leader Train had claimed — that he/Train had personally killed 100 enemy BIFF/MILF soldiers. (Kailangang bigyan ng medalya si SAF-CommandoTeam Leader Train… once his claim is verified as true.)

  11. Dapat sa mga general at kay Aquino ay ifiring squad!wala-wala isa man sa kanila ang nagpakita ng pagmamalasakit at pagka-awa sa mga SAF44 ,nilunok nilang lahat ang natitirang konsenya para masunod lang si Aquino at ang mga halang na adviser nito!
    Ang lawak at mapatag at malinis ang lugar,kitang-kita nila ang mga kalaban,kahit sikat lang ng buwan makikita mo ang nangyayari!!
    Ultimo pinakamahirap na tao ay maycellphone,text lang ang ginamit!hayup talaga ang pagka-sinungaling ng mga ito!

  12. As always nobody wants to be the “Goat” (scapegoat) or much less take responsibility of the carnage. Even the president who is ultimately responsible for the safety of all Filipinos is being slimy. Like I said before, all of this clamor of what happened will not cease until who has the ultimately responsibility acknowledged his fault. When the president takes the fault then and only then can we move on. Nobody will get to their destination if they forget their past otherwise peace amongst all Filipinos will not be achieved if we dwell on this. The buck still stops at the president whether he likes or acknowledge it. This is just my two-cents.