Germany’s got to be kidding



Already categorized as a “Tier 2” football tournament in recent reports, the 2017 Confederations Cup that came to a close on July 3 in Russia has further been diminished with eventual winner Germany admitting that it had fielded its “B” team to the intercontinental championships.

German grit won over a charging Chilean side, 1-0, in the final match at a jampacked Moscow stadium.

The scoreline suggests that the battle was hard for both teams, although early in the first 19 minutes or so of the 90-minute regulation play Germany had its back against the wall from relentless attacks from the boys from Santiago.

Besides, Chile had more ball possessions and more shots at goal (five against one) in a display that visibly alarmed Joachim Leow, Germany’s coach.

Disaster struck in the 20th minute, when what the match commentator described as a “horrendous” mistake from a Chilean defender allowed the Germans to just coax, not kick or smash, the ball into the net.

Apparently rubbing it in, the German scored as a result of a “sacrifice” from a teammate who could have slotted the ball himself but instead “unselfishly” passed the ball to the eventual pointmaker.

How’s that for ruffling feathers by the reigning World Cup king that is notorious or famous (take your pick) for its icy and steely demeanor on the pitch?

“Thank you very much,” the commentator was heard saying after the big Chile blunder that came from its player letting a German counterpart steal the ball near his team’s goal.

Despite stepping up the fight until the first half and until the next 45 minutes (plus three minutes of added time), Chile—which was representing South America in the 2017 Confederations Cup—was unable to break down the defense of the Germans until the final whistle.

Chile’s loss was evidently a letdown for the South American side if not for the continent itself, especially after it won in a penalty shootout in its semifinal clash with Portugal.

In last Tuesday’s game against Germany, Chilean goalkeeper Claudio Bravo could not do much for his team but probably would live up to his name for preventing Portugal, which was led by the great Ronaldo, from adding the 2017 Confederations Cup title to its 2017 Euro crown.

So Ronaldo took part in a “Tier 2” tournament?

Shame on the Germans!

Can’t it just be magnanimous and gracious in victory and simply shut up?

Usually, great champions do.

Well, see you in the 2018 World Cup, also in Russia, where Germany could be deploying its “C” team.


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