Georgina Wilson makes it happen

Marketing Manager of Maybelline NY-Philippines Cary Noreen Co presents the first Filipina Maybelline Girl Georgina Wilson

Marketing Manager of Maybelline NY-Philippines Cary Noreen Co presents the first Filipina Maybelline Girl Georgina Wilson

Top model is global makeup brand’s first Filipina endorser
Georgina Wilson is not only born with “it,” she makes “it” happen.

The top model has just been declared as the first local face of global makeup brand Maybelline, and one of Manila’s “It Girls” is more than happy to endorse a brand she has used way before working in front of the camera.

“My first ever beauty product was this gel foundation from Maybelline, in a light green case,” she excitedly recalled at her official launch in Makati City.

Already blessed with a beautiful face, the product must have enhanced her features even more as she soon became a print, ramp and commercial model, as well as a TV celebrity initially as a Channel V video jockey, and more recently as host of Asia’s Next Top Model Cycle 3.

A certified slashie (or jack of all trades), Wilson further added fabulous feathers on her cap when she took on the titles of author and businesswoman with the hit self-help book Bestie, which she wrote with her BFF Solenn Heussaff; and brand established a brand of affordable eyewear in Sunnies Studios with friends-cum-business partners Bea Soriano, Eric Dee Jr. and Martine Cajucom.

With her plate filled to overflowing, the just turned 30-year-old achiever was more than eager to make some space to fulfill a longtime dream.

“I’ve wanted to be with Maybelline for so long; it’s always been my dream brand to endorse. So I’ve always put [my wish]out there, like, ‘This is what I really want’!” she gushed like a little girl.

“I’ve always looked at the Maybelline Girls, and I wanted to be like them, not just because of how they looked but how they embodied all the characteristics I admire,” Wilson continued.

Some of the most famous Maybelline faces throughout history were Hollywood stars Lynda Carter (most famous for playing Wonder Woman in the ‘70s) and Sex and the City’s Kristin Davis, Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, and supermodel Christy Turlington.

Naming more recent endorsers for Maybelline’s international campaigns, the brand’s marketing manager for the Philippines, Cary Noreen Co, shared Wilson’s enthusiasm as she said of the company’s Filipina choice, “Georgina embodies the perfect energy for the Maybelline Girl. Like Gigi Hadid, Emily Dionato, and Adriana Lima, she is very similar in terms of their stories, their style, and energy that exudes the brand perfectly.”

The executive added, “And of course, Georgina, as we know, never settles for anything less—she’s very determined to make her mark in her life, which is exactly what Maybelline is about: Becoming whoever you choose to be and making it happen.”

Taking on the endorsement just as the American makeup brand has changed its famed and catchy advertising slogan, “Maybe she’s born with” to Making It Happen,” Wilson related the this accomplishment fittingly became her “making it happen” moment too.

“After some 10 years of wanting [to be a Maybelline Girl], I’ve finally gotten my wish,” she elaborated. “But when I did get it, Cary was like, ‘We’re going to New York Fashion Week.’ I said, ‘Oh my God!’ because I had just broken my foot from kickboxing, and literally couldn’t walk.”

Ever determined, Wilson talked her self out of the almost impossible situation.

“I had to will it; nothing was going to stop me.”

And so she hopped onto a plane and onto New York Fashion Week to watch the premiere fashion shows, experience going backstage for the equally riveting behind-the-scenes frenzy, and meet other Maybelline delegates from around the world. The Philippine team also shot several materials for the local campaign in the heart of the Big Apple.

“What makes or breaks a Maybelline Girl, I think, is the determination or the will power to get what they want. We all have opportunities in front of us but [what sets]Maybelline girls [apart]are that they’re determined, they’re empowered, and they make sure they get what they want,” she shared as she reflected on her New York experience.

No beauty routines
As a beauty and fashion influencer with an always selfie-ready face for 1.8-million Instagram and 3.45 million Twitter followers, Wilson surprised guests at the Maybelline launch when she said has no beauty routines, especially when she’s off-duty from her model work.

“I don’t follow any. I just work out every morning and go to the Sunnies office with my hair wet and like zero makeup,” she laughed.

But when on the rush and needs to look good, Wilson settles for lipstick and a quick brow fix.

“For me, makeup should enhance your natural beauty; it shouldn’t be covering stuff,” she explained. “If you use makeup to hide your insecurities, you’re never going to feel comfortable with yourself.”


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