• Georgina Wilson at her best


    Model-TV host talks about motherhood, son Archie and new advocacy

    The modeling scene will never be complete without the standout that is Georgina Wilson. In fact, not only has the statuesque beauty captured local runways but she has also made a mark internationally as host of “Asia’s Next Top Model Season 3.”

    Besides her modeling career, Wilson is a multi-slashie as a certified best selling author via “Besties,” a book she co-wrote with Solenn Heussaff; and a successful businesswoman with an eyewear and restaurant brand to her name.

    All these achievements, however, pale in comparison with her new role as first-time mom.

    The Burnands — Arthur, Georgina and their little one are a picture of happinessINSTAGRAM PHOTO

    “I think it’s the best adventure I’ve ever been on!” the 31-year-old declared with son Archie by her side. Picture perfect, mom and baby were launched as brand ambassadors for global baby brand Chicco on the day of this interview.

    “I didn’t know how happy I could be until I met Archie,” she beamed as she hugged her little one tight.

    Know-it-all to clueless
    Her life’s newest adventure is not without bumps along the way, according to Wilson.

    Soon after her dreamy wedding to British businessman and hotelier Arthur Burnand in April 2016, the ever svelte model was surprised to discover she was on the way.

    Though unexpected, she embraced her pregnancy wholeheartedly, with the same drive and passion she has always led her career.

    “Nobody thought I would be super excited to be a wife or a mom since I was very career-driven. When I got married, it was not in my plan to have a baby so soon, so I was so surprised when I found out. I was like, ‘Wow, this is happening!’” Wilson recalled.

    “But there are some things in life that you can plan for, and others that just happen at the right time,” she added.

    Wilson gave birth to her little bundle of joy in December 2016. She admitted that motherhood was challenging at first, but she was determined to learn as much and as quickly as possible.

    “I didn’t have enough time to read a lot about being a mom because it just kind of hit me that I was suddenly a mom, so I kind of had to learn from people around me,” she confessed with a chuckle.

    Model mom—Georgina Wilson and her first-born Archie

    One of the most difficult things she had to learn was breastfeeding. She found it painful, even as she persisted day and night to express milk.

    “I wish somebody had told me how that part was difficult. But I guess mothers are just so strong that they forget to talk about it once they get through it,” Wilson pondered.

    “That’s why I’m sharing my story so that other moms will be empowered to feel OK when they encounter the same situation.”

    Moreover, Wilson realized that no woman can be a know-it-all when it comes to motherhood. She still has so much to learn even as her son is quickly approaching his first birthday.

    “I know how to dress him but that’s pretty much it. I still don’t know how to pick the right toys and I’m still learning how to feed him.”

    Despite endless challenges, however, Wilson finds no other “career” rewarding as the task of raising Archie.

    “The pros outweigh the cons all the time,” she guaranteed.

    New ‘bests’
    When she was still single, Wilson made it her advocacy to empower women in many situations. She openly shared photos of herself devoid of makeup, as well as struggles in dealing with body weight so that young girls who look up to her and ladies who see her as this perfect model will realize she is just like them.

    Being a mom has not held her back in boosting women’s confidence, and in fact allowed her tackle an issue that not too many parents address in the country.

    “I’m not saying that I am a strict mom but I really want to raise awareness on car safety especially here in the Philippines. I don’t like how it’s not mandatory here to have car seats for children. Just Google ‘car crashes without car seats’ and you’ll see it’s not a joke,” Wilson said in a serious tone.

    As such, her partnership with Chicco comes at the perfect time for Wilson who swears that the safety of Chicco’s car seat give her a peace of mind.

    Happily, friends and friends of friends are starting to support her advocacy and Wilson cannot be happier. She is enjoying motherhood to the fullest, especially now that she has managed the balancing act that comes with having to take care of both a career and family.

    “Now I just keep telling my mom: ‘Mom, why didn’t you tell me about all these sooner? It’s the best thing that has ever happened to my life!” she enthused.

    What she loves the most are moments that are just hers and Archie’s to share. “When we look at each other eyes as soon as we wake up… oh my gosh, I don’t know how to describe that. No matter how tired I am, I just have to look at him, and when he smiles at me, it’s just the best.”


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