Get Rody to rumble, the mobile app game


You can now help “Rodrigo Duterte” get rid of criminals and other lawless elements – at least, in a mobile game.

Game developer Argene Tanyong of KulitGames has created a mobile application for the Android platform named “Go Duterte.”

“Get RODY TO RUMBLE and be part of Duterte`s journey!” the developer’s note says.
The main objective of the game is for the player to help the aspiring President “Duterte” shoot thugs and criminals. Players can move Duterte from left to right and can attack the lowlifes using the shoot button. Duterte’s virtual enemies include robbers, kidnappers and corrupt politicians.

Each target has a corresponding number of points. Shooting “high level” villains get higher points and the points earned can be used to buy additional weapons and ammunition.
“The game is buggy, but it’s a five-star for the concept. Go Duterte! \m/” user Cot Pagud said.

Adot Caidic said “5 STAR FOR DUTERTE. I’m giving 5 stars to help this top the charts. Libreng advertisement for our dear Mayor.”

“It’s my way of showing support to Mayor Duterte,” Tanyong told The Manila Times on Monday.

He supports Duterte because he “likes his stance on criminality and corruption,” he added.

The developer created the game in four days.

The game has received a 4.9 rating and has been downloaded more than 3,000 times since it was uploaded on Google Play last week.

Asked if he would be creating similar games featuring other presidential candidates, Tanyong said, “Hindi na siguro [It is unlikely].”

He is also the developer of the Tanim-Bala (bullet-planting) game. Tanim-Bala has a 4.5 rating and has so far been downloaded by about 500,000 people.


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