GenSan burial ground soon to be a museum


General Santos City Mayor Ronnel C. Rivera has announced that the city government is finalizing a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Association of Datu Madot and Datu Mohammad Ali Hanapi on the development of a Kubba or sacred burial ground.

The Rajahmuda Sa Malok Sogoda Buayan Royal Descendants Heritage Inc., a non-profit and non-stock organization, will handle the burial ground that would be established in Barangay Labangal, which will be converted into a Muslim Cultural Center and Museum.

Rivera reiterated his support to the efforts of the group headed by Bai Sulaya “Leah” Tandi Palalisan –Siao Mangumpaus who had been negotiating with him for almost six months to turn the Kubba into a tourist spot.

The association is composed of six clans who are heirs and direct descendants of Datu Madot and Datu Mohammad Ali Hanapi, the datu Mama of Malok, who once ruled a part of Sogoda Buayan during the pre-Spanish and American occupation. Sogoda Buayan is the traditional name of General Santos City.

Rivera said the city can enter into joint undertakings under the Private and Public Partnership (PPP) program with a group or organization registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

“That is why we officially recognized the Association of Datu Madot and Datu Mohammad Ali Hanapi the Rajahmuda Sa Malok Sogoda Buayan Royal Descendants Heritage Inc. to be our official partner in this undertaking on the institutionalization of the Kubba to be converted into the Muslim Cultural Center and Museum,” the mayor said.

“This will be the first historical spot that will be a landmark in the city that will display various artifacts which originated from the first Muslim leaders who first ruled in the Rajahmuda Malok of Sogoda Buayan now named General Santos City,” Rivera said.

Bai Leah said the officers of their organization were inducted during an oath taking ceremony presided over by Rivera early this month.

She said members of their group come from the clans of Palalisan, Sambuto, Ubpon, Bai Aga, Lumbus, and Pendatun. The organization will be headed by its chairman, Rajahmuda Haddad “Harid” Tandi Palalisan, who is the successor of the late Raja-hamuda Datu Madot Mangilay Palalisan, the Rajahmuda of Malok, Sogoda Buayan.


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