German minister refers to ‘nepotism’ regarding Ivanka Trump’s role


BERLIN: German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel on Saturday criticized Ivanka Trump’s role as an adviser to her father in the White House, describing it as a form of “nepotism.” “For me there are things that remain strange, like for example the visit of his daughter to Germany which was treated almost like a world event, while the mix of politics with family and business reminds us instead of nepotism and would be unimaginable here,” he said. Gabriel was referring to the visit to Berlin of Ivanka Trump this week to take part in a women’s empowerment summit at the invitation of conservative German Chancellor Angela Merkel. The Social Democrat said in an interview published Saturday with the German regional media group Funke that it always bothers him “when members of a family, who have never been elected, show up suddenly as official state representatives and are treated almost as if they were members of a royal family.”


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