• Get to know the characters in ‘The Lego Batman Movie’


    Warner Animation Group has released the official descriptions of the animated film’s cool characters.

    Batman. A night-stalking, crime-fighting vigilante and heavy metal rapping machine. Super Hero. Master Builder. Equipped with a utility belt packed with Batarangs, grappling guns and other useful inventions, and backed by a Batcave full of cutting-edge vehicles. Sworn to forever defend Gotham City against all crooks and villains. Always works alone. Also has a really sweet music career going.

    Bruce Wayne. As the charming, handsome and wealthy CEO of Wayne Industries, voted Gotham’s Most Eligible Bachelor of all time, No one suspects that this seemingly carefree billionaire has a super-secret identity.

    Robin. Kid sidekick of Batman, Loud, enthusiastic and constantly bursting with excitement about getting to work compared to the silent, serious and brooding superhero. Can be a boy blunder or a true boy wonder with good intentions but questionable fashion sense.

    Dick Grayson. Young orphan adopted by a billionaire. Can’t believe his good luck in getting a cool new dad like Bruce Wayne, with a huge empty mansion and his own personal butler. Excites to find out all about his brand-new family, and to take his first family photo.

    Barbara Gordon. Daughter of Gotham City’s top cop, proud graduate of Harvard who believes the city would be better served by a more modern style of crime-fighting.

    Batgirl. Every bit Batman’s equal as a crime-fighter. Jer experience as a former police officer and her desire to protect Gotham City make her the perfect partner when things get tough and villains are on the rise.

    The Joker. The laughing lunatic. The Clown Prince of Crime. Batman’s greatest enemy. With his white skin, green hair and constant grin, this unhinged leader of Gotham’s colorful criminal underworld has made it his life’s goal to cure the city of its all-so-serious gloom. He might break the law, but he really just wants to make people smile and rule the city.

    Harley Quinn. The Joker’s number one sidekick, henchperson and fan. Endlessly loyal to her beloved Puddin’, making her the only one in all of Gotham City that he can fully count on to help with his sinisterly silly schemes.

    Alfred Pennyworth. Butler to the Wayne family for generations. Hard-working, long-suffering and utterly loyal, he sees it as his responsibility not just to keep Wayne Manor and the Batcave clean and tidy, but also to look after his employer’s well-being.

    Will Arnett reprises his starring role from The Lego Movie as the voice of Lego Batman a.k.a. Bruce Wayne. Zach Galifianakis (the Hangover films) stars as The Joker; Michael Cera (Superbad) as the orphan Dick Grayson; Rosario Dawson (TV’s Daredevil) as Barbara Gordon; and Ralph Fiennes (the Harry Potter films) as Alfred.

    Directed by Chris McKay, and produced by Dan Lin, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, and Roy Lee, The Lego Batman Movie opens across the Philippines on Thursday.


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