• George Sison’s new book on happiness

    Becky Garcia

    Becky Garcia

    When consciousness guru George Sison celebrates, it is truly a celebration of life and all that is good about it.

    Recently, he launched his 4th book titled You Are God As You that tackles “IAMism.” According to the author, IAMism is simply a “course in happiness.”

    No wonder he acts and looks happy as he himself affirmed: “Because I really am.”

    The launch at Whitespace also marked his 32nd birthday according to his invitation with a reminder that we must keep our comments on his age to ourselves. Everything was cleared after his audiovisual presentation when he explained why it was his 32nd birthday he was observing. The 32 years represented the time he had spent sharing his Higher-Consciousness ideas in his Temple of Prayer, Peace and Prosperity (TOPPP), which I had joined in its early years.

    The audiovisual presentation also turned-out to be most entertaining because it covered his life’s pursuits from a print model, stage actor, painter-poet, composer, TV personality, social columnist, Martial Law detainee, astrologer and finally, to a consciousness guru. What surprised all of us was his posing au naturel in one of his featured fashion pictorials. Truly daring!

    Over a hundred guests milled around the cocktail area before sitting down in an elegant setting prepared by Via Mare that also served a sumptuous dinner befitting the occasion. Glenda Barretto surely outdid herself and remarked, after all, it is for George.

    The introduction of the book was written by George’s present editor Thelma San Juan for his column entitled, “And So It Is.” Thelma’s introduction goes: “I remember a few dinners in the ’80s when George Sison would hold court not so much because he meant to, as because it was pretty hard for us, his dinner companions, not to listen to what he was saying. Whether it was politics, high society, God, or about our relationships, he seemed to be saying stuff we were hearing for the first time. It was always an ‘aha moment,’ whether we were drinking red wine or not.”

    It was in one such dinner that he was telling us that then strongman President Ferdinand Marcos would be succeeded by someone who was not in politics at all. Nobody on the floor—we were sprawled on the rug—believed him. A Cory Aquino wasn’t even on the radar.

    Was George a clairvoyant? No. A fortuneteller? No. An astrologer? No. An activist? Not anymore. A political detainee? That’s in the past. A preacher? Not solely. A New Age guru? To some, perhaps. Even today, it’s a challenge to tag George Sison. It is harder still to define in one word what he does or who he is or what he believes in.

    To make things easy, I identify him as a columnist whose writings can swing from the mystical to the banal, from the metaphysical to the political, from the profound to the gossipy. When we ran into him last year and broached the idea of him writing Lifestyle, we had the chi-chi society in mind. But no, he said, that would be too confining, and besides, he had moved on from that. So, we let him do it his way. And we were proved right. His way is unique.

    George has a way of making you believe you can have an “aha moment” 24/7.

    Congratulations George. May you live a hundred more years so you may create the happier world you desire for all of us.


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